This is why I don’t use hotel toiletries any more.

REMEMBER Love OrganicThe folks who sent me some organic skin care late last year? Yep. This month, they launched a campaign called #30DaysLiveGreen and invited me to contribute. My recent trip to Bangkok (still going through the photos!) inspired me to write an article for them on “5 Ways to Go Green When You Travel”

So last Friday evening, I received a very swee emailer from Love Organic, prepared by Karen (she’s the founder of Love Organic) on various tips to go green and stuff…. it was EARTH DAY! They published my guest article on their blog that day. SWEE AH! Thanks Karen! :) 

I don’t use hotel toiletries any more, btw. Read my article and you’ll find out why!


Check out my guest post for Love Organic on 5 ways to go green when you travel!

I know, I know, you’re waiting for my writeup on Bangkok…. Hang in there! ;) xx J


DEAR FRIENDS WHO FLY, you’ll be super familiar with that awful feeling of BLOATEDNESS whenever you land. I’ll never forget how bloody swollen my damn legs were, when I touched down at the airport after my flight from Tokyo to Singapore back in 2013. With each step I took, I could feel the water retention in my feet. Oh, how they wobbled! I was quite upset. Felt so uncomfortable and tired; it was really late at night, and I still had to show up at work a few hours later. Well, I just came back from AMAZING BANGKOK last week, and managed to figure out how to AVOID the DREADED JET BLOAT!!!!  

In a nutshell, it has got a lot to do with what you wear, eat, drink, and do on board.



My attempt at flying fashionably got me feeling like ultimate crap. When I flew back from Tokyo, I wore my favourite acid wash skinnies, a cute striped sweater (picked up from Forever 21 in Shibuya!), and fitted ballet flats. 

See, when you fly, you EXPAND. And when you expand in TIGHT clothes, you’re an overcooked sausage about to burst open. Not exactly the best feeling in the world.

In anticipation of your sausagey transformation, wear something loose. On both flights to and from Bangkok, I opted for loosely-fitted denim cutoffs, tank top, and parka. They still felt loose when I landed! AWESUM. #andstillstylomylo


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Here’s HOW TO EAT and STILL LOSE WEIGHT on vacation!

єє!!!! SUP SUP SUP GAIIIISSSS!!!! So I just returned from an absolutely AMAZING trip to BANGKOK; I’ve got SO MUCH TO SHARE!!!! Whilst I was sorting out my photos, thoughts, and whatnots, I felt inspired to write this piece on how to EAT and STILL LOSE WEIGHT on vacation.


The awesome fare below? It’s likely only a MERE FRACTION of the spread you’ll see at the breakfast buffet. I’ll teach you how to eat what you want and NOT upset your weight loss plan. So here goes!

1. Take WHATEVER YOU WANT from the buffet spread.

No, really, take all of it. If there’s anything you should remember about eating (vacation or not), it’s that you should just go with whatever you feel like having. You shouldn’t restrict – I can GUARANTEE you it will backfire. If you want a waffle, get one. Want a pancake, take one. Maple syrup to go along? Yes, please! Marble cake? A small slice. Omelette at the egg station? Order away! Fried rice? A couple spoonfuls won’t hurt either. 

Here's HOW TO EAT and STILL LOSE WEIGHT on vacation!

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Remember your CRAPPY days?

I FEEL LIKE MARCH WENT BY without even leaving much of an impression.Which is AMAZING, by the way. Cos an uneventful month (OK, peppered with a late night here and a super early morning there) pretty much = good news.

Throughout the month, my thoughts were aligned with the fact that there are so many others out there who are suffering, in pain, struggling, trying hard just to survive…. basically, going through a shit time. I’ve had my share of crappy days. Enough to make me realise just how fortunate I am to have what I’ve got now, to live my life and NEVER to take anything for granted. [On this note, I got a minor shock (is there such a thing, a minor shock) during the month which made me realise how much I actually DO CARE about something. Basically I felt threatened that it was going to be taken away from me and my reflex was to think of 76407207028 ways to defend it, pronto! Never knew I treasured it at all.] 

Apart from that, I constantly remind myself to keep moving forward. To stick to my plan, eyes on my goals. You know what’s one of the hardest parts about life? It’s to appreciate what you’ve got WHILST working for what you want. So many of us forget to live in the present and marvel at our progress. Instead of feeling proud of yourself for having come this far, you beat yourself up for moving so slowly towards your destination. Sound familiar?

My point is…. yes, you keep your vision on the future, but you should be aware of what’s going around you right this moment, too. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed. If you forget to enjoy life today and only look towards tomorrow, you’re too anxious. When tomorrow comes, then what? You look towards the day after tomorrow. That’s not the way to live. BE PRESENT. GIVE THANKS.

Also a recurring topic for March was the question of “WHY?”. Whenever you feel like giving up, ask yourself WHY you started. If you’ve never tried this, do it. It makes a huge difference for me – kind of gets me back on track. Whenever I feel like saying, “F— this shit, I’m done. I don’t wanna do this any more!”, I ask myself WHY THE HECK I STARTED. Is it to give up? HELL NO.

The only person who has absolute control over yourself, is YOU. Don’t let go, don’t slip, keep thinking of your WHYS and stick to it. Cos when you finally achieve your goals, you’ll be so proud. I’d be so proud of you. :)      

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OK, I take that last sentence back. It’s really all about prioritising.

Instead of saying, “I’ve got no time for this.”
why don’t you try saying, “It’s not a priority right now.” <– See how different it sounds?

If you’re always saying you’ve got “no time” for this, “no time” for that,
I’m not even going to tell you what the article is about.


Is it hump day ALREADY?!?! Oh GAWD. Need more time!!!!

xx J 

Do you go to bed on Sunday nights feeling BLUE AS HECK??

FEBRUARY. Went by just like that. No surprise! 2016 is whizzing by EVEN FASTER than 2015 (which was faster than 2014, just in case you hadn’t already noticed). 

The highlights of February were undoubtedly the much-needed Lunar New Year break, and our 2nd race together! I’m so super proud of Ming for gamely agreeing to sign up for a 2nd race; in fact, I’ve already signed us up for a 3rd one, happening in May! HAHAHA. ;D  

There were 2 recurring themes throughout the whole month:

(1) being GRATEFUL that I’m no longer where I USED to be, and
(2) the IMPORTANCE of going out and getting what I WANT.

These 2 points aren’t new to me; after all, these are thoughts that constantly occur in my head. It just seemed that in February, the news I came across and the events in my life made me think and appreciate what I have EVEN MORE.

On point (1):

Do you ever go to bed on Sunday night dreading Monday, cos you have to work? I’m no stranger to this feeling. However, of late, I’ve been repeatedly reminded of the times when:

  • I looked upon others with envy as they lunched out with their colleagues,
  • I attended interviews and was ridiculed by my potential bosses,
  • my bank account was depleted,
  • I had absolutely no purpose and simply whiled my time away doing nothing constructive whilst waiting for my job applications to be reviewed. 

Am I in a better place now? CLEARLY I AM.
Should I be elated instead of feeling blue? I SHOULD. AND I AM.

I go to bed every night with a grateful heart. We all ought to! If I wake up tomorrow, well and able to hit the roads running, it truly makes my day. Cos a brand new day is NEVER promised to anybody. If the Universe deems me fit to receive one tomorrow, I’m SUPER THANKFUL.  

On point (2):

Do you ever give up on something halfway? I’m guessing most of the time it’s cos you simply don’t have the determination to carry on. You think it takes too much time, too much effort, you feel too tired, it’s too mundane, etc. You make a million excuses to NOT continue. And then what? Back to square one.

I’ve long realised that if there’s something you REALLY want, you WILL pursue it NO MATTER what obstacles life throws at you. If you don’t really want it, you’ll be like…. “MEH….” and NOTHING can make you do it. Except maybe if someone held a gun to your head.

You can look to others to motivate yourself to keep on keeping on. I surround myself with people who share common goals and am really happy to have them around. We encourage one another. However, REAL MOTIVATION comes from inside of you.

You gotta wake up every day and tell yourself you CAN do it. Then go out and ACTUALLY DO IT. When you feel like you’re dragging your feet, ASK YOURSELF WHY YOU STARTED. It always works for me when I go back to my source – my goals – and ask myself why I held on for so long. Cos what’s the point of starting something, only to give up like the rest? I’m NOT like the rest. #gottabeaREALBADASS

My reasons are usually:
(a) I DON’T WANT to ever go back to what I used to be, and
(b) I WANT to become better than I am now.           

Having said all of that, it’s important to always enjoy and appreciate what you currently have WHILST you work for what you want. It’s no use looking forward to the future all the time and neglecting the present – what you’ve already achieved, how far you’ve come, and how proud you should be of you. My point? Cherish every moment of the journey. ENJOY.  

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Do you REALLY need to take one runfie at EVERY KM MARKER?!

A couple of weekends ago, Ming and I ran our second race together – the SAFARI ZOO RUN! (=^_^=)V It was a special experience; something…. different, us being so used to running in the concrete jungle. Now we got the REAL DEAL, YO. The race route weaves right through the zoo, which means we ran amongst lions, tigers, zebras, monkeys, elephants, polar bears…. all whilst inhaling fresh awesome air, lush greenery all around us. My last visit to the zoo was rather unpleasant (it was more the company than anything else, actually….) so I’m happy this time round I got to experience it in a brand new light! 

I can’t even begin to tell you how ÜBER ADORBS the medals are!!!! They had 4 animal mascots for the event – tiger, elephant, zebra, monkey – and issued unique medals for each race category. Since Ming had so gamely agreed to race with me for the second time, I thought we should just go for the 5.5K race (instead of the 10K). For our category, we got the elephant mascot. See photo!!!!

I thought it rather apt for the zoo to give out bananas at the end of the race, LMAO!!!! :’D

✌🏻️🙌🏻🐵🐼🐯🦁🐘SAFARI ZOO RUN COMPLETED!!!!🐮🐴🐐🐿🐖🐃🐆🌳🌱🌿👏🏻💜This morning @skye_ming and I went to the zoo for like, the first time in YEARS to run our 2nd race together! 😎Weather was awesome, the place was dope, we saw so many cute furries along the way & had an abso AMAZING RUN!!!! 🙆🏻😸 Quote of the day gotta be him telling me whilst we were running, "I didn't want to freak you out just now, but about 3KM ago you almost stepped on a large lizard." ERRMAHGERD LMAOOOOO I'm like kinda blind! 😹😹 Thank goodness I didn't, if I had I'd be so guilty I can't sleep for days! 😿😫 I'd hate to harm a poor lil creature (at the zoo too, of all places!!) ANYWAYS HERE'S OUR SUPER DOPE ELEPHANT MEDALS!!!! 🐘🏅🐘🏅Ming also got me an uber cute lion 🦁 plushie and iron-on patches from the zoo shop, they're so cute I love them alllllll 💜💜 Thank you so much Ming for running this race with me, I'm so proud of you!! Your running has certainly improved a whole lot since our last race! Your training has paid off for sure! 💪🏻💪🏻 Here's to our next race!!!! ☕️ Xxxx

A photo posted by ♡ ʝα∂є ♡🍍 (@jadeisabelle) on

We even hit up the zoo shop after the race, where Ming bought me some really DOPE patches (MOARRRR to add to my putty Kånken, which already has some patches on it), AND a cute lion plushie bag charm! I plan to show the patches and charm to you after I’ve had them fixed up on my bag, heh. ;)

After our race, we discussed our experiences and how we felt about it versus our first race together. Amongst the many points we talked about, those that stood out most are the funny stuff we noticed at races. Thought it’d be fun to share – see if you agree? :)

1. Why do people start off SO FAST?

When the race flags off, you’ll notice that most people just CHAAAARRRRGEEEEE!!!!! Like their lives depended on that first 20 seconds of the run. No. No no no no no….. No. Just….. NO. Don’t do that.

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Google “weight loss blogger Singapore” and you’ll see….

Earlier this week, I received an email from Anuj Agarwal, founder of Feedspot, informing me that my blog has won an award in their list of Top 100 Weight Loss Blogs. Like, WHOA. They gave me a neat little medal, too, which (as of the time of publication of this post) I’ve displayed at the right sidebar of the main page. Cute ain’t it?

I’m just your average girl sharing what little I know in this area, and it’s pretty dope to hear that people actually READ the stuff I wrote! I realised that most people land up here when they Google “weight loss blogger” or “weight loss Singapore” or “weight loss blogger Singapore”….  you know, stuff like that. Apparently mine’s amongst the top search results, so….

Anyways. Thanks Anuj for this! Check it out guys. ;)
Soooo.... I'm #5 in this list of Top 100 Weight Loss Blogs!!!!

xx J

P.S. Ming and I had an AMAZING RACE at the Zoo last weekend!!!! Blog soon. 

Know why your healthy habits don’t stick?

Guys, we’re past mid-February now. Remember your New Year’s resolutions to “get fit and healthy”? Remember how you said you were going to get a “bikini body” by, err, your next birthday (happening in a few months, just in case you forgot when)?

So…. how many of you have actually done something about your resolutions? If you don’t even recall saying those stuff, this post is written FOR YOU.

Know why your healthy habits don’t stick? I can give you about 57490276016 reasons. BUT this bunch definitely takes the damn cake (see what I did there, hah!).

1.  You don’t want it bad enough.

THIS. In my opinion, this is the all-time #1 reason why you give up every freakin’ time. You simply don’t want it BAD ENOUGH. I’ve lost count of the number of people approached me for help, only to give up on themselves (like, after 2 days?) cos they simply CAN’T BE ARSED to continue.

  • Something as simple as keeping track of what you eat? Can’t be arsed.
  • Come on, how about let’s punch in a few alphabets on your phone to look up your food in My Fitness Pal’s database. Can’t be arsed. 


I’m not even using the “L” word on you here. I’m just gently suggesting that perhaps your fitness/health/body goals aren’t important to you. In other words….

—-> You don’t want it bad enough. <—-

If it’s important to you, NOTHING will stop you from doing it.
If it’s not important to you, NOTHING will make you do it.

Btw, the “L” word? “Lazy”, not “loser”. I’m not THAT evil.

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