OMG. MCM featured me on their blog. Me, my backpack and Peanut Butter.

PEANUT BUTTER being my PINK MCM LION. Or “PB” for short. You know, the one you see hanging from my MCM Dual Stark of late.

So the other day I was just casually browsing MCM’s blog. Came across THIS ENTRY on backpacks. Then I saw a girl who looks so DANG FAMILIAR. In the blog post.


With my Dual Stark hanging from my left shoulder, Peanut Butter the Lion attached to its side. 




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I cannot go on any more.


That’s what I told myself sometime in the middle of last month.

October was EXTREMELY trying for me. Mostly due to work. A month-long court trial. Days I had to turn up at work earlier, knock off later, and work through weekends whilst others could spend time enjoying whatever they wanted. #jealous

Rose at 4:30AM to get my workout done. Had my breakfast earlier. Left home earlier. Had my dinner much later cos I got home later. I’m MAJORLY OCD about my routine and meal times; naturally I was upset at having to adapt to new timings. VERY UNHAPPY.

But it’s all part of BEING AN ADULT. A-freakin-dult.

Things change. Circumstances change. You don’t always get your way. In life, the only thing that remains constant is CHANGE.

When October began, I told myself to SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP cos I knew that on 31 October 2014, I’d emerge so much stronger, mentally and emotionally. And I DID. I freakin’ SURVIVED.

So many times throughout October I’d wished I could go to sleep and wake up only when October ended. A new routine, a heavier workload, being robbed of healing hours and having to juggle everything made me think, “I CANNOT GO ON ANY MORE!” more often than I’d like.

But TWO WORDS got me through. 

Loitering somewhere in the shadows, peering out shyly… “I CAN.”

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Walt Disney’s Big Hero 6 blew my mind SO BAD I’m experiencing after-effects.

SO WALT DISNEY’S latest offering COMPLETELY blew my mind. No, I’m not delusional enough to still be talking about Frozen. I’m referring to BIG HERO 6, open in theatres TODAY.

I attended the media preview last Saturday without great expectations; after all, I’d never heard of Big Hero 6. Have you? I thought, “What happened to Big Heroes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5? Is this the 6th part of a series I never paid attention to?”

If you’re thinking the same, why, let me educate you. *assumes an air of pomposity* Big Hero 6 is a Marvel Comics superhero team, which inspired this animation. There, there.

Walt Disney's Big Hero 6 theatrical release poster

The media release states that Big Hero 6 is made by the same people behind Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph – both of which I LOVED. Should be good then. When I receive media preview invitations, there are 2 things I DON’T DO: (1) I DON’T watch the trailer, and (2) I DON’T read the movie plot in detail. I like to assess a movie with an open, empty mind.

I DID however notice a large white fluffy marshmallowy character, whom I labelled as “cousin of the Michelin Man” and brushed off as the unlikeliest of superheroes. That’s BAYMAX. Boy, did he grow on me – and I dare say – ALL of us! He made some of us WEEP SO BAD (not me I didn’t). After the screening, I saw some kids flaunting Baymax plushies. I was mad envious. I WANT A BAYMAX PLUSHIE TOO. >:( 

Walt Disney's Big Hero 6 theatrical release poster

Because I’m super considerate, I won’t spoil the show for you.

Because I’m also very nice, I have to WARN you about some… AFTER-EFFECTS I’ve been experiencing since I stepped out of the theatre.

Because you may get them too. 

If you don’t like being completely clueless like me when you enter the theatre, WATCH THE TRAILER. 

(1) I want to create my own bot and join an underground BOT FIGHTING competition

because our brazen prodigy Hiro Hamada made a silly-looking bot that took down the most impressive bot in an underground bot fighting competition. Think Real Steel on a mini scale BUT

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Fitbit Flex changed my life. If you want to lose weight, READ THIS.

AHHH…. FITBIT FLEX, HOW I LOVE YOU SO. Dang, what took me so long to write this post! I received my Fitbit Flex from Robert Langdon on Valentine’s Day. I wear it EVERY DAY. It in fact mothered that spark of insanity that triggered my evolution into a runnerFITBIT FLEX CHANGED MY LIFE.

And if your goal is to lose weight, I highly recommend you recruit Fitbit into your arsenal, for wonderful reasons I set out in this post. Basically, Flex is an activity and sleep tracker. Sounds like a simple device, but it changed my activity habits COMPLETELY. #mindblown

Whilst its price tag of SGD129 doesn’t exactly put it in the “affordable” category, it’s HANDS DOWN one of the BEST investments you can make. You know how they always encourage you to walk at least 10,000 steps a day? Well, get ready to become OBSESSED.

Did you know, Fitbit recently announced upcoming new releases - Fitbit Charge, Charge HR and Surge. Fitbit, if you’re reading this, I CALL DIBS ON SURGE.

This little thing changed my life.

This changed my life.NOBODY likes to read a stuffy review. I’ll spare you deets like how to configure your Flex, download the phone app, blah blah blah cos you’re clever enough to figure it out yourself.

So, that little strap around my wrist you spot popping up in my OOTD shots on Instagram. I have four colours and I call them Chanel Black, Celine Navy, Hermès Orange and Tiffany Blue.

Hermès Orange.

This is Hermès Orange.

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So… I earned my first race medal on Sunday!

IN APRIL, I swore that I would earn my first race medal before the year is up. I was pretty new to running then and had just begun training with Couch-to-5K.

Ha, ha, ha. HAHA. HA.


I know, right. DANG RIDICULOUS. Me? Race medal? OH PLEASE. I was new to the sport. I was CRAP at running. I was relying on a phone app for training. I should be so glad I didn’t pass out every morning. WHY ON EARTH would I join a public race? So I can embarrass myself in the presence of THOUSANDS of other runners? Am I shameless? I ain’t a REAL runner!

But if you know me well enough, you’ll also know that I HATE breaking promises.

Unfortunately, my whole life, I could barely run 100 metres without feeling like I was going to DROP DEAD. That was my fitness level. ZERO. A couch potato, ass nestled deep into that warm seat, stuffing moarrrr potatoes into my mouth.

Then came my lifestyle change. I lost weight mainly by forming new, good eating habits. Calories In versus Calories Out – it’s THAT simple. Sure, I brisk walked and took up ballet. Apart from that, I had NO active interest in bodily exercise. I couldn’t run to save my life. I didn’t NEED to run anyway. Why should I torture myself? I DESPISED RUNNING.

If a zombie apocalypse happens, I’LL TURN INTO A ZOMBIE.

BUT the Universe certainly has a wicked sense of humour. My life changed the day I felt the desire to begin running. I trained in the mornings before work. Day after day, week after week. My stamina improved. I could run without stopping. I could run further.

In the process of bettering myself, I FELL IN LOVE WITH RUNNING.

I bet the Universe watched me from a distance, chuckling gleefully and feeling dang clever for having pulled off this devious prank so flawlessly.

So I ran. 2K, 3K, 4K. Weeks later, I started running 5K daily. Then I challenged myself. 6K, 7K, 8K. Which then became 10K, 11K, 12K… 15K, 16K18K… and a eventually, half marathons. All on my own.

The half marathon I crushed, one day before I earned my first race medal.

Thereeeee you have it, my short running history. For a while, I toyed with the idea of joining a race and DOING something for me. Despite the fact that I’d been running consistently, there was still a shyness – and FEAR – that stopped me from running in an official race.

One evening, I decided I will no longer let fear tell me what to do. I wanted to prove to myself that I AM capable of getting out there. As ironic as this sounds, I needed to EARN my confidence. I needed to show fear that I ain’t listening to its bullcrap any more.


Like, over the weekend I ran my first race. See this? This small round metal plate hanging from a strap in signature kebaya… none other than the inaugural SIA Charity Run 2014, yo. I ran not just for me, but also for a good cause. NOW WHO KICKS ASS!

Run STRONG, run FREE, run HAPPY, and run with a CHARITABLE HEART.  

My first race medal!

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What’s Inside BellaBox October 2014: Bday Blowout!

Sponsored Review

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, GUYS! :) I’d waited ALL MONTH for this day – the LAST day of October (YES, YES, YES!), which marks the end of a month-long court trial. Many days this month I’d woken up at 4:30AM just so I can get to work early. I’d knocked off late. I’d worked through weekends. Despite the rough ride at work, I still managed to keep to my daily workout routine and – guess what! – I ran my first half marathon last Saturday! Who kicks ass huh!

Anyways. Our lovely BellaBox turned 3 this month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBThe team had in fact wanted me in on their birthday celebrations, which included a makeover and photoshoot feature session alongside 8 other bloggers for this month’s BellaBox infocard BUT I had to abandon them. Things were simply TOO CRAY at work. X_X

I’m sorry Becks. I’m sorry team. I’m sorry I missed out on your birthday celebrations. We’ve come such a long way, it’s like I’d failed to attend a sibling’s birthday party. 

Melodrama aside, this edition has been nicely put together. Because Benefit Cosmetics. Oh come ON, you’re reading The Beneholic‘s blog!

Let’s open up this little treasure trove. BellaBox October 2014: BDAY BLOWOUT!

(Oh wait. Just in case you’re heading out this weekend as a zombie or plan to wear your skull face…. we’re like, so on the same page.)

What's Inside BellaBox October 2014: Bday Blowout!

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I ran my first half marathon yesterday!

OK guys, this running addiction just got REAL. I did my first half marathon yesterday, a 22K city trail.

Actually, I was inspired to run that 22K yesterday cos I ran 20.1K on Wednesday. You know, Deepavali? It was a public holiday. The day I ran to the city. 

20.1K is sooooo close to a half marathon. But of course that morning I was simply too elated and overwhelmed by the fact that I’d run more than 20K, it didn’t occur to me that I should run a bit more to make it a half marathon. It was an almost-half marathon.

That was the first time I ran to the city, Wednesday.

Yesterday’s trail saw me running to the heart of the city again, across the Helix Bridge, towards Marina Bay Sands, then to my office. I looped around the office then ran back home. It was strange, running to the lobby then not heading up to work and dashing home. That was how I ended up doing a half marathon. Who knew, right?

Running is therapy. Sweating is therapy. Moving is therapy. It is important to keep a happy spirit and a healthy mind in an active body.

Last month, I explained why I run in my article contribution on Solo Wandergirl. This month, I shared my thoughts on running to the city. It was an experience that ignited a flame within me, that Deepavali. Something lit up inside, and suddenly I saw, clear as day, that I had allowed myself to dwell in self-pity and anger far too long.

Somehow, on that running journey, I was enlightened.      

My 10th post on Solo Wandergirl: The day I ran to the city

As always, your continued support of my articles is very much appreciated. My blogging journey has taken me places I never knew I would go, and brought all of you to me. Have a fabulous rest of the month! I’m so glad October is coming to an end. I’ve been putting in extra hours at work and I am exhausted! xx J  

You should totally keep a food diary if you want to lose weight.

On the first day of my weight loss journey, I did 2 things: (1) I quit Coke Light, and (2) I started to keep a food diary. These 2 things helped me lose weight BIG TIME. You should TOTALLY keep a food diary if you want to lose weight. Because TODAY – 828 days later and 20kg lighter, I’m still logging. Awesome.

SERIOUSLY. With an amazing phone app like MyFitnessPal, logging and planning your meals take a mere few minutes. If you’re going to tell me you don’t have a MISERABLE 5 out of 1,440 minutes to spare, then you probably don’t have time to continue reading this post. Also, you probably don’t want to lose weight bad enough. In which case, you may EXIT NOW and continue with that task you deem more important than your health.

The rest who are still here – props to you for having awesome time management skills! To welcome you to the club, here are 7 reasons you should keep a food diary.

If it passes your lips, it goes into your food log. WRITE everything you BITE!

#1: You learn to become accountable

The essence of keeping a food log is really to build on your ACCOUNTABILITY. You have to be accountable for everything YOU put into YOUR body. Every bite, every sip. If it passes your lips, LOG IT. If you BITE IT, WRITE IT! I pre-log all the time so I can align my meals with my daily goal. The good thing about having an app with a good database of foods is, you get to play around with your options and see what works for your day. Even if you’ve eaten waaaaay too much and exceeded your daily goal, just LOG IT AND MOVE ON. Learn from it. Do better tomorrow. BE HONEST! If you don’t log honestly, you’re only lying to yourself. You need to keep an accurate food log in order to track and make sense of your progress.

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If you like the smell of BABY POWDER (AND PEACHES), you will LOVE Benefit Cosmetics Bathina “Just Confess, You’re Obsessed”!

Sponsored Review

I wrote a couple of lines about how some people smell like DEATH. Then I decided to be nice instead so scratch that and let’s begin again. OK. If you adore the smell of BABY POWDER AND PEACHES, you’ll love Benefit Cosmetics Bathina “just confess, you’re obsessed”, an “all over me” scented body mist.

It’s always nice to receive mail from the Benebabes, just as I’m running out of nice smells and sanity! So… THIS. She’s new on our shelves. If you’ve got SGD47 to spare, you can take her home. You’ll get LOTS of use out of her… all 50ml. In fact, you’ll want her all over you 24/7 cos she smells so damn AMAZING.

Also, is it just me, or does Bathina look creepily like Kate Bosworth? 

If you like the smell of BABY POWDER (AND PEACHES), you will LOVE Benefit Cosmetics Bathina "Just Confess, You're Obsessed"!

The fragrance concocter at our HQ obviously had FRUIT on her mind. Imagine our Scientist Benebabe in her white lab coat surrounded by vials of potions, her eyes gleaming with excitement, her Benetinted lips uttering with glee, “Bright golden peaches! Sun-kissed Sicilian lemons! White blossoms! Velvet plums!”

AND WE NAILED IT. Of course we did. We always do. #coswearecleverlikethat

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5 Reasons Your Diet Failed


You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. You wanted to lose weight, so you went on a diet. NO chocolate, no ice-cream, no sweets, no bread, no cake, no chips, no fried foods, no fast food, no anything-perceived-to-be-bad. NO “UNHEALTHY” FOODS.

Today I’ll tell you exactly WHY YOU’RE NOT LOSING WEIGHT despite going on a “diet” and “trying so hard”. In fact, the answer’s clear as day but I’ll make it easy for you by summarising them in 5 points. To make it SUPER easy for the laziest of you, I even did a tl;dr at the end of each point. Mmmkay?

“Yes, you CAN eat me and STILL lose weight,” said the rainbow cupcake topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, M&Ms, Kit Kat stick and chocolate rice.

Yes, you can eat a cupcake and still lose weight.

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