The only thing constant in life is CHANGE.

JANUARY pretty much went by in a whirl. I decided on 2016’s theme. So far, so good.

You know, as I grow older, it’s not so much about “New Year, New Me” any more. I’ve learnt that the only thing constant in life is CHANGE. Change is NECESSARY and INEVITABLE. Sometimes, our circumstances force us to change, whether we like it or not. And sometimes, these changes give rise to discoveries about ourselves and/or others; they take us in a new direction, open us up to options we never considered before, make our lives better (surprise!!!!).

I’m changing every day. And I WANT to continue changing. I WANT to keep improving. I WANT to explore new options and be OPEN. Not rigid, boxy, inflexible…. but fluid, adaptable, malleable. Whilst I’m changing, I’ll also keep in mind that others may not agree with what I’m doing, and that’s OK. We all differ in opinion and we’re all entitled to our own. To force our opinions upon others, however, is a different matter altogether. That’s where respect comes in, right. I’ve learnt that I can respect your opinion without accepting it. This is a concept of relative importance cos it allows me to progress in life without being affected by what others are saying. :)  

(Although I must confess that, at this moment, I’m feeling lost and confused as to where I’m headed – career (??), aim (????), purpose (??????). I need to FIND THEM. I’M LOST AS HECK, IS EVERYONE ELSE FEELING THE SAME????)

Anyways. It’s Lunar New Year next week!!!! Pretty sure it was Christmas Eve yesterday. ;) I’m looking forward to a few days off work, a short break. Some peace, quiet, hanging out would be nice. 

In the meantime, I’ll keep on keeping on and work towards my goals day by day. The journey to success comprises good and bad days. Good days don’t last forever, but neither do bad ones. Bad days are there so you can compare them with the good ones; bad days are there so you can look back and say, “Hey, I’m a fighter too! I fought through the hard days to get to the good ones! I survived!”…. if you KWIM. :) It’s all part of the zigzagging road. 

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Diet starts Monday.

ERRMAHGERD GUYS, IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY!!!! Or FriYAY, as I prefer to call it. :) In fact, it’s the LAST Friday of January. Are you still keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions? ;D

I think we are all familiar with the usual stuff we resolve to do at the beginning of the year – eat healthy, exercise, get in shape, get a bikini body…. but how many of us actually STICK TO what we said we would do?

  • We go on crash/fad diets that promise to help us “lose weight fast!”,
  • buy a gym membership only to use it for a couple of days (or weeks, at most),
  • sporadically put in a half-hearted workout every other month or so cos we’ve got “no time”, we’re “too busy with work and other commitments”,
  • get tempted by delish food and forget our commitment to “eat healthy”…..

THEN WHAT? December comes around and we’ve achieved, well, NOTHING.

My piece for The Cambelles this month plays on this behaviour of ours. I called it… “Diet starts Monday”. I think we can all identify with the list I wrote! I hope it makes you laugh. :) 

My belief is this – we shouldn’t see New Year’s resolutions as strict rules. These “rules” always end up being only temporarily “enforced” and soon abandoned. If you want results, you need to make sustainable, permanent lifestyle changes. Start small, but START. Choose to make changes you can keep up with. It’s more about forming a lifetime of good habits. OK?

v"Diet starts Monday."

xx J

P.S. I’m interested to know what lifestyle changes you’ve made that’s helped you achieve your health and fitness goals, though. Share your tips with me? :)

I bet you’ve forgotten your 2016 New Year’s resolutions by now.

“2015 shall be a year of PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH,” said I.  

Did I live up to my own expectations? DID I break records, make new ones, set myself free, leap high, aim higher, go all out? FIND OUT HERE.

No matter how 2015 went for all of us, it’s over. O-V-E-R. Time to create new stuff for 2016, and by “create new stuff”, I DON’T mean lie to yourself about all this “New Year, New Me” bullshit.


  • you HAVEN’T been all too serious about self-improvement and advancement (in general, positive personal growth);
  • you have been making “resolutions” only to ABANDON them (I bet you’ve forgotten your 2016 New Year’s “resolutions” by now)…..

Don’t you think it’s time to GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER?
Cos I certainly think so.

Life is more than making “resolutions” – if you’re making rules that you can’t stick to, what’s the point? If you’re only going to be “good” for the first week of the year, what’s the use? That’s like going on some crash or fad diet, right? This has to be a PERMANENT CHANGE. It has to be sustainable. It has to come from your HEART. You must really WANT IT to make it happen. Make LIFE happen!  


^^^^THIS? This is what 2016 is all about, for me. 

You see, sometime towards the end of 2015, I started doing…. stuff. Things I’d NEVER done before. Things I never would have IMAGINED I would ever do in this life.

It involved, amongst other things, CHANGING MY BEHAVIOUR. Changing the way I treat others, the way I perceive life, people, myself. My attitude. My actions. My words. My mood. Basically, a lot of it was about ME. It all began WITHIN ME.

From there, somehow, things started becoming better.
Life was more beautiful than ever.
The sun shone brighter.
I laughed louder.
I felt happier.

I re-discovered the part of me that knew how to love others. The part that accepted people into my life again. The part that got eroded by time as I became jaded, cynical, and wary. It was so wonderful becoming this NEW person (yeah yeah, “new year, new me”). When those around me made positive remarks on my transformation, it encouraged me to continue being the new me. :) 

One thing I’d like to point out to you is…. if you’re constantly complaining about the way others treat you, and expect THEM to change to adhere to YOUR needs, wants, and situations, you’re going to be SO DISAPPOINTED. The truth is, NOBODY will change to suit your whims and fancies. If you want to see change, YOU have to change first. BE the change.

So in 2016, I’LL START WITH ME.

And I’d love to hear what you’ve got up your sleeve! ;) xx J




At the start of 2015, I decided that it would be A YEAR OF PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH. You know, go out and break personal records. Set myself FREE. I even bravely pledged to run 2015 miles in 2015 – AND I ACHIEVED that goal by 20 September 2015! Caught up on some running-related reading too – Haruki Murakami agrees that the act of running IS LIFE. (P.S. Did you know, I‘m a tomboy?)


Lunar New Year happened again – time to spring clean! Why do we need so many articles of clothing???? What if I lived out of a van???? Then I went on a staycation. By the way, I hate cramming my toes into patent heels.


WHY ON EARTH would you need to bring your handbag when going on a staycation?!? I like staycations. I like taking time off. But work also teaches you some really important stuff, like the new meanings of 12PM and 6PM. And how sometimes it’s best to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.     


Who knew a photo from my blog would actually be published in a BOOK? Big deal? Mmmm. I survived over 1,000 days without Diet Coke. Now, surely THAT’S a big deal! STILL surviving without Diet Coke right now. Also, just cos some people have poor upbringing doesn’t mean you have to act like you do, too. 


I wondered…. how many of us would you still turn up at work if we weren’t paid? Work and money, work and money. They go hand in hand, no? I’d prolly look for another job, but they’d ask me questions like where I’d see myself in 5 years’ time…. something along those lines. 


What if – I said WHAT IF – you were a bad employee and didn’t even KNOW it? Maybe ignorance is bliss, hah! Anyone wanna hit up Starbucks at 3PM? 1-for-1 Venti Frap equals cheap thrill equals happiness. Yet sometimes, we can be so UNHAPPY. OF COURSE. 


July was a month of celebration, always has been. Ming’s birthday…. our 13th anniversary…. FIVE FREAKIN’ YEARS OF BLOGGING…. ran far…. became BRAND NEW again every morning…. 


Ran really FARTurned old with that one special person by my side, on a magical island not so far away from here. Turning old was definitely NOT what I’d expected. Neither did I expect 10 health problems to actually MIRACULOUSLY DISAPPEAR after I changed my lifestyle. Still questioning if I’m wasting my life though.   


HIT MY GOAL OF RUNNING 2015 MILES IN 2015…. 3 MONTHS AHEAD, BOOYAH!!!! So with that boost of confidence, I tried to show you how to survive a long run…. ROFL ;D But I gotta admit, even the most motivated of runners need some motivation from time to time. I used to be motivated by material stuff, though. Was I ever wrong to think that designer labels made me superior?


TOTALLY KICKED ASS RUNNING!!!! Ran my 50th half marathon, raced with Ming for the first time. But of course, there were bad days, bad news.

(Err…. how do you deal when you eat the entire bag of chips in one sittingOr…. what if someone offered you a seat on the train when you’re most definitely NOT pregnant?) 


Dad underwent and (thank goodness!) survived his first operation (second operation scheduled to take place in a week’s time…. not so good, but we’re prepared). Generally, a month of gratitude (ever noticed how good the warm sunshine feels on your face?). Was featured for my opinion on the Top 3 Things to do in SingaporeAlso, here are a few things to note about eating.


There used to be a part of me that knew how to love others. As I entered adulthood, that part got lost in my wariness and weariness. In the final leg of 2015, I re-discovered it  NOT by chance, but by CHOICE.

(So I was told…. this Blog is amongst the Top 50 Beauty Blogs in the World?!?! Was also asked by PARKROYAL about how New Year’s Eve should be celebrated, and got interviewed by Only Aesthetics on beauty stuff. Publicity much?)

TL;DR: 2015 wasn’t too bad. 2015 triumphed 2014. 2015 is now gone but it’s OK – I’ll make 2016 EVEN BETTER. Write to you soon about this year’s theme…. xx J

I certainly didn’t expect this to happen when I opened up.

BAM! IT’S 2016, MAN. 

Two-O-One-FREAKIN’-SIX. Before I do my annual recap post, I GOTTA update you on how DECEMBER went for me.

The final leg of 2015 saw me emerge from my shell and discover how to love others again. Bit late, but better than NEVER! I did SO MANY things I’d never done before. Things such as….

  • hugging my family and telling them how much I love them, 
  • buying my parents a wedding anniversary cake (it was cookies ‘n cream!) and actually celebrating their anniversary with them,
  • going on a family movie date night – we caught STAR WARS YAAAASSSS!!!!, 
  • popping over to Maccas for a siblings’ date night (the last time we even stepped into Maccas together, was perhaps 13 years ago?),
  • buying my brother a birthday cake (lucky one gets a chocolate ice-cream log cake for his birthday cos it was close to Christmas!) and actually attended the celebration,
  • buying all 5 of my nephews and nieces Christmas presents, and demanding hugs and kisses from each of them as I distributed the gifts,
  • befriending several old folks living in the ‘hood and wondering why I’d never even bothered to say hi before?!?!,
  • greeting the aunty at the checkout, and receiving words of concern from her in return (took me by surprise!), 
  • surprising a few neighbours (and my mother) with fruit loaves and flowers on Christmas Day,
  • getting carried by my mother on Christmas Day – she literally LIFTED me off the ground!!!!,
  • participating in a Christmas party at my sister’s place and noticed, for the first time, how she decorated her Christmas tree (one of the ornaments was Duffy from Tokyo DisneySea ERRMAHGERD), 
  • promising to put my phone away at dinner and DID put it away,
  • catching up with an old school mate (whom I last met in 2013….prolly), and realising that no matter how much time has passed, some things stay the same – we’ll always make the same funny faces, talk about the same amusing episodes, and share the same love for all things Disney!

I even wrote a piece for The Cambelles entitled, “50 Things That Changed My Life This Month”. If you’re in need of some life-changing inspiration, read it. If not, STILL…. READ IT.

The entire month I seriously considered, and realised, that perhaps the reason why I’d trapped myself within my shell – why I’d ALLOWED myself to behave in a reclusive manner, was my warped perception of life. What I thought others thought of me. Which led to me not opening up and accepting that, perhaps if I wanted to see change, I had to change first. Perhaps my perception was simply that – mine. Whilst my perception may or may NOT necessarily represent reality, it remains a fact that I have the power to determine my own behaviour, which leads to better outcomes in interactions, relationships, and my own well-being.      

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50 things that changed my life this month

IT’S NEW YEAR’S EVE?! Wait. Wait wait wait.

Wasn’t it just CHRISTMAS yesterday?


2015 has gone by SO QUICKLY. I do not know HOW. But this month, I did many things that changed my life. Like, FO REAL.

Many firsts. For example…..

  • hugged my parents,
  • told them I love them,
  • bought them a wedding cake and celebrated their wedding anniversary with them,
  • bought my brother a birthday cake (in the form of my nephew’s favourite chocolate ice-cream log cake),
  • my mother CARRIED ME and literally LIFTED me off the ground (WHUT?!?! THAT WOMAN IS STRONG!!!!), 
  • popped by several of my neighbours’ houses and surprised them with fruit loaves and flowers on Christmas day,
  • demanded hugs and kisses from all 5 of my nieces and nephews,
  • promised to put my phone away at dinner and actually DID put it away….

So many. So many. I literally emerged from my shell. I decided it should be the topic of my final piece for 2015 for The Cambelles, aptly titled “50 Things That Changed My Life This Month”

Go on. READ IT.
You know you need some life-changing inspiration!

v"50 Things That Changed My Life This Month"

In the meantime, Happy New Year everybody!!!! See y’all in 2016!!!! xx J

Be grateful, notice the little things, and don’t wait to say I love you.

NOVEMBER for me was filled with thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for the little things in life, and rediscovering that small part of me – you know, the part that knows HOW to love others – that has somehow been worn away by time.

On gratitude: Take NOTHING for granted. Not everybody receives a new day. As you rise to welcome the new sun, someone else takes his last breath. As you lament about having to go to work yet again, someone else loses his job. As you drag your feet, someone else wishes he had limbs. As you complain about lunch options, someone else can barely afford his next meal. 

On the little things: Have you noticed? The warm sun on your face. The soft breeze in your hair. The scent of greenery around you. The fact that you opened your eyes this morning. The laughter of your family. These are the real luxuries of life.

On saying “I love you”: When was the last time you told someone “I love you”? Maybe you’ve never had the habit of saying it. Maybe it’s just weird to say it to your parents. Maybe you simply assume they know. So what if you’ve never said it before? So what if it’s not part of a typical daily convo? So what if they already know? SAY IT. Say it today. Add a hug. A kiss. Don’t wait to say “I love you” cos it may be too late when you truly want to say it. They may not be around to hear it. Say it NOW.     

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So what are you gonna do on New Year’s Eve?

Seeing that New Year’s Eve is just A MERE WEEK FROM NOW, it’s not too early to start making plans (if you haven’t already!). This is scary. It’s Christmas Eve today but my brain STILL hasn’t quite registered that fact – meaning what, IT’S CHRISTMAS TOMORROW?!?! OH. EM. GEE.

I would totally postpone the season until I’m ready, if I had the power to. But…. if we all waited until we were ready, we’d probably NEVER get anything done. *shrug*

Recently, PARKROYAL asked me what I would suggest doing on New Year’s Eve. I’m flattered they asked, really, seeing that I’m neither a party animal (read: totally NOT in touch with the latest happenings), nor do I actively participate in external public events. I answered anyways!

A Guide to New Year's Eve in Singapore

So it REALLY is Christmas Day tomorrow, huh….. :/ xx J

Apparently my blog is amongst the TOP 50 BEAUTY BLOGS IN THE WORLD.

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE TOMORROW!!!! ERRMAHGERD WHERE DID MY YEAR GOOOO….!!!! Oh my. Anyways. I hope you’ve all got your shopping done and your party plans in order! Today, I’m just sharing this little infographic with you – apparently, my blog has been named one of the TOP 50 BEAUTY BLOGS IN THE WORLD! It’s nice to be recognised, hah. 

Isn’t it cute? :)

Top 50 Beauty Blogs


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So you think it’s OK to sleep with your makeup on.

So you think it’s OK to sleep with your makeup on. 

It’s NOT. It’s NOT OK!

Recently, Only Aesthetics asked me some beauty-related questions, one of which was….

“What do you think is one common mistake people make when caring for their skin?”  


"Beauty Bloggers Interview Part 1: What's the most common mistake people make when caring for their skin?"

xx J

P.S. Star Wars family date later tonight!!!! Can’t wait. AHHHH!!!!