I was SO WRONG in my 20s.

In my 20s, I was a PEOPLE-PLEASER. I wanted to be liked by everyone. I said yes even when I wanted to say no. I bent over backwards to accommodate others. I went out of my way to do many things for them just so THEY would be happy. I thought that nothing mattered more than being accepted by everybody. 

Apart from trying too hard, I also thought that….

  • money could buy happiness and friends,
  • health was overrated and exercise was unimportant,
  • even if I was fat and unhealthy, designer labels were more than enough to prove I was superior to the poor, skinny health freaks on the streets.     

I was miserable.
Constantly worried about what others thought of me.

Took me long enough to realise that, in order to be happy, I only needed to be true to myself – at the end of the day, the only person to whom I owe an answer, is ME. No matter how hard anybody tries, nobody can please everybody. What others think of me is none of my business. Money can’t buy happiness or real friends. Life is best enjoyed in good health, and good health? Priceless. Designer bags are only for show – they don’t prove my worth.

Go on, read THIS.
"I was SO WRONG in my 20s."

You know I’m right this time. ;) xx J

Quitting Diet Coke was SO HARD. Now I drink THIS instead.


Those of you who are familiar with my weight loss story would know that I WAS ADDICTED TO DIET COKE. But in July 2012, I went cold turkey. Haven’t looked back since. I’m SO GLAD I QUIT cos I feel SO MUCH BETTER now without that gassy bloat! Well, after I quit pop, there was a glaring VOID in my life – a GAP it left behind, which I desperately sought to fill. 

All of us crave some sort of flavoured beverage from time to time, but most of our drinks are CALORIE BOMBS. A cuppa harmless-looking latte at lunch, some bubble tea before dinner…. with all those hidden calories, you might as well eat an extra plate of chicken rice, really.

Many of you who are minded to clean up your diet often ask me:
“What DO you drink now?”

I drink tea.
WITH NONE of that additional crappy creamer, sugar, milk, blah blah blah.

Quitting DIET COKE was SO HARD. Now I drink this instead.

Firstly, you’d be surprised, as I was when I first started exploring the tea aisle at the supermarkets, at the sheer VARIETY of teas available. Dandelion, rose hip, lemon and ginger, peppermint, and green are a few of my staples.

Secondly, you’d be surprised, again, at HOW FLAVOURFUL tea tastes on its own. The stuff we put in our coffee and tea totally covers up their original scents and flavours. With all that gunk added? Pah! You get a mug of unrecognisable mess. Sweet mess, yes, that’ll drop right down to your thighs, baby.

Thirdly, once you start exploring the world of tea, you’ll be HOOKED. Like today, I’m drinking something new from Tealy – they call it…. Eight Secrets from the Far East. It’s LIMITED EDITION, by the way. They’ve also sent me my first tea infuser to use with this tea. In a world of convenient tea bags, it amused me a little. Looks quite cute. Perhaps this little tea pot will take me one step further as a tea explorer. #levelup

How DOPE is this? My very own TEA INFUSER!

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Calorie-free bird’s nest. Want?


Us Asian people would have seen our mothers standing by the stove, spending hours and hours cooking BIRD’S NEST with rock sugar and whatnot, making us down bowl after bowl of that yummy sweet jelly cos “it will make you fair and pretty!” – come on, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m saying. Studying for exams? EAT BIRD’S NEST! Getting married? EAT BIRD’S NEST! Got haze? EAT BIRD’S NEST!

That stuff is NOURISHING. But it also drops right down to your thighs if you know what I mean. Well thankfully, there’s another way of getting your bird’s nest fix WITHOUT the calories, AND you get to look good at the same time. You put it right on yo face, that’s how. If you’re STILL craving mother’s bird’s nest though, you’ll receive a generous bottle of BIRD’S NEST FOR FREE – deets below!

Recently, BIO-ESSENCE came up with something NEW. Ya know, UPGRADED, cos you gotta keep movin’ if you wanna keep improvin’. They call it the Bird’s Nest + Peptides series, which is essentially a pre-aging and whitening range, now with added Bio-Whitening Peptides.

Today, we look at 2 of their new products –
Plumping Capsule Essence, and Essence-In-Cream.
Oh and that extra box right there? FREE Yu Xiang Yan Rock Sugar Bird’s Nest.
Bird's Nest for your SKIN!

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SO I TURNED 30 LAST MONTH. Undoubtedly the “highlight” of August, with Ming whisking me off to a nearby island resort for a surprise celebration. We had a FABULOUS time and I still can’t believe it happened a month ago. THAT, I shall share with you in detail soon! :)

August was for me also a time when a particular topic kept coming up in my thoughts.

It was simply this: TO BE ALIVE IS A PRIVILEGE.
Don’t you think so?

  • If you were lucky enough to witness a brand new day, remember that someone else NEVER wakes up…. forever.
  • If you were fortunate enough to bitch about your job as you dragged your feet to work today, know that someone else is sitting by the road, DESPERATELY skimming the classified ads for job opportunities…. ANY job opportunity.   
  • If you were able to hit the roads running this morning, think of those who struggle just to move normally, PAINLESSLY.
  • If you were complaining of boredom a moment ago, imagine how crappy and HELPLESS those who are ill and bed-ridden feel.

We enjoy so many luxuries in life – BEING ALIVE IS A MASSIVE PRIVILEGE. Yet, how often do we appreciate that fact?

And with our capabilities, potential, resources and talent, how often do we really go after what we truly want? If you have ZERO GOALS, I say you’re WASTING your life. You have all this time to use, all the resources to utilise, access to vast knowledge, untapped potential…. all these TREASURES. And what are you doing with them? Nothing? Then you’re merely EXISTING.

Think about it:
You’re ALIVE.
You’re CAPABLE of so much.
You need to know what you WANT.
And you need to go out and GET IT.
       To do otherwise would be an insult to the gift of life.

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Need some running motivation? This book made me RUN MORE.

REMEMBER when I said, in my review of Haruki Murakami’s “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”, that the act of running is life?

Well, I found another book that reinforces that notion.

Even the most avid runners need regular running motivation. This other book made me RUN MORE.

To sum it up in one sentence: It’s an account of the author’s short stay in Japan in an attempt to immerse himself in the Japanese world of running, specifically, ekiden racing (a type of relay race tremendously popular in Japan). 

Even if you’re NOT a runner, READ IT.

If you’re a runner, I INSIST you READ IT.
(Especially ekiden runners! Although I must admit that, prior to reading this book, I had zero idea what an ekiden is all about.)

If you’ve ever wondered why runners run, READ IT.

If you’re thinking of becoming a runner, READ IT. 

Save for the fact that at first I didn’t understand the below preface AT ALL, I found the first few pages of the book captivating enough to continue. It was only when I finished the book that the quote made PERFECT SENSE. 

“Before enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water.
After enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water.”

Zen Proverb
THE WAY OF THE RUNNER by Adharanand Finn
(if the name sounds familiar, he also wrote Running With the Kenyans)

"The Way of the Runner" by Adharanand Finn

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So you wanna know how to survive a long run?

If you are a runner (or aspiring to be one), LONG RUNS can either be the source of your joy, or the cause of your pain. Since I’ve gotten several messages from you lovelies asking how to power through long runs, I thought I’d write a post addressing this issue. Today I’ll share some tricks to help you survive a long run (which have obvi worked for me), and I hope you’ll find them useful in your pursuit of that new PR. ;)  

Every week, I like to slot in one long run (usually first thing every Friday morning). My long runs can stretch up to something like 30K. Other days, I’m contented doing short runs of around 12-14K.

“It’s the long run that puts the TIGER in the cat!”

It's the long run that puts the TIGER in the cat!

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This is why your skin care products don’t work.


PAYCHECK AFTER PAYCHECK blown on jars of expensive serums, moisturisers and whatnots, yet your skin looks about as STUNNING as a DULL WRINKLY PRUNE…. This is why your skin care products don’t work.

Which means you totally flouted RULE #4.

See, the problem is, if you’ve got A FREAKIN’ LAYER OF DEAD SKIN CELLS sitting atop your face, HOW do you expect your skin to absorb ANYTHING you pile on it? It’s like a choked pipe. Nothing can go down. I gotta be the bad guy and tell you the truth: you’ve been throwing your hard-earned money away. $$$$$$$$$$

If you think your sensitive skin can’t tolerate exfoliants…. that’s NO EXCUSE. You need to start NOW. Today, I’ll show you TWO of the GENTLEST exfoliating products I’ve tried. If you should be so inclined to go on a SHOPPING RAMPAGE, get a WHOPPING 20% OFF your first order with the code BLX-JADE (check here for non-discountable brands). Just do it before 30 September 2015, mmmkay?  

Either you get rid of the gunk PRONTO, or continue to look like a prune – YOUR CHOICE!

So a couple of weeks ago, the lovely folks at LUXOLA sent me a package containing:
ENAVOSE 1st Line Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage (SGD35 for 80ml); and
(2) REN Rosa Centifolia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (SGD53 for 100ml)

Vastly different in terms of composition. One’s creamy with scrubbing beads; the other’s a plain gel, free from abrasive particles. I decided to use them both at the same time – one on each half of my face. #imweirdlikethat   

This is why your skin care products don't work.

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10 health problems that MIRACULOUSLY DISAPPEARED after I changed my lifestyle.

WASSUP GUYSSSS!!!! I’m back from my SUPER DOPE Sentosa birthday vacation! Can’t wait to tell you all about it. Let me just sort out the photos!

Well, turning 30 meant a lot for me. When I did my pre-dawn half marathon around Sentosa last Friday, it suddenly occurred to me that I used to suffer from so many ailments, none of which I would have EVER imagined I would be free from. However, now at 30, I can list at least 10 health problems that MIRACULOUSLY DISAPPEARED after I changed my lifestyle.

Before I show you the list, I thought you might like to see a small comparison photo of me when I turned 27, versus me now. Neat eh? ;P Growing older doesn’t seem so bad after all, if it means becoming better. For the record, at the point the photo on the left was taken (i.e. on my 27th birthday), I was a month or so into my lifestyle change and had already lost 4kg – so that WASN’T me at my biggest. Still, it serves as a nice reminder of how far I’ve progressed. :)

Life at 27 vs. Life at 30

Life at 27 vs. Life at 30

So, here goes….

(1) “Chicken skin” (a.k.a. keratosis pilaris)

A.k.a. raging ANGRY RED BUMPS all over my arms and thighs, which became even ANGRIER and REDDER when it gets cold. If you’ve never heard of keratosis pilaris, consider yourself VERY lucky. It’s caused me much embarrassment, especially in my teenage years and throughout adulthood.

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On Turning 30: Expectations vs. Reality

GUYS. I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M TURNING OLD THIS THURSDAY, 20 AUGUST 2015. I’m turning old. I’m turning OLD!

Right now, life at 30 (in 2 days’ time!!!!) is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what I’d imagined, anticipated, and/or predicted. I can’t complain though, cos it’s a blessing life didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.

Let’s just say that, if I’m living according to my imagination, right now I’d have my BlackBerry in one hand, Birkin in the other, and bling all over. I’d be tottering around like an injured critter, feet jammed into torturous patent heels, dressed in a dowdy button-down shirt and a matching ugly A-line skirt. YIKES.  

In REALITY, I’ve got my Kånken on my back, comfy sneakers on my runner’s feet, my prized Fitbit Charge HR strapped around my tanned wrist. So much better.

Since my 30th birthday is the highlight of the week, I felt it apt to title this month’s piece on The Cambelles…. On Turning 30: Expectations vs. Reality. If you’re turning old (or have already turned old), you’ll be chuckling at this piece (so I’ve gathered from the feedback). If you’re still a tender young sapling, I’m super jelly. 

And no, I haven’t the faintest idea what Ming has planned for us. I’m guessing it’s my turn to be sold to a faraway land as a slave.

Now GO. READ IT. You want to.    

"On Turning 30: Expectations vs. Reality"

SO OLD NOW. So old. xx J

No matter what happened yesterday, today you’re BRAND NEW again.

“NO MATTER what happened yesterday, today you’re BRAND NEW again.”


The above appeared to be a recurring theme throughout the month of July…. for me. A heck lot of stuff happened in July, actually:

So it’s been a pretty satisfying month, with me having met a few objectives and celebrated some special moments. Since the beginning of July, I’ve had thoughts about how LUCKY I am to be able to afford the luxury of doing whatever I wanted – I’m aware that this in itself is a sort of FREEDOM that not everyone can enjoy. I can count the number of burdens, worries, and problems (physical, emotional and mental) I DON’T own, versus what other people are facing and struggling with.

Despite knowing it, despite being grateful and seizing each day, there are still so many occasions during which I neglect to notice the things in life that ought to be appreciated. For example, look at the photo I snapped and shared on Facebook on 28 July below, will you? It’s one of Mother Nature – a scene I see every morning on my run, the magic of her presence illuminated in a way that makes you stop and stare. It made ME stop for a while that day.

HOW is it that I let this magic slip by, day after day? During moments like these, I feel extremely fortunate to have received a brand new day. Handed to me, a gift – a PRIVILEGE, not an entitlement. Because so many others weren’t lucky enough to even wake up. Because so many others would trade anything for a chance to live this day.

Even though yesterday, I may have….

  • made a mistake,
  • chosen something I regret,
  • said something I wished I didn’t, or
  • felt I could have done better….

….in the grand scheme of things, all those things don’t matter that much. Because no matter what happened yesterday, as long as you’re lucky enough to have received TODAY – you’re BRAND NEW again. It’s another chance to make things right. 

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