Some people are full of maggots. You just don’t know it yet.

MAY seems like a long time ago. It felt like a pretty long month, too. Peppered with a few happy moments, a lot of self-talk (as usual), reminiscing Bangkok, and generally (thankfully!) uneventful:

  • the 1st day of May, Labour Day, Ming and I ran our 3rd race together! Our 4th race together will happen this Sunday, and I can’t wait to earn more race bling;

  • the 2nd day of May, I found some MAGGOTS crawling around in the fridge – they came from the whole guavas I bought! The old me would have cried, whined, complained, beat myself up over it – but the NOW me? The now me laughed about it and promptly scooped all ’em maggots up and threw ’em away. They feel like tiny sponges by the way. ;P I think I can manage my emotions better now than to let myself get upset over insignificant stuff like that. LUCKY I discovered them before I packed them into my lunch box – could’ve ruined my whole lunch! Also, if you look at it from the “life lesson” angle, some people are full of maggots but we don’t know it yet. When the maggots come crawling out of these people, we chuck them out of our lives instead of letting them stay and ruin us. Geddit?;

  • the 6th day of May, Thai Fest happened! I had to go! Felt like I was back in Bangkok for those few moments. Admired ’em fairy floss in the prettiest neons AHHH…. but didn’t buy any cos I felt they were too pricey, yikes….;

  • Mother’s Day weekend – made unicorn Minion cards for my colleagues, and distributed them along with Cadbury chocolates; bought bunch of flowers for my neighbours, and the mother. And of course a gift for her! A special one. :) 

Apart from the above highlights, the month went by with a lot of thinking, about/of….

  • the way I was in the past and that I should NEVER allow myself to go back to where I was;
  • being inspired to keep on keeping on, looking at another weight loss blog award I won;
  • how I should keep chasing after my goals;
  • how important it is to be a good person, putting myself in others’ shoes;
  • why it’s important to always be grateful for everything in life; even if I don’t think I’m lucky, I AM; and
  • 8627697202752651 other thoughts reflecting on life and its shenanigans. 

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So this Russian site featured my “BEFORE AND AFTER” weight loss photos….

LAST TUESDAY, a fellow blogger friend of mine tweeted this to me. It appears that a Russian entertainment site, AdMe, had featured my “before and after” weight loss photos in one of their articles, LMAOOOO!!!! ;’D 

I’m amused, really – prior to that, I’d never heard of AdMe! (I could be living under a rock, but they are a Russian site, so….) They seem really popular, though, looking at the number of hits and comments received. Thanks Luchessa for letting me know, and yes after I got your tweet, I checked – many clicks from Russia lately indeed, hahaha!   

"15 people who have proven that change is never too late" - via

The article bears the title, 15 человек, которые доказали, что меняться никогда не поздно” (which Google translates into: 15 people who have proven that change is never too late”) – OK, that sounds alright; I do agree that it’s never too late to make a change!

"15 people who have proven that change is never too late" - via

And here’s the portion of me, where they wrote: “Очаровательная блогерша из Сингапура. Ее история здесь.” I Google-translated it, but it doesn’t really make sense…. “Charming Blogersha from Singapore. Her story here.”

"15 people who have proven that change is never too late" - via

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Why is losing weight so hard?

Why is losing weight so hard? 

It’s so hard it’s almost elusive. Or at least that’s what I gather from those around me who are trying to lose weight. Come on – out of your 500 friends, family members, colleagues, whatever. Identify a small percentage (say, 5%; that’s 25 people) who:

(1) AREN’T CURRENTLY trying to lose weight,
(2) HAVEN’T ONCE tried to lose weight in their lives,

Can you? I certainly can’t. For about 7592470672016 reasons (with health issues and societal pressure topping the list), weight loss is a GLOBAL HOT TOPIC. That’s probably why I receive SO MANY weight loss-related queries. Simply type in “weight loss blogger” or “weight loss Singapore”, and you’ll find thousands of hits leading to sites like mine.

Since there are hundreds and thousands of other bloggers writing about weight loss, I was surprised I managed to bag 2 more weight loss blog awards (in addition to the ones I’d already won here and here) over the course of the past few weeks.

First up, I ranked #8 on Diet-to-Go’s list of Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers. :) That’s a nice profile writeup done by them; I didn’t even know about this until it was published, when they notified me of the award. It’s great to know people actually READ the stuff I write…. LMAO ;’D

I ranked #8 on Diet-to-Go's list of Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers!

I ranked #8 on Diet-to-Go's list of Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers

Next, I was named amongst Health Listed’s Top and Upcoming 25 Weight Loss Bloggers! (^_^)V I must say it’s cool to to have made it onto a much shorter list, hahaha. 

I'm amongst Health Listed's "Top and Upcoming 25 Weight Loss Bloggers"!

I'm amongst Health Listed's "Top and Upcoming 25 Weight Loss Bloggers"!

Whilst it’s certainly flattering to receive some form of recognition for my efforts, every time someone refers to my blog, I’m reminded that consistency is key. For me, weight loss is not about crash dieting, fads, teatoxing, or some strange concoction you consume daily that magically expels fats. It’s about making sustainable, permanent lifestyle changes. Instead of going on a crash diet, you need to cultivate a lifetime of good habits. Diets don’t work. This “diet” doesn’t end in 2 weeks. Change takes time. To see results, you gotta keep on keeping on!

I hope you’ve found my blog useful in your weight loss journey. Please feel free to share it with anyone you know – it could help them too! :) xx J  

5 things I learnt from running in public

NOT SO LONG AGO, entering an official race was a mere dream for me, let alone racing together with Ming; I could call that a miracle cos he wasn’t even a runner to begin with! Training on my own is quite different from running in public; OK, by “running in public” I mean “officially racing” – you know, race bibs and all. (^_^)” BUT just last month, on Labour Day, we participated in our 3rd race together (my 4th) – Race #1 of The Performance Series, which took place at Punggol Waterway Park

The Performance Series is made up of 5 races – for every race you run, you’ll receive a piece of finisher’s medal; collect all 5 medals to form the Singapore map! DOPE or what?!?? Race #2 of the series will take place at Jurong Lake later this month. Can’t wait! :D

Today, I thought I’d share some thoughts on running and racing. Ming and I often discuss running, especially post-race, and we both agree that getting out there and racing with the masses taught us some really valuable life lessons. So here’s 5 things I learnt from running in public


^^^^THIS. FO REAL, YO. Super cliché, trying not to cringe as I write this, but so dang true. So dang true. Before I started running, I thought all runners have to look a certain way – fierce, long, lean, muscular. When I raced though, I noticed that runners come in all shapes and sizes. Big, small, tall, short, young, old – basically, ANYONE can be a runner. And just cos someone is huge, it doesn’t mean they’re automatically slow (the reverse is also true). Some of those who look like unlikely runners will surprise you with their sheer speed, I tell you. I’m amazed!

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This is when nobody in your office likes you.

OSTRACISED AT WORK? This article is for you. For when nobody in your office likes you. 

That’s my piece for The Cambelles this month. 

Well…. just in case you’re not exactly sure why you’re being hated on, let me help you out. 

If you can identify with the following points, then YES, you’re most likely office enemy.  

10. If you needed help…. well, too bad. You should have asked earlier.

11. “Earlier” means preferably after everybody’s had their morning cuppa, checked their personal emails, caught up on the latest gossip and stuff.

31. You’re not in the WhatsApp chat group?

32. Yep, it exists.

33. Explains why you didn’t know about the order.

39. “Confidential information” means “widely-discussed amongst everyone else except you”.

For more signs,
"This is when nobody in your office likes you."

Have fun crying yourself to sleep tonight. xx J

Bangkok. The best days of my year so far.

B A N G K O K 

That pretty much sums up APRIL for me.

As I write this, I don’t know if I should be feeling:

(1) SAD cos I’m still missing Bangkok very much? (-_-) 

(2) HAPPY cos it means I had an absolute BLAST creating lots of new memories? (^_^) 

(3) EXCITED cos there’s something I can look forward to – I’m making plans for my next visit already! (^_~)V 

I conclude that there’s no single, fixed emotion for me – I’m feeling all of the above!

Prior to this trip, I last visited Bangkok when I was 10, and very ill. Back then I was so ill, I started puking my guts out on the flight there and didn’t recover until I returned to Singas. I had a super bad time; had zero fun, was mostly holed up in the hotel room (which served YUCKY BLACK CAULIFLOWER), wasn’t impressed with Bangkok, had only one thing on my mind – HOME.

Naturally, when the firm first announced news of the trip, I considered not going. But I do love flying with my troop! We had a kickass time in TOKYO back in 2013, so why not go for it this time? WHY NOT?

I’m super pleased to say…. I REGRET NOTHING.

Although the first week of April was pretty much spent in denial of the approaching trip. I only packed my luggage at bedtime, a few hours before we flew.

We were in Bangkok from 9 to 11 April – these dates I’ll remember forever, cos those 3 days? BEST DAYS OF MY YEAR SO FAR.

Not a single day has gone by that I don’t think of Bangkok.
Not a single day has gone by that I don’t reminisce our time there.
Not a single day has gone by that I don’t look forward to setting foot upon that land again.

I’m still going through photos from the trip. NOT finished with my travelogue yet!

Everybody else seems to have had no trouble moving on with life after Bangkok. Everybody except me. But I am settled – in fact, I settled right back into flow once I returned. It’s just how I feel inside? Can’t quite shake it off. Oh well.        

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My Bangkok Travelogue #2: SHOPPING & EATING at The Platinum Fashion Mall

HEY GAIS WELCOME TO THE 2ND INSTALMENT OF MY BANGKOK TRAVELOGUE! :D If you missed the 1st instalment (now how did THAT happen?!??), READ IT NOW.

Now that you know where to put up in Bangkok and how to get around without getting lost, today’s post will be about what you’ve been waiting for – EATING AND SHOPPING IN BANGKOK!!!!


The Platinum Fashion Mall by day

The Platinum Fashion Mall by day

Remember I said our hotel sits right across The Platinum Fashion Mall? Even for someone who’s super suaku like me, and who’d thought I’LL NEVER EVER GO TO BANGKOK AGAIN after what happened on my last trip, I’d heard so much about The Platinum Fashion Mall (I’ll just call it “Platinum Mall” from now). It’s one of the BIGGEST WHOLESALE CLOTHES HAVEN, with some of the BEST FOOD VENDORS gathered at its food court to boot!

After you’ve been to Platinum Mall, you’ll never look at our blog shops the same way ever again.

The Platinum Fashion Mall by night

The Platinum Fashion Mall by night

4 tips on how to shop at the Platinum Mall

(1) Start from the first floor and work your way up!

Platinum Mall is PACKED with 6 FLOORS’ WORTH of shops, shops, shops, MORE shops selling similar/identical stuff. If you want to make decent coverage in one day, you need a plan! I suggest you start from the first floor and work your way up. That way, you’ll know which parts of the mall you’ve covered. Also, since there are so many freakin’ shops, SHOP QUICKLY!

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SIAM BANANA??!? What is this Siam Banana? Is it like Tokyo Banana?

I’M SURE you’re all familiar with the mega popular TOKYO BANANA, which I’m absolutely CRAY about! BUT… Have you also heard of the SIAM BANANA? Yes, I said Siam Banana.

Wait. You mean you don’t even know Tokyo Banana? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!!?! Tokyo Bananas are adorable, banana-shaped sponge cakes filled with custard (of various flavours). They’re SO GOOD, I bought a few varieties on my first and last days in Tokyo! Thankfully, I sometimes have people bringing back Tokyo Bananas for me from Japan. If you’re willing to pay exorbitant prices for those precious cakes (like 3 to 4 times the original price), there’s always a shop selling them right here in Singas. But…. SIAM BANANA? What’s the deal with this Siam Banana??!?

Come I explain to you.

Siam Banana is, in my opinion, Thailand’s version of Tokyo Banana. I like to call them “pirated Tokyo Banana” – I said “I like to call them” only hor. So you better don’t go around telling people Siam Banana is confirm chop fake Tokyo Banana ah! :’D

Aiyah, banana cake say banana cake lah!

But in Bangkok got 2 BRANDS of banana cakes:

(1) the ones officially branded “Siam Banana”, and

(2) the ones made by the Charoen Pokphand Group (“CP Group”), or you may simply know them as CP, the people behind the widely-advertised, delectable, succulent shrimp dumplings, CP 鲜虾云吞? Yep. CP market their banana cakes under the CP Le Pan wholesale bakery line (which is sadly not available in Singas). I shall call CP’s version, “CP Le Pan Banana”.

I bought both Siam Bananas and CP Le Pan Bananas. HERE’S MY LOOT! :D

  • 1st box from the top: Siam Banana Chocolate Flavour,
  • 2nd box from the top: Siam Banana Coffee Flavour,
  • Individually-wrapped Siam Bananas (removed from the boxes) – Coffee and Chocolate Flavours respectively, and
  • Individually-wrapped CP Le Pan Bananas – Banana Custard and Chocolate Flavours respectively.

So…. how much?
Got price difference between the 2 brands?
Do they taste awesome like Tokyo Bananas?
Which brand better?
Where to buy?


My Siam Banana and CP Le Pan Banana loot <3

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So THIS is how you cross the road in Bangkok!

THIS MORNING, I woke up to find us in the middle of MAY. What the heck just happened? I SWEAR I was just in Bangkok!

Cos of my little adventure in the Land of Smiles, APRIL was pretty much filled with MEGA AMAZING MEMORIES. Which of course had me daydreaming every day since I returned to Singas. I can’t wait to go back! And so for my April contribution to The Cambelles, I shared preliminary thoughts and tips on, amongst other things, how to bag a BARGAIN, where to SHOP, what to EAT, and why you need to learn HOW to cross the road in Bangkok (bet you never thought THAT was necessary)!

I call it….So THIS is how you cross the road in Bangkok!

"So THIS is how you cross the road in Bangkok!"

Full details and photos of said tips will be published in the 2nd instalment of my Bangkok travelogue, which I’m currently working on. ;) Btw, have you SEEN the amazing buffet spread at Amari Watergate Bangkok?

xx J

My Bangkok Travelogue #1: Flying with Singapore Airlines, How to get mobile data connection, Review on Amari Watergate, and Experiencing BTS SkyTrain (no breakdown leh!)

LAST I TRAVELLED, it was to Tokyo in 2013 with my office. I SWEAR it feels like yesterday! If you didn’t already know, I was in BANGKOK, THAILAND last month!!!! Land of Smiles, YAAAASSSS. Put up at the SUPER DOPE 5-star Amari Watergate Bangkok; right now I’m planning on staying there again on my next trip (which should happen in a couple of months)! 

Was there from Saturday, 9 April 2016 to Monday, 11 April 2016. Departed juuuust before the Songkran festivities began. Would’ve loved to stay longer to bask in their joyous celebrations! I got soooo jealous when I saw photos of them on Insta playing with water guns along the streets! :( 

There’s simply too much to share. I’ll make my travelogue as easy to read as possible, especially for those of you who have never visited Bangkok and would like to go! :) Instead of dividing my posts into day 1, day 2, day 3…. yada yada like what I did for Tokyo, in this first post today I shall cover these basics:

(1) Flying to and from Bangkok with Singapore Airlines;

(2) how to get mobile data connection in Bangkok,

(3) my review on Amari Watergate Bangkok (ohh the AMAZING buffet!); and

(4) my experience of commuting in Bangkok via BTS SkyTrain.

Travel arrangements were made by my lovely office. We flew early Saturday morning via SQ (had to reach the airport at 5AM WHUTTTT), so all half-asleep!

I brought my pineapple Jansport and SpongeBob (going Bangkok mah!) and packed SUPER light cos I planned to buy my clothes there…. LMAO ;’D

Goodbye Singas!!!! :D

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