What’s Inside BellaBox October 2014: Bday Blowout!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN, GUYS! :) I’d waited ALL MONTH for this day – the LAST day of October (YES, YES, YES!), which marks the end of a month-long court trial. Many days this month I’d woken up at 4:30AM just so I can get to work early. I’d knocked off late. I’d worked through weekends. Despite the rough ride at work, I still managed to keep to my daily workout routine and – guess what! – I ran my first half marathon last Saturday! Who kicks ass huh!

Anyways. Our lovely BellaBox turned 3 this month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBThe team had in fact wanted me in on their birthday celebrations, which included a makeover and photoshoot feature session alongside 8 other bloggers for this month’s BellaBox infocard BUT I had to abandon them. Things were simply TOO CRAY at work. X_X

I’m sorry Becks. I’m sorry team. I’m sorry I missed out on your birthday celebrations. We’ve come such a long way, it’s like I’d failed to attend a sibling’s birthday party. 

Melodrama aside, this edition has been nicely put together. Because Benefit Cosmetics. Oh come ON, you’re reading The Beneholic‘s blog!

Let’s open up this little treasure trove. BellaBox October 2014: BDAY BLOWOUT!

(Oh wait. Just in case you’re heading out this weekend as a zombie or plan to wear your skull face…. we’re like, so on the same page.)

What's Inside BellaBox October 2014: Bday Blowout!

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I ran my first half marathon yesterday!

OK guys, this running addiction just got REAL. I did my first half marathon yesterday, a 22K city trail.

Actually, I was inspired to run that 22K yesterday cos I ran 20.1K on Wednesday. You know, Deepavali? It was a public holiday. The day I ran to the city. 

20.1K is sooooo close to a half marathon. But of course that morning I was simply too elated and overwhelmed by the fact that I’d run more than 20K, it didn’t occur to me that I should run a bit more to make it a half marathon. It was an almost-half marathon.

That was the first time I ran to the city, Wednesday.

Yesterday’s trail saw me running to the heart of the city again, across the Helix Bridge, towards Marina Bay Sands, then to my office. I looped around the office then ran back home. It was strange, running to the lobby then not heading up to work and dashing home. That was how I ended up doing a half marathon. Who knew, right?

Running is therapy. Sweating is therapy. Moving is therapy. It is important to keep a happy spirit and a healthy mind in an active body.

Last month, I explained why I run in my article contribution on Solo Wandergirl. This month, I shared my thoughts on running to the city. It was an experience that ignited a flame within me, that Deepavali. Something lit up inside, and suddenly I saw, clear as day, that I had allowed myself to dwell in self-pity and anger far too long.

Somehow, on that running journey, I was enlightened.      

My 10th post on Solo Wandergirl: The day I ran to the city

As always, your continued support of my articles is very much appreciated. My blogging journey has taken me places I never knew I would go, and brought all of you to me. Have a fabulous rest of the month! I’m so glad October is coming to an end. I’ve been putting in extra hours at work and I am exhausted! xx J  

You should totally keep a food diary if you want to lose weight.

On the first day of my weight loss journey, I did 2 things: (1) I quit Coke Light, and (2) I started to keep a food diary. These 2 things helped me lose weight BIG TIME. You should TOTALLY keep a food diary if you want to lose weight. Because TODAY – 828 days later and 20kg lighter, I’m still logging. Awesome.

SERIOUSLY. With an amazing phone app like MyFitnessPal, logging and planning your meals take a mere few minutes. If you’re going to tell me you don’t have a MISERABLE 5 out of 1,440 minutes to spare, then you probably don’t have time to continue reading this post. Also, you probably don’t want to lose weight bad enough. In which case, you may EXIT NOW and continue with that task you deem more important than your health.

The rest who are still here – props to you for having awesome time management skills! To welcome you to the club, here are 7 reasons you should keep a food diary.

If it passes your lips, it goes into your food log. WRITE everything you BITE!

#1: You learn to become accountable

The essence of keeping a food log is really to build on your ACCOUNTABILITY. You have to be accountable for everything YOU put into YOUR body. Every bite, every sip. If it passes your lips, LOG IT. If you BITE IT, WRITE IT! I pre-log all the time so I can align my meals with my daily goal. The good thing about having an app with a good database of foods is, you get to play around with your options and see what works for your day. Even if you’ve eaten waaaaay too much and exceeded your daily goal, just LOG IT AND MOVE ON. Learn from it. Do better tomorrow. BE HONEST! If you don’t log honestly, you’re only lying to yourself. You need to keep an accurate food log in order to track and make sense of your progress.

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If you like the smell of BABY POWDER (AND PEACHES), you will LOVE Benefit Cosmetics Bathina “Just Confess, You’re Obsessed”!

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I wrote a couple of lines about how some people smell like DEATH. Then I decided to be nice instead so scratch that and let’s begin again. OK. If you adore the smell of BABY POWDER AND PEACHES, you’ll love Benefit Cosmetics Bathina “just confess, you’re obsessed”, an “all over me” scented body mist.

It’s always nice to receive mail from the Benebabes, just as I’m running out of nice smells and sanity! So… THIS. She’s new on our shelves. If you’ve got SGD47 to spare, you can take her home. You’ll get LOTS of use out of her… all 50ml. In fact, you’ll want her all over you 24/7 cos she smells so damn AMAZING.

Also, is it just me, or does Bathina look creepily like Kate Bosworth? 

If you like the smell of BABY POWDER (AND PEACHES), you will LOVE Benefit Cosmetics Bathina "Just Confess, You're Obsessed"!

The fragrance concocter at our HQ obviously had FRUIT on her mind. Imagine our Scientist Benebabe in her white lab coat surrounded by vials of potions, her eyes gleaming with excitement, her Benetinted lips uttering with glee, “Bright golden peaches! Sun-kissed Sicilian lemons! White blossoms! Velvet plums!”

AND WE NAILED IT. Of course we did. We always do. #coswearecleverlikethat

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5 Reasons Your Diet Failed


You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. You wanted to lose weight, so you went on a diet. NO chocolate, no ice-cream, no sweets, no bread, no cake, no chips, no fried foods, no fast food, no anything-perceived-to-be-bad. NO “UNHEALTHY” FOODS.

Today I’ll tell you exactly WHY YOU’RE NOT LOSING WEIGHT despite going on a “diet” and “trying so hard”. In fact, the answer’s clear as day but I’ll make it easy for you by summarising them in 5 points. To make it SUPER easy for the laziest of you, I even did a tl;dr at the end of each point. Mmmkay?

“Yes, you CAN eat me and STILL lose weight,” said the rainbow cupcake topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, M&Ms, Kit Kat stick and chocolate rice.

Yes, you can eat a cupcake and still lose weight.

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Being an adult is hard.

BEING AN ADULT IS HARD. Why didn’t they warn us about this in school?

August celebrations tapered to make way for the arrival of September – a month of changes, struggles, and anticipation of even greater struggles October will bring (as of this moment, has already brought).

In September:

  • I sought, and found, a clarity. It became clearer than ever to me that I know what I WANT to become,
  • I recognised that when I know what I want, it manifests my WILL. When I want something bad enough, I will find a way to achieve it,
  • with my eyes on my goal, I worked relentlessly every day, knowing that every small step contributes to the grand journey,
  • when I felt like I couldn’t go on any more, I remind myself that it’s all in my head – how hard life is depends on how hard I perceive it to be,
  • I can choose between whining and winning – either way, the same amount of time will pass,
  • I mustn’t let “fate” or “fear” determine my path because I am the master of my life,
  • I am stronger than any problem,
  • I know what it takes to get to where I wanna be, and I’m not afraid to put in the work

I don’t know how much tougher October will be. It’s been a rough ride at work the past week. It will only get tougher. I don’t know how I’ll deal, but I WILL DEAL. I’m a warrior. There’s nothing I cannot conquer.

On the personal front, I’m trying my best to shake off bad thoughts and memories from the past that come back to haunt me occasionally. After all, I’ve decided to be happy, remember? I constantly remind myself that I am running my own race and I should strive to be better than I was yesterday. I’m my only competitor. 

Are there days when you feel like you can’t possibly go on any more, and if so, how do you deal with this thing called LIFE? Where do you find your daily strength? Being an adult is hard. SO HARD.         

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So I’d REALLY like to show you my stunning new MCM Dual Stark Visetos backpack. You know, the one the Korean stars are all wearing?

Alas, the day has arrived. I’ve ventured beyond the reaches of the Parisian streets… straight into the arms of Munich – of MCM, to be precise – with my MCM Dual Stark Visetos backpack. You know, the one the Korean stars are all wearing? Coco Chanel is rolling in her grave, I know. But fear not, Mademoiselle, this isn’t a road of no return, mmmkay? #hakunayourtatas

Of late, you may have noticed me rocking a different bag on Instagram, Facebook (if you’re freaky enough to stalk me over there), in one of my posts, on my awesome blog header (which randomly changes every time you refresh the page), or if you REALLY do know me – in person, in which case have you gotten over my AMAZING overnight oatmeal recipes yet?

If you told me a while ago that I would be wearing a backpack this year, I would have called you cray. NO WAY was I deviating from my classic flaps! You’ll have to pry them from my cold, dead hands. YOU CRAY.

This SAME GIRL now is hoisting a studded, logoed rucksack over her shoulder without a second thought, her hands lovingly stroking its pebbled body, her eyes full of admiration. Tsk. HYPOCRITE!

Lest you accuse me of “jumping on the bandwagon of Korean fad fashion”, I must tell you that I’d spent a considerable amount of time mulling over this purchase.

Now go, click through and see how I eased my new-found love into my wardrobe. You want to know why I’m SMITTEN.    

My MCM Dual Stark Visetos backpack. You know, the one the Korean stars are all wearing...

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Why Do I Run?

HAPPY FRIDAY, GUYS!!! OH GAWD. I CAN’T BELIEVE I SURVIVED THE WEEK. The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy because we are gearing up for something really important at work. You know, legal stuff. The coming month will only bring with it more tough times but yours truly here is stronger than any problem so… BRING IT ON, OCTOBER! I’ve got several methods of coping with stress, and RUNNING is one of them. Now, WHY do I run?  

I run because I CAN. Sometimes I tell myself that I’m running for those who can’t. I run because I love the feeling of moving with the wind – even better if rain drops fall on my head! – it’s liberating, exhilarating, and energising. It starts my day right. Running does so many things for me, it’s impossible to put up an exhaustive list.

Just in case you wonder, nowadays I typically cover these distances in a week:

  • at least 8K from Monday to Thursday,
  • at least 5.55K on Friday (cos you know, it’s the magical 5th day of the week!),
  • at least 10K on Saturday and Sunday.

Two VERY important things happened when I embraced the habit of running:

(1) I threw self-blame out the window; and

(2) I stopped self-flagellation. 

I’d like SO BADLY to share with you an incident which took place last Wednesday morning. It made me see, clearer than ever, that my running habit has changed me for the better. I wrote about it in my piece for Solo Wandergirl this month. I titled it, “Why Do I Run?” – hah, so apt right.

It would mean so much to me if you could click through, have a read, share my joy. For those of you who are thinking of picking up running but don’t know where to start, I wrote a guide for you – it’s based on a running app called Couch-to-5K

My 9th Post on Solo Wandergirl: Why Do I Run?If you’re a fellow runner, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this piece. Let me know what you think? Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies! xx J

What’s Inside BellaBox September 2014: Urban Vibes

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It’s been a mad rush. Mad rush! The past week, the past months… what’s passed of 2014, actually. CRAY. It’s a miracle I’m still sitting here, quite sane and ready to show you what’s inside BellaBox September 2014: Urban Vibes!

It was pleasant to see a rainbow ribbon in this month’s edition – defo my kind of thing. I love the theme card as well. Fun! :) If you’re finding it difficult to smile even when you look at bright stuff then perhaps your life sucks. #justsaying   

What's Inside BellaBox September 2014: Urban Vibes

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Do you think your life sucks?

Do you think your life sucks? I sometimes think my life is the pits. OR IS IT?

Well, whether or not my life sucks, I’ve just made the hardest decision of my life. I’ve decided to BE HAPPY

WARNING: If conforming to social norms is your sort of thing, LEAVE NOW. Unless you’re also waiting to find out if you’ve won my birthday giveaway. Then read on.

For the clueless.... this is me.

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