50 Things I Realised In My 20s

You know, when I’m on my morning run, hundreds of thoughts go through my head. Even with the music blasting in my ears, my feet pounding on the ground, my eyes focused on the path ahead, I still find my mind wandering… to several places. Some of these are realisations which have turned out to be so damn useful, I ought to share them. The result is a compilation, one I call 50 Things I Realised In My 20s!

Before we start, I must confess that I am not the most quick-witted person on earth, mmmkay? If you’ve realised most of these things waaaaay back, good for you! The rest of us mere mortals all learn as we go along. Many I know haven’t even realised half the things on this list yet, hah! ;P    

“20. If you don’t love Nutella… – WHAT?”

20. If you don't love Nutella... - WHAT?

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Baring My Soul: The Daily Strength – A Facebook Status A Day: March 2014

WOW. What a month March had been! You’re reading the third installment of my latest project, something I call The Daily Strength – A Facebook Status A Day, presented in the form of monthly compilations of my Facebook statuses reflecting my thoughts as I go on a journey of self-love, growth, and personal development.

I have received heartening messages from some of you saying that my daily statuses have helped you in ways, and that you can relate to what I’ve been going through. Thank you! It helps to know that you are never alone; we are each fighting our own unique battles, but we are all fighting together. :)

I don’t quite know how to summarise March save to say that things escalated quickly. Back in mid-February, I got a Fitbit Flex, right, and since then I’d been making significant changes to my fitness routine. I’d be honest and tell you that I went from a complete couch potato to running at least 5km every morning in a matter of weeks

These are some of my milestones for March:

  • Started to take a 2km morning walk, which increased to 4km, then 10km, 12km
  • Then one morning I thought, “Heck, I’m wasting so much time walking! Why not start running?” and I did – 16km, then 20km!
  • I implemented a new morning routine - hitting at least 8km every day before the sun rises. The more I ran, the better I felt. However, I also felt that I should reduce my daily distance so I don’t overwork my body. Which led to…
  • My current morning workout routine of running at least 5km before the sun rises. It’s manageable and I get it done real quick; I only have to wake up 15 minutes earlier, and…
  • My current total daily distance goal of 10km (which includes my morning run, plus my non-exercise activity thermogenesis; I also take lunch time walks ranging between 3km and 4km in distance every day).

If you’d like to start training for the zombie apocalypse but (a) HATE RUNNING WITH A VENGEANCE, (b) can’t for the life of you run more than 10 metres without feeling like you’re about to die, I’d like to share that I’m using an app which is so helpful, it trains you slowly and steadily… you’ll be running 5km in no time! I plan to blog about it, too. 

Baring My Soul: The Daily Strength - A Facebook Status A Day: March 2014

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Why Do We Overeat? 3 Diet Truths I Learnt From The End of Overeating by David Kessler

LET’S FACE IT – food has a strong leash on us. Why do we find some foods so irresistible, and why do we overeat? How many times have we resolved to lose weight by eating less? And how many times have we found ourselves abandoning our resolution all too quickly, returning to the clutches of indulgence? Our diets repeatedly fail us; we continue to pile on the pounds. After I read The End of Overeating by David Kessler, everything suddenly made sense. This book changed the way I looked at food. I literally could not put it down.  

1. It all boils down to 3 elements: sugar, fat, salt.

It may seem like a simple concept, but the leash that food has so securely fastened around our necks is made up of only 3 elements: sugar, fat, and salt. Think about it – what are your favourite foods? The most palatable foods are simply layers of sugar, fat, and/or salt.

Highly-palatable foods stimulate your appetite. They give you pleasure. They are rewarding. They beckon you to indulge. They make you want to eat more. MOARRR!!! 

Why? Put simply, when you eat something delicious, it kick starts a chain of chemical reactions in your brain, producing an awareness of pleasure – even relieving pain or stress – and makes you feel better momentarily. When your brain perceives things that way, it’s hard not to seek out more of such foods for comfort. Which leads to… overeating.   

So, what do you like? Cheese fries? That’s salt on fat on fat on sugar. Buffalo wings with creamy dipping sauce? Sugar on salt on fat on fat on fat. If you look at food this way, you’ll see that the most delicious things are simply made of layer upon layer of sugar, fat, and/or salt.

Taking 3 bare elements and combining them to form addictive substances? I was super fascinated. I started to analyse foods layer by layer, and each analysis only served to reinforce what David Kessler wrote about sugar, fat, and salt. Mind blown!    

The End of Overeating by David A. Kessler, MD (Official book cover)

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3 Things I Didn’t Expect From Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Last Wednesday, on Walt Disney’s kind invitation, I had the opportunity to preview the highly-anticipated return of our star-spangled spandex-clad superhero. I’d been waiting to see more of Steve Rogers since Captain America: The First Avenger, which - *does a quick Google search* WHAAA….? – hit the big screen 3 freakin’ years ago! Now, 3 years is a long wait, don’t you think, Stan? 3 years, in exchange for 3 things I didn’t expect from Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which left me hanging yet again, waiting, for part 3.

1. Nick Fury totally killing it.

I liked Samuel L. Jackson best when he was in Snakes (almost typed “snacks”) on a Plane. Whenever I feel the stress getting to me, I often revisit his epic lines of, “Enough is enough! I have HAD IT with these motherf***in’ snakes on this motherf***in’ plane!” - all you need to do is replace snakes and plane with whatever applies to your situation.

Whilst I also appreciated his role as Mace Windu in Star Wars, I felt his death was abrupt, premature and unjustified. *shrug*  Bring him back! We need some purple.

Now… Nick Fury is something else. I should tell you the truth, though – before The Winter Soldier, I hadn’t given Jackson enough credit for this role. Funnily, whenever Nick appeared, my eyes would glaze over, uninterested. With this installment, like and appreciation have evolved into sheer adoration. 

Just as you thought he fell into the trap – “How could Nick be so daft?!” – he totally rose up from his ashes *cough* I’m not saying that he died but *cough* and showed us he was in complete control, every step of the way. Master Puppeteer he is! And who else can perfect that one-eyed glare?  

“The last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye.” - Nick Fury, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

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Sponsored Review: What’s Inside BellaBox March 2014 – Beauty Secrets Exposed!

Sponsored Review

My my my… BellaBox is looking dang good this month! I’m impressed again. That bright blue polka-dotted box, yellow tissue paper (it just screams sunshine doesn’t it!) and equally cheery theme card… just WOW. Well done, team! This is totes amazing. I’m closing the first quarter of 2014 by showing you what’s inside BellaBox March 2014: Beauty Secrets Exposed!

Accompanying this month’s edition is the March issue of Jill Lowe Magazine, which includes a piece on Greek fashion – very interesting read as I adore Queen Gorgo’s style! Those dresses she wore in 300: Rise of an Empire… absolutely GORgeous. ;) If anyone can tell me where I can get a close dupe of that long white number, I would be so grateful.

I also have here an LAC Taut Collagen Infusion Mask, part of the Taut beauty pack, the rest of which is contained within the box. I’d tried this once before, with compliments when I shopped with GNC.          

Sponsored Review: What's Inside BellaBox March 2014 - Beauty Secrets Exposed!

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Benefit Cosmetics Westgate – It’s a Journey to the West!

IT’S OFFICIAL – we have claimed our territory in the West! Benefit Cosmetics Westgate is REAL.

Last month, the team celebrated the grand opening of our first Singapore boutique at the edge of the island with a partaaay – and, as I always say, Benefit hosts the BEST parties – which was certainly fabulous and memorable. Think music, cabaret dancers (I’ve got video evidence of THAT, AND A TOUR OF THE STORE INTERIOR!), CAKE, makeup, makeup, and more makeup!

Yours truly, being the resident Beneholic, was of course in attendance; after all, it was a Friday night, I’d wanted to see the new mall for myself, and I am so, so proud of the new store. Boy, we’ve come a long way! Quite literally, hah. ;)  

Fully decked out in the brand’s signature pink, guests were already mingling at its entrance as I approached from afar, walking those unfamiliar grounds in awe – they had most of my favourite stores!

Balloons, balloons, balloons! There’s always something to celebrate at Benefit.    

Benefit Cosmetics Westgate - It's a Journey to the West!

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My 3rd Post on Solo Wandergirl: Accepting An Apology I Never Received

I know this is getting old, but I simply cannot fathom how we are approaching the end of March already! We’ve just passed the 2nd anniversary of the Blog becoming self-hosted – on 15 March 2012, I departed from the free WordPress platform and launched JADEISABELLE.COM - I can hardly believe it’s been TWO YEARS! I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks for walking this journey of growth with me. :’) So… since I’m on this journey of personal development, I’m starting to reveal an often-concealed side of my life. Today, I’d like to share my 3rd post on Solo Wandergirl – a piece on March’s theme,“apologies” – entitled “Accepting An Apology I Never Received”.

My 3rd Post on Solo Wandergirl: Accepting An Apology I Never Received

I don’t know how many of you have gone through life feeling absolutely humiliated, wronged, trampled upon, weary, or jaded (hah!). I have.

I allowed myself to become resentful.

I don’t know how many of you wishfully expected others to apologise to you, to finally admit that they were wrong to have done what they did to you, to acknowledge the damage they had caused you. I have.

I allowed myself to become prisoner to the thoughts and actions of others.

With this month’s piece, I’m revealing yet another obscured facet of my life. It is a sensitive topic for me to discuss, so I hope you’ll read it with an open mind, and understand just how much thought went into it because it simply was not easy for me to put into words.

If you are facing the same situation, I hope you’ll find the courage to unshackle yourself from that prison. Go ahead and accept that apology you never received, and free yourself.

If you feel like you cannot talk to any one you know about this issue, please feel free to write to me. My eyes are here, waiting for you. :)

xx J

3 Noteworthy Moments in Need for Speed – Spoiler Alert!

These days my to-watch list just gets longer and longer; I’m hard-pressed to find a week devoid of movies I’d like to catch! Some weeks I can’t decide on the film; some weeks, I can’t seem to find the time. Which is why I am grateful for media previews – everything is pre-arranged. Take last Friday – on Walt Disney’s invitation, I scooted over to The Cathay. Whilst Need for Speed was a game I thoroughly enjoyed, I didn’t expect to find myself amongst the audience as it sped for the big screen. Having said that, I’m happy I went – and I’ll admit I did so because of… surprise! Rami Malek. Read on for 3 noteworthy moments in Need for Speed, and if you don’t want spoilers you may wish to save Mr Banks instead.

Since I take pride in being the exact opposite of a boring reviewer, I’ll skip the movie description (you shall Google it for yourself, hah!). Anyway, the movie trailer is embedded further down this post. *obnoxious hair flip*

All you need to know for now, is that Need for Speed is your typical racing show with a predictable ending - a few (and I do mean just a few) fast cars, a vendetta, some jail time (well, it is Aaron Paul…), compulsory explosions, and a chunk of romance thrown in for good measure. 

Need for Speed theatrical release poster - OPENS 13 MARCH 2014!

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5 Steps to Detach Yourself From Negative Emotions

Happy weekend, guys! I hope you’ve got fabulous plans for this well-deserved break. Something terrible happened to me on Tuesday, and for the first time in a long time, I cried. That night, I forced myself to detach – from the situation, from my emotions, from my worries about the consequences. I am tremendously blessed; the problem was resolved the next day. I’ve been wanting to write a post on detachment, and I thought there’s no better time than now to share 5 steps to detach yourself from negative emotions.

Step #1: Recognise that you need to let it go, for your well-being and sanity.

“It’s funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small
And the fears that once controlled me
Can’t get to me at all”

"Let it go, let it go. Can't hold it back any more."

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Baring My Soul: The Daily Strength – A Facebook Status A Day: February 2014

Another month has passed us by! Whilst there were only 28 days in February, it felt like it lasted an eternity… but I’m not defeated! :) Last month, I unveiled my new project, The Daily Strength – A Facebook Status A Day, wherein I compiled all of my Facebook statuses for the entire month of January. These statuses reflect my innermost thoughts, and I’m weaving them together for the purpose of recording my progress on this journey of self-love, self-growth and self-development.

I would just like to announce that I finally got a Fitbit Flex mid-February! Ming and I shopped together and he bought it for me (in return, I tracked down and bought him a Sony SmartWatch 2, which he’d always wanted). Having a Fitbit marks one of the new steps I’m taking towards improving my health. I have decided to set small, but sustainable, fitness goals and I’m happy to share some of those goals with you here:

1. I will walk at least 10,000 steps every day. I’m so pleased to report that I’ve been hitting my goal;

2. I will take the stairs whenever possible. I now walk the stairs at the train stations instead of using the escalator;

3. I will generally be more active whenever possible. Where there’s a longer route to my destination, I opt to walk that way. Instead of napping during lunch, I head to the stairs in my office building – yesterday, I walked down 34 storeys’ worth of stairs at lunch (guess who’s gonna be champion at fire escape?!) and thereafter to the farthest train station from my office, up to the gantries, before returning to the office (all in 30 minutes!). Also, after work I walked down another 17 storeys’ worth of stairs instead of using the lift.

All these small steps add up – I hope to become a fitter, faster, stronger, tougher, leaner, meaner version of me. I look forward to sharing with you a post on how Fitbit improved my life. :) Now, on to The Daily Strength, February 2014 edition!

Baring My Soul: The Daily Strength - A Facebook Status A Day: February 2014

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