Apparently there are RULES for EATING?!

The other day I borrowed Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual”. Yeah, who knew we needed a MANUAL for EATING, right?

Super easy to just stuff our faces with all things delish! Guess that’s why we need rules to govern what and how much we should eat. 

This interesting manual (accompanied by illustrations) was an easy read – I was done in a few days, reading it only whilst commuting. It briefly sets out some ground rules for eating, which can be summed up in 7 simple words: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Whilst I don’t agree with several of his rules, there are a handful I’d discovered and applied to my daily eating habits since my lifestyle change.


  • I don’t agree ENTIRELY with Rule #2: “Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food”, cos whilst I love my fruit and grains, I wouldn’t avoid Kit Kats COMPLETELY cos it’s all about MODERATION.
  • Rule #18: “Eat close to the Earth” – this? YES. Every day!
  • Rule #50: “Avoid ingredients that lie to your body” – AGREE. You know, stuff like artificial sweetener in zero-calorie drinks (like Diet Coke) DOES lead to weight gain.
  • Rule #58: “It’s okay to be a little hungry” – except I get angry when I’m hungry. So it’s OK to be a little hangry?

I wrote my thoughts on Mr Pollan’s book in this month’s article for The Cambelles.
And you WANT to read it.

"Apparently there are RULES for EATING?!"

Tell me then, have you read this book (if so, do you agree with what he says), and do you swear by any food rules? :) xx J

Tell me about the top 3 things to do in Singapore. NOW.

AHHH…. Singapore, SINGAPORE. A tiny but AMAZING city I proudly call my home. When I was asked about the top 3 things to do in Singapore for an article, I had to mull over it for a bit cos I KNEW that everyone else would say, “EAT! SHOP! PLAY!” and I’d wanted to suggest something…. different? Hah.

The article was published about 2 weeks ago, and yours truly was amongst “82 amazing bloggers” who had contributed to the list. (Aww, stop it.)

Whilst I wouldn’t call myself an “expert” in this area, I did make a few suggestions along the lines of dining at Cat Cora’s restaurant situated right within the awesome aquarium at Sentosa, going on staycations (obvi!), and visiting The Intan for some Peranakan cultural education. :) Well I hope those are special and fun enough. ;)

For those of you who intend to visit Singapore, or who are simply looking for ideas on how to spend your weekend,
"82 Amazing Bloggers Say What Are The Top Things To Do In Singapore"

Have you executed any of my ideas, and which are your favourites from the article? :) xx J

Your opinion is NOT my reality. #notsorry

OCTOBER went by just like that. But hell yeah, it was a KICKASS month cos there were a couple of MAJOR accomplishments that went something along the lines of…..

On the first accomplishment: I realised that I’m more BADASS than I think. Who would have thought that I would become a runner? I used to DESPISE people who exercise cos I thought they were full of shit. USELESS FITNESS SHIT. I ate and ate till I was overweight, was addicted to Coke, REFUSED to move my ass, was constantly in pain cos my knees and feet were inflamed and swollen – could hardly walk properly most mornings, but I didn’t care. Ironically, the thing that saved me, is that same useless fitness shit I used to despise.

On the second accomplishment: I’m still reminiscing our race, and even until yesterday we were still talking about it! I’m defo looking forward to our next one. :) That race further reinforced my belief that there really nothing you CAN’T do; it’s all about whether you WANT to do it, or not. Don’t use fear as an excuse, cos fear is a bloody LIAR. Besides, magic only happens OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. If you want to achieve anything amazing/awesome/great/marvellous, STEP OUTSIDE.     

On bad days: There were also moments of sadness cos something happened in the family and we were all shaken (it’s got something to do with old pops Sam, an operation and us shuttling to the hospital on days) but I think we’ve all grown stronger now.

On other days of October: Had me thinking. What IS it that makes people think they’re entitled to judge others freely, express nasty opinions, say mean things, AND EXPECT others to accept their opinions as THE TRUTH?

Whilst you’re entitled to your opinions, it’s an entirely different thing to shove it down others’ throats. You simply DO NOT force others to accept what you say as their reality. I like to ignore shitty comments, unconstructive remarks, and people with crappy personalities. I usually shrug them off. Because they’re judging based on what LITTLE they know. They ASSUME, JUDGE, and think they’re superior and all that.   


I am politely telling you to BUZZ OFF. However, I wouldn’t mind if you knocked your head on your way out, impaled yourself on the leg of a chair, or had your eye balls poked out.           

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Have you ever had BANANA CHIPS…. in TEA?!?!

When the nice dude from Tealy (his name is Kyne, by the way) said he was going to send me a series of new teas to try out over the next few months (ohh, to use with that adorable tea infuser obvi!), I thought, “OK, let’s go!”…. BUT THIS?

<<<PSST! Before I go further, I should tell you that from now until the first week of December 2015, you’ll get 10% OFF your purchases by applying “JW1510L” on your shopping cart!>>>

Banana chips.... in TEA?!?!

The second I opened the tea package, a strong, sweet aroma hit me right in the face.


Dug around the bag a little and fished out a generous, chunky, delish-looking banana chip. WHOA. Srsly.

Almost popped that STRAIGHT into my mouth. I LOVE BANANA CHIPS. I could eat an entire bag in a sitting! But…. what’s the deal with putting banana chips in TEA

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Our first race together: 5 things I learnt from dating a non-runner!

So, 2 weekends ago, Ming and I ran our first race together at the inaugural New Balance Run On Singapore.

That was my second official race, the first being SIA Charity Run 2014, which took place last November. For a variety of reasons, I hadn’t signed up for more races thereafter. Let’s see: (1) I’m a weirdo and enjoy running alone, (2) I hadn’t come across any race that piqued my interest, (3) the medals didn’t look attractive enough (don’t judge me, I KNOW you guys are in it for the medals too!).

Our race bibs and medals. Because magic only happens OUTSIDE of your comfort zone! :)

Our first race together! :)

Then came news that New Balance, one of my favourite brands, was holding a race. There was only one category: 5K, with an option to run on for 1K thereafter to earn an extra achievement badge. For each runner who chooses to run on, New Balance will donate $1 to SportCares. I’m all for running for a good cause! If going the extra 1K will help someone in need, I’m super happy to help. I was casually talking to Ming about it and guess what – HE GAMELY AGREED TO RACE WITH ME! 

Today, I’m sharing 5 things I learnt from dating a non-runner. If you’re a runner like me, with your significant other NOT being one – OR if you currently indulge in a hobby WITHOUT your other half – you’ll totally appreciate this post. 

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You’d be offended too if someone offered you a seat on the train…. when you’re NOT PREGNANT.

YOU’D BE OFFENDED TOO if someone offered you a seat on the train.

Assuming you’re a girl, that is. A girl who is most definitely NOT PREGNANT, injured, ill or otherwise. Cos that was what happened to me when I was overweight. Seriously, dude. I was SO OFFENDED. Did I look like I was pregnant? DID I?

Of course I know he offered his seat out to me of kindness. Poor, preggo lady standing on her swollen feet, on a jerky train ride. Surely she deserves a seat.

BUT I’ve learnt NOT to assume that someone IS pregnant just cos she LOOKS PREGNANT. Cos I was just fat, you know? Sometimes, I look back and think of the stuff that happened to me and what I used to do when I was overweight. Which was the inspiration behind my piece this month on The Cambelles – the OVERWEIGHT topic.

If you, too, DON’T understand individually-wrapped chocolates (or individually-wrapped ANYTHING), think Ben and Jerry are the most perfect dates EVER, and love the idea of FREE FLOW PIZZA (PIZZA!!!!), you’ll want to READ THIS:
"Oh, the things I used to do when I was OVERWEIGHT."

Needless to say, I NEVER wore that dress again. xx J

Yes I’m LAZY. So I put this on my face before I go to sleep.


WHY DON’T I DO US ALL A FAVOUR by admitting that we all get LAZY sometimes? I mean, yes, I started out as a beauty blogger (enamoured with makeup, skin care, all that jazz!) but now I simply can’t be arsed to keep up with the ridiculous number of newbies hitting our shelves. #sorrynotsorry

I’d rather stick to my staples – things proven to have worked for me – that’s it. Since I don’t venture much, my beauty shelf wouldn’t see a new addition in the hydration department (or AT ALL) any time soon if not for the folks at Q-depot, who sent me Tony Moly’s Aquaporin Water Bomb Sleeping Pack (that was a mouthful)!

I recall getting all excited when Tony Moly opened its first store here some 5 years ago; acted like a damn suaku whilst browsing their amazing collection of nail lacquers…. ROFL!!!! ^_^;

So. You know how the Koreans ADORE the idea of overnight hydration masks, which they call “sleeping packs”, right? As the name suggests, you put it on right before you go to sleep and let it work its magic…. well, overnight. And with the sheer variety available right now? I’m not surprised if you’ve already got favourites – this little gem I’m showing you today is one you may wish to consider experimenting with.  


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How to deal when you ate the entire bag of chips in one sitting.

Ever ate the ENTIRE BAG of chips in one sitting when you only intended to eat one measly serving? 

Today, you’ll learn how to deal with it.

Actually, that’s just PART of what I wanted to talk to you about. It’s more like how to deal when SHIT HAPPENS IN LIFE

Bit of background here that’s TOTALLY RELEVANT to that bag of chips you just ate: After reading Adharanand Finn’s “The Way of the Runner”, I picked up Scott Jurek’s “Eat and Run”.

Scott Jurek is a world-renowned vegan champion ultramarathoner who constantly pushes himself beyond his limits. 

This dude is INSANE, phenomenally INSPIRATIONAL, almost inhuman. On my runs, I often think of the things I learnt from his book. His words, the stuff he’s done. Then I keep pushing myself.

The way I see “Eat and Run”: An account of Scott Jurek’s life. Tough childhood, tough adulthood, tough family and relationship problems, tough everything. Evolution into a vegan runner. Weave in a recipe at the end of every other chapter and there you have it, “Eat and Run”.

What impressed me: Vivid accounts of running injuries and how he pushed through them at CRAZY ultramarathons. I admire his tenacity and gained valuable insight into the world of ultramarathons. Before this, I had ZERO knowledge of ultramarathons. Now, I can rattle off some names – Western States, Badwater, Spartathlon…. I can even spell Pheidippides! I bet you I can hold a 5-minute convo with an ultramarathoner without sounding like a complete doofus.

Other thoughts: As a plant-powered runner, I defo identify with his eating habits and way of life. Despite having written extensively about my weight loss journey, I really dislike having to explain my food choices, or why I became plant-based over a year ago. I eat a vegetarian diet, but I’m not vegan (yet), unlike what many have presumed. Maybe one day I’ll write about it. If you’re seeking advice from me as to what you should be eating, I’m only going to tell you this: it’s purely personal preference, so eat what you like. In moderation, of course.

Love me some figs! And apples! And oatmeal!

Scott Jurek's "Eat and Run"

NOW, back to the damn chips.

1. Scott Jurek’s VERY EFFECTIVE 4-step check list for when shit happens

Shit happens. All. The. Damn. Time. This is REAL LIFE.

Step 1: Allow yourself to feel the negative emotion

Suppressing your initial, negative emotions will do NOTHING to help you, mentally and emotionally. In fact, when shit happens, you should let yourself feel however the heck you want (yes, that includes bawling, “WHY ME?!?!?!” to the heavens). Then LET IT GO.

Just like abstaining from all of your favourite foods will do nothing to help you with your “diet”. In fact, I bet my bottom dollar it WILL backfire on you. Let yourself eat what you want, then get over it – it’s all about moderation. If you cut out everything, you’ll only end up binging. It’s a permanent lifestyle change, not a crash diet. See my point? Applying the same principle, suppressing negative feelings will likely lead to a mental breakdown.

So you ate the whole bag of chips.


Do that, then CALM DOWN.

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I said I would run 2015 miles in 2015. So I did.

SEPTEMBER has come and gone. Right now I only have one question for you: Remember your New Year’s resolutions?

I do. 

I said I’ll make 2015 a year of PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH.

In fact, on 1 January 2015, I said Imma run 2015 miles in 2015.
2015 miles work out to 3,242.828K, meaning 8.88K per day, every day this year.

I know, sounds like some REAL CRAY shit one would say in a state of drunkenness. But guess what guys, guess what. I FREAKIN’ DID IT – on 20 September 2015, I hit my goal of running 2015 miles this year. As at that day, my accumulative mileage for 2015 was 2,017.41 miles (that’s about 3,246.71K). #BOOYAH

When I made that pledge, I was prepared to check back in October (which is about NOW) and laugh at myself cos I expect I should have fallen flat on my face by now and prolly not even halfway through the target. Apart from hitting my big goal in September, I also set new personal records for my weekly running mileage, with my highest recorded at 102.02K.

In a nutshell, it was a month full of wins. It was also a month during which I kept reminding myself of the IMPORTANCE of:

  • setting GOALS (and obvi demolishing them!),
  • believing in my POTENTIAL, 
  • staying tough and maintaining consistency NO MATTER WHAT,
  • NOT listening to naysayers and their bullshit, and  
  • appreciating life and ALL that I’ve been handed.

It’s just that, sometimes, I may take stuff FOR GRANTED. Occasionally, it slips my mind that the things I get to do now every day, are once amongst the things I could only DREAM of doing.    

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I was SO WRONG in my 20s.

In my 20s, I was a PEOPLE-PLEASER. I wanted to be liked by everyone. I said yes even when I wanted to say no. I bent over backwards to accommodate others. I went out of my way to do many things for them just so THEY would be happy. I thought that nothing mattered more than being accepted by everybody. 

Apart from trying too hard, I also thought that….

  • money could buy happiness and friends,
  • health was overrated and exercise was unimportant,
  • even if I was fat and unhealthy, designer labels were more than enough to prove I was superior to the poor, skinny health freaks on the streets.     

I was miserable.
Constantly worried about what others thought of me.

Took me long enough to realise that, in order to be happy, I only needed to be true to myself – at the end of the day, the only person to whom I owe an answer, is ME. No matter how hard anybody tries, nobody can please everybody. What others think of me is none of my business. Money can’t buy happiness or real friends. Life is best enjoyed in good health, and good health? Priceless. Designer bags are only for show – they don’t prove my worth.

Go on, read THIS.
"I was SO WRONG in my 20s."

You know I’m right this time. ;) xx J