Do you think your life sucks?

Do you think your life sucks? I sometimes think my life is the pits. OR IS IT?

Well, whether or not my life sucks, I’ve just made the hardest decision of my life. I’ve decided to BE HAPPY

WARNING: If conforming to social norms is your sort of thing, LEAVE NOW. Unless you’re also waiting to find out if you’ve won my birthday giveaway. Then read on.

For the clueless.... this is me.

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Baring My Soul: The Daily Strength – A Facebook Status A Day: August 2014

Ahhh… AUGUST! ♥♡❤ My birth month, and undoubtedly my FAVOURITE month of the year. Like the 7 short months preceding it, August arrived and departed in a hurry. As you read this installment of The Daily Strength – A Facebook Status A Day, you’ll find it easy to identify August’s gist.

For me, August was not just a special month because I celebrated turning 29, but also because it was a month during which I strengthened my resolve to:

  • focus on living in the present and embracing the NOW for what it has to offer (versus looking back on the past in bitterness), 
  • let go of past grudges and everything else that hurt me before,
  • give each day my best shot so I can rest easy at night, guilt-free… no matter how the day turned out, 
  • acknowledge that I have the power to decide how I want to live my life and choose my own beliefs. I don’t have to stick with what I was taught or what everyone else believes to be true, and
  • celebrate LIFE itself because being able to welcome another brand new day is a privilege denied to many.

You know how when you emphasise a point or an idea enough, it sort of sinks in and sticks with you? I find that to be the case for me. After repeatedly telling myself to live in the now, now, NOW, I feel strange thinking of bad stuff from the past – like I’m not supposed to be thinking about it? Dwelling on the past does nothing to change anything. I have to look forward!

Also, you choose how you use your time and energy. You can devote yourself towards building the new and making yourself VERY HAPPY, OR you can obsess yourself with being miserable. Whichever path you choose, time passes and energy is spent. Why not make it a constructive life? Why do you choose to be sad? I don’t understand. Why opt for crap when you can LIVE AWESOME?

Today, I CHALLENGE you to live life on your own terms. I CHALLENGE you to love and accept yourself. I CHALLENGE you to acknowledge your awesomeness. To put this into formal practice, I CHALLENGE you to look in the mirror now and tell yourself, “I ACCEPT YOU!”

Go do it. Now. Then come back and resume reading the rest of this post. :P

Baring My Soul: The Daily Strength - A Facebook Status A Day: August 2014

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On My 29th Birthday, I Went Home. Where Else But Hotel Michael, Resorts World Sentosa?

HAPPY FRIDAY ERRBADEH!!! I hope you’ve got amaaaaaazing plans for the weekend; I’m hoping to catch The Hundred-Foot Journey – any of you seen it, and is it good? :) Today I’m just going to bore you with some photos of how I spent my last hours of being 28, and my new moments as a 29-year-old. No biggie… I went home! Where else, but Hotel Michael, Resorts World Sentosa. ;)

Also, my birthday giveaway closed on Wednesday. Thank you all so much for joining! I’ll notify the winners soon. Could be you! 

EVERY night, I’d fall asleep to the sound of The Cruisers still singing at Mel’s Drive-In, practising their tracks long after the park has closed, their voices echoing in the stillness of the night. In the early hours of the morning, they’ll be at it again before the gates opened to eager visitors.

Then there’s the castle of Far Far Away in the background, and as I admire it I can imagine the spot where the Fairy Godmother’s potion shop is located… where all the awesome Gingy cookies are. Every time I cast my eyes over the rest of the park, the roller coasters and Jurassic Park rides, I can’t help but feel amazed all over again.

The view from my suite at Hotel Michael, Resorts World Sentosa :)

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My 8th Post on Solo Wandergirl: It’s Your Birthday. What Are You Really Celebrating?

And just like that, today wraps up my birth month. August is the best month of the year, simply because I get to bask in a kind of special birthday joy for 31 days straight. But, what if I could experience same celebratory joy every day, every month of the year? Nobody said I couldn’t, so why should I set restrictions? This month, I decided to ride on the birthday vibe and contribute something birthday-ish to Solo Wandergirl. When you blow out the candles atop that red velvet cake with awesome cream cheese frosting, what are you really celebrating?

(PSST! If you’ve won my Hand Chemistry giveaway, you would have received my email by now. Check your inbox! Also, if you haven’t already entered my fabulous birthday giveaway, you have 3 more days to win yourself some CIATÉ GOODIES!!!)

Can any of you identify with my train of thought on birthdays as the years progressed? I feel like it’s been a roller coaster – from exhilaration to cynicism to realisation. 

Ages 3-6: “Birthday parties! Goodie bags for all my friends! Cut Smurf cake! I want the part with my name on it!”

Ages 7-9: “I don’t do birthday parties any more, but that’s OK. I still feel sooooo special every year on this day!”

Ages 10-12: “They’re probably getting me a fruit cake. I don’t like mangoes. But… whatever. And can we not take pictures please, everyone thinks I’m fat.”

Ages 13-16: “Does anyone even remember?”

Ages 17-18: “Birthday date! Oh what do I wear! What do I wear!”

Ages 19-21: “Now that I’m working full-time, I’ve got the means to treat everyone to a nice birthday dinner! Do I get to choose where we eat? Also, cake-cutting in the office! Awesome…”

Ages 22-27: “I love quiet birthday dinners at home.”

Age 28 onwards: “You. Me. Birthday staycation. Nothing else matters.”

My 8th Post on Solo Wandergirl: It's Your Birthday. What Are You Really Celebrating?

Go on, read the article and tell me – what do you feel like you’re celebrating, when you celebrate your birthday? Ohhhh and I know you can’t wait to see pics from my birthday staycation – coming up in the next post! xx J

Sponsored Review: What’s Inside BellaBox August 2014 – Summer Fresh

Sponsored Review

YET ANOTHER glorious Sunday! Too much has happened lately – I TURNED 29, for example. MY BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY is running right now, for example. I also currently have a Hand Chemistry giveaway going on, for example. I just returned from a fabulous birthday staycation in a neat suite at Sentosa, for example. So much going on in my life, so overwhelmed, so….. need a breatherrrrr BUT I know you’re expecting to see what I received in my BellaBox August 2014: Summer Fresh edition. Let’s go!

This month’s edition was delivered to me in a brown paper baggie containing the usual polka dotty blue box and a few items much too large to be stuffed into said box. When that happens it’s usually an indication that you’re getting way more than what you signed up for.

We’re so lucky to have summer with us all year. When I was younger, I liked to imagine the awesomeness of having four seasons. Now I’m just contentedly embracing the heat for what it has to offer. Ohh and look – watermelon sticker! I love watermelon!

Sponsored Review: What's Inside BellaBox August 2014 - Summer Fresh

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So, I’m 29 today. And YOU get to WIN CIATÉ GOODIES.

I’M OFFICIALLY 29 TODAY!!! Somebody throw confetti please. Aww man, it really is the very last of my twenties. I guess life gets better with age, eh? As you read this, I should be frolicking somewhere on Sentosa island. What? The birthday girl deserves a few days off work! And she asks you to join in the celebration. Here’s an awesome BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY just for you sweethearts, my way of saying THANK YOU for your lovely presence. :) YES IT’S OPEN TO EVERYONE, WHEREVER YOU ARE ON EARTH. COME JOIN.

Also, my Hand Chemistry giveaway is still open for local readers – join to win your hands some reverse-ageing miracle yes? 

So. Over the weekend, I popped by Sephora and hand-picked some amaaaaazing CIATÉ MANICURE KITS for this giveaway. You’re gonna love ‘em… I just know it. THREE OF YOU LUCKY, LUCKY ONES! What you’re winning:

  • my favourite of the lot – the über adorable CIATÉ BEACH HOUSE COLLECTION,
  • I’m helping you fulfil your mermaid dreams with CIATÉ SHELL MANICURE IN SHE SELLS SEASHELLS, and
  • limited edition junkies rejoice with the exclusive and limited edition CIATÉ VERY COLOURFOIL MANICURE IN KALEIDOSCOPIC KLASH!

Can’t wait to get your paws on them already, right. Told ya! ;P

So, I'm 29 today. And YOU get to WIN CIATÉ GOODIES.

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On Turning 29: 29 Things You Should Know By Age 29

I KNOW, I KNOW. You adore my birthday posts. When I turned 26, I wrote about life lessons. At 27, I drew up my bucket list. Last year, I wrote about how weight loss changed my life. Who’s kept to their New Year resolutions so far? In January, I resolved to make 2014 a year of self-love. My year has been about showing me some love and care, and eliminating toxic people and behaviour from my life. With that, I give you On Turning 29: 29 Things You Should Know By Age 29. To the last of my twenties! 

(Psst! Have you joined my Hand Chemistry giveaway yet? Closes next Tuesday, 26 August 2014. And WATCH THIS SPACE ON MY BIRTHDAY cos I’ve got a surprise for you!) 

“WEDNESDAY, 20 AUGUST 2014 is the day.” 

If there was 4 of me... would that make me 116 years old? If so then this list has to have 116 things...

#1. Your worst facial feature may turn out to be your best.

Growing up, apart from being bashed for my height (rather, the lack of it) and chubbiness, I was teased mercilessly for my small, mono-lidded eyes. Oh, how I hated them! So minuscule they are, I barely look awake half the time. Some years ago, I did something that changed my life – I started lining my eyes in a bid to enhance their shape and possibly give the illusion of larger peepers. My monolids were surprisingly advantageous – they allowed me to perfect the sultry cat eye look. No double lids folding over and smudging the liner. Just a plain, simple canvas for that kitty flick now known to be my signature look. In fact, I even wrote a tutorial for BellaBox on mastering the cat eyeliner. #winning

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Sponsored Review and Giveaway: Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream

Sponsored Review and Giveaway

Can I tell you, I’m super stoked. Cos it’s my birthday next Wednesday, 20 August 2014, and I. HAVE. A. BIRTHDAY. SURPRISE. COMING. UP. FOR. YOU. YESSS. So watch the Blog next week! Until then, I have a fabulous giveaway in THIS post sponsored by the looooovely Glamogirl who recently sent me a tube of Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex, a hand cream boldly promising, in exchange for 10 days of your time, to “give you up to 10 years”.

Well, I’ve tried it, and I’ve got comparison pics to show for it. And I want YOU to try it, too. In fact, I HAZ 5 TUBES OF HAND CHEMISTRY FOR YOU TO WIN. Deets further down the post! 

On a completely unrelated note, if your name is Vanessa Ng and you’ve got We Built This City stuck in your head, CONGRATULATIONS cos you don’t have to nua at home this Friday night after all. You’re going to see Rock of Ages The Musical at 8PM with your sweetheart! Enjoy the show. You’re welcome. x         

“GIVE US 10 DAYS WE WILL GIVE YOU UP TO 10 YEARS.” Bold claim, yes, but sounds like a good bargain if you ask me. Then again, some things are too good to be true. So is THIS too good to be true?

Sponsored Review and Giveaway: Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream

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3 Reasons to Watch Rock of Ages The Musical… And I’m Giving You FREE TICKETS.

On Wednesday evening, I attended the gala premiere of Rock of Ages The Musical at Resorts World Theatre on the kind invitation of MediaCorp Vizpro International and Resorts World Sentosa. AND! I’ve got a pair of Category 2 tickets (worth SGD290) to next Friday’s show – that’s 15 August 2014 at 8PM – to give away. Am I awesome, or am I awesome. They’re only here for 3 short weeks, so you’re in luck. Deets below!

“We built this city! We built this city on rock and roll!” Should you find yourself jiving along to this song in reminiscence, congratulations. Because. The 80s. Were the best. Era. Ever.

Look who's rockin' 'n' rollin' on gala night! \m/

If you don’t already agree with me, you will.

But first, imagine. It’s the year 1987 (which isn’t that long ago, right, so this should be easy). At Sunset Strip (Los Angeles, baby!). In a bar called The Bourbon Room. Sherrie Christian, a wannabe actress – blonde, flippy curls just like Farrah Fawcett’s. Drew Boley, a busboy, hoping to make it big some day as a rock star. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, but! As fate would have it – enter Stacee Jaxx, sexay frontman of THE Arsenal. Ohh… how Drew aspires to be him, and how Sherrie wants him! When Stacee decides to give Sherrie a wee bit of attention… WELL, WHO GON GET THE CHICK? Don’t take half a brain to figure that out eh.  

“Just a small town girl
Livin’ in a lonely world
She took the midnight train
Goin’ anywhere
Just a city boy
Born and raised in South Detroit
He took the midnight train
Goin’ anywhere”

Rock of Ages The Musical - Now on at Resorts World Theatre!

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Baring My Soul: The Daily Strength – A Facebook Status A Day: July 2014

Happy Hump Day, errbadeh!!! The sweet weekend’s juuuust in sight. Here comes the July installment of The Daily Strength – A Facebook Status A Day! These days I’m just taking it one day at a time and giving each day my best shot. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow – which, by the way, ain’t promised to anybody.

July for me was a month of glorious celebrations:

Between these splendid times, I felt bursts of anger and bitterness surfacing from the recesses of my mind… for reasons I wish I could bury forever. These feelings belong to the past yet returned to haunt me over the past weeks.

I found great difficulty going even a day without thinking of people whom I should have let go of – those who had hurt and disappointed me so greatly, I don’t wish to ever see them again. Those whom I had trusted, whom I thought loved me as much as I loved them, whose conducts have been most unbecoming. At times, I wonder if I’m angry not at them, but at myself, for having allowed them to treat me badly… if you know what I mean. 

I’ve since sorted out my thoughts and reminded myself repeatedly that: 

  • forgiveness is for the strong – only the weak cling on to hatred;
  • happiness is found within ME – no amount of external validation can give me the true satisfaction of self-acceptance; 
  • I am the boss – nobody else gets to have the final say in anything I choose to do;
  • it is mandatory to be thankful for the blessings in life – I don’t know how ridiculously easy things are for me; 
  • I should leave the past where it belongs – it has nothing new to tell me; and
  • I know what I want and I’m not afraid to work for it.  

Baring My Soul: The Daily Strength - A Facebook Status A Day: July 2014

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