How do you find your HAPPY?

WOW. SO MUCH HAPPENED IN JULY. Bit too much, I don’t know where to begin. I’ll take it chronologically then.

The gist? July was about CELEBRATIONS. And looking at myself again.

  • 8 July: Ming’s birthday. I took us on a surprise staycation at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway
  • 13 July: Someone actually gave me a Fitbit Surge! Like, she just told me to take it and use it. In fact, before she did that, someone else offered to give me hers, too. I had considered the Surge for a while. My Charge HR was going a little “off” in tracking and I thought the Surge would be a good replacement. The Universe has a funny way of giving back – and I think this Surge is its way of telling me that it didn’t forget me. It’s quite amazing! :)
  • 16 July: The 4th anniversary of my quitting Diet Coke and making a lifestyle change. I began using MyFitnessPal this day, 4 years ago. I also took us on a surprise art jamming sesh to celebrate our 14th anniversary together. :)
  • 18 July: I made new friends.
  • 20 July: Our actual 14th anniversary!
  • 24 July: I raced my first public 10K, at the Shape Run (with my Surge on my wrist, heh). Although I’d been training longer distances, that was my very first 10K race. Proud, hurr. ;D My medal? I dedicate it to Ming. :) 

The entire month, I was – would “plagued” be the right word? – plagued. With thoughts of how others look at me vs. how I look at myself. IDK…. It seems like these thoughts were really, really strong throughout July, and even carried over to August. It was triggered by an unkind remark, actually. I’m still trying to SEE ME clearly. I guess I’ll say I’m troubled. Right now, I only seek peace. I’m trying to sort out my thoughts. After all, we’ve got only one life to live. It’s important that whilst we fight for our goals, we’re happy too. Isn’t happiness the most important thing? I’ll find my HAPPY. I’ll find it. :)


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5 Ways to Accept Your Body Today

“Dear Body, I accept you.” <– I bet this is what your body has been waiting to hear. How many of us can HONESTLY say that we accept our bodies? We live in a world where we are constantly being judged by our appearance. Too fat. Too short. Not pretty enough. Not skinny enough. Not tall enough. As I turn yet another year older, and since I’ve lately been facing this….. challenging idea of self-acceptance more than ever, I thought it apt to write this post on 5 ways to accept your body today.

1. Know that you can accept your body AND still want to change it.

By “accepting” your body, it doesn’t mean that you MUST be satisfied with the way it is right now. You must know that you CAN accept it and STILL want to change it, to become a better version of you. Accepting your body doesn’t mean you tell yourself, “OK, I’m perfect now. I shall resume stuffing my body with junk and not exercise since I’m in full acceptance!” NO. No, no, NO, it doesn’t mean that!

That’s me racing at Shape Run 2016 last month! :)

Bitchy race face 😹🏁 [Image credit: Run Shoot Repeat 📸]

A photo posted by full metal bitch (@jadeisabelle) on

When I accept my body, it means I accept that this is the way I am right now, but I keep my goals in mind. I keep working for and reaching towards my goals, physical mental emotional – all aspects. I think many of us can’t deal with the idea of “acceptance” cos we think once we “accept” our bodies, this is IT. NO MORE CHANGES. That’s not true! I admit I’ve been putting off this idea of “accepting” my body cos I had the mistaken impression that once I accepted me, then it means I’d have to give up my goals of becoming stronger fitter whatever, and just stay put. Now that I’ve sorted out this “concept”, I know that I’m allowed to be a masterpiece AND a work in progress at the same time. Now do you understand?

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Have YOU been bullied because of your weight?

Every now and then I see friends on my Facebook feed proclaiming their intention to lose weight, or that they’re already on a weight loss journey, or that they’ve lost weight, or that they’ve failed and are restarting, blah blah blah. IT’Z ALL ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT. With my being recently interviewed by The Straits Times on body-shaming, this weighty topic has defo been on my mind A LOT more than ever. Have YOU been bullied because of your weight?

I gotta tell you, I’m kind of disturbed that we’re living in such a judgmental society, we can look at someone and instantly shame them for being “fat”, “big-sized”, “fleshy”, “plump” without giving two shits as to how they’d feel. I suffered a lot cos of all these comments and I don’t think anyone should be bullied like that. I don’t know when this whole thing started – when did “thin” become accepted as being attractive, and “fat” unattractive? When did “size” become the determining factor of how someone should be treated? It’s a really large and deep topic. If I were to start writing about it, it’s gonna be a dang long ass post.

Anyway. BAM! I won another weight loss blog awardThis time it’s a list of “The 25 Best Blogs to Follow on Your Weight Loss Journey”. If you’ve found my weight loss story helpful, that’s awesome. I wish you all the best in your journey. 

The 25 Best Blogs to Follow on Your Weight Loss Journey

An excerpt of my profile on the list :)

My profile from "The 25 Best Blogs to Follow on Your Weight Loss Journey"

I’m gonna ask you again. Have YOU been bullied before, because of your weight? If so, I’d like to hear about your experience. It’d be best if you could tell me even, that you actually fought back and showed ’em! xx J

Why do race pack collections take SO LONG?

RACING has become a part of my life. Ming and I have joined several races, all of which are 5K (or the occasional 5K-odd). I never registered us for the 10K category even though we’ve done longer distances on our own, simply because Ming is still a “new” (or new-ish, hah) runner and when it comes to racing in public, we like to take things easier. But we ought to do a 10K soon!

I did run my first public 10K race last month; Shape Run 2016, which I shall be blogging about. :) This August alone we’ve got 3 races, 2 of which took place last weekend. In light of all these races, I thought it’d be interesting to write a race-themed piece for The Cambelles!

If you’re a runner too, if you’re curious about the thoughts that go through a runner’s head when we sign up for races, if you’re into early bird discounts, if you’ve ever stood in line collecting your race packs and wondered WHY THE HECK IT’S TAKING SO LONGYOU SO NEED TO READ THIS

“So you wanna race?”
"So you wanna race?"

What races are you up for next? :) Perhaps we could run together! xx J

On body-shaming: When is it OK to shame someone for being fat?

WHEN is it OK to shame someone for being fat? Yeah, when is body-shaming OK?

Just on Sunday, The Straits Times published an article entitled “Beauty queen loves her plus-sized body”. For that article, they interviewed me on body-shaming.

Seeing that I used to be overweight, they felt that I would have some input on this topic. And I did! I had LOTS to tell them about body-shaming. My whole life? I was body-shamed. My family, teachers, friends, classmates, colleagues, doctors? They all didn’t seem to have problems telling it to my face, asking me why I was so “big-sized”, calling me “fat”, “plump”, “fleshy”. They poked fun at me. Laughed in my face. Didn’t give two shits as to how I felt.


Was I hurt? DUH. Did I cry? Countless nights. Cried myself to sleep. I didn’t know what to do, didn’t know how to start, went on many “diets” only to revert to my old habits. Basically, did not have a plan, did not understand how weight loss works. 

Having said that, I am however of the opinion that, no matter whether someone is overweight or not, they should NOT be subjected to ridicule, attacks, or rudeness just because of the way they are. NOBODY SHOULD BE BULLIED LIKE THAT.

Some of the stuff I said to Ms Cheryl Teh of The Straits Times was quoted in the article as such:  

“Ms Jade Isabelle Liang, 31, knows all too well how cruel people can be towards those who are big-sized.

“Everybody around me didn’t seem to have problems shaming me all the time – friends, family and teachers included,” said Ms Liang, who is 1.55m tall and weighed 60kg before her weight loss.

“They liked to pinch my arms and jiggle it, or say things like, ‘Wah, your big bag suits your big body, great choice!'” she added.

The blogger started running and dieting in 2012 and lost 16.8kg to weigh just 44kg.

Ms Liang said feeling unhealthy had hardened her resolve to lose weight.

“I felt sluggish and tired all the time. I also had knee problems because of my weight… I felt like I wasn’t in the best of health, so I decided to change,” she said.

Ms Liang has developed a love for running and managed to maintain her weight since.”

"Beauty queen loves her plus-sized body", The Straits Times, 7 August 2016

Unfortunately, in our society, body-shaming is extremely prevalent. I could prolly write a freakin’ ESSAY on it. For now, click through the above link to read the article. I’d very much like to write a detailed piece on body-shaming when I gather my thoughts. xx J 

When you’ve been together for 14 years, you celebrate by art jamming at My Art Space.

When you’ve been together for 14 YEARS, you celebrate by art jamming at My Art Space. Having been entrusted all these years to think up surprise plans, my supply of celebration ideas should be running, err, pretty low…? by now, HAHA. So I’m quite proud of myself for “discovering” this one lah! 

Remember, Ming and I had our first art jamming sesh at Arteastiq on his birthday? We had SO MUCH FUN! :) After that, we kept talking about what we would each paint at our next art jamming session. Well, instead of returning to Arteastiq, I wanted to try out a different environment. 

Isn’t it the brightest, prettiest, greenest, friendliest-looking art space you’ve ever seen? I love it so much! I adore the sunlight streaming through the glass, the skylight, the plants, the paintings, the sheer natural-ness of it all. It’s simply DOPE! We’ve walked past this place for YEARS; I’ve run past it in the wee hours of the morning during my training sessions…. and NEVER noticed it. HOW?!?!??? SUCH SECRET.


My Art Space at Istana Park

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What if the Universe is trying to tell you something?

AND JUNE went by, just like that. In fact, as I write this, it’s the end of July! OH GAWD.

Anyways. I wanted to ask – have you ever wondered…. What if the Universe is trying to tell you something?

I have.

The way I see it, the Universe is trying to get 2 messages across to me:

(1) I know what I want. I know what I need to do to get to where I wanna be. I just need to KEEP ON pushing, keep on pursuing, and keep on reaching for my goals. No matter what.

(2) There are people who face FAR MORE struggles, carry heavier burdens, and are subjected to more inconveniences. Yet, they remain strong, keep their chin up, and bravely continue to take on each day as it arrives.

So why CAN’T I? What excuses do I have? Why shouldn’t I face every day bravely, too? I’m in no position to NOT go after what I want. I’m well and able. I’ve got whatever it takes. It’s all about conquering the mind and making it happen.

And so I will. I WILL.


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Dear Hotel Jen Orchardgateway, this is my second impression of you.

Earlier this month, I planned a surprise birthday celebration for Ming – as usual! HAH. I chose to return to Hotel Jen Orchardgateway! Although it was only last February that we stayed with Jen, it feels like it’s been an eternity. Last year, I was neither impressed nor dissatisfied with Jen. Neutral, I guess. She was like a passing acquaintance. Hi, bye. That’s it. 

But I decided not to let my first impression of Jen define her permanently.
Cos everybody deserves a second chance. :)

So here we are, back in Jen’s arms. As a preface, even though my experience was notably better this time round, there were still several things I felt could have been better arranged. 

I booked us a 2-night stay in their Deluxe Room (last we stayed in a Superior Cityview Room). The arrangement included daily breakfast, club benefits, and birthday amenities.

Very sweet, but communication/logistics require improvement

(1) Nobody told me about the “welcome”

With club benefits, you check in on the 19th floor (vs 10th floor where everyone else goes) at the counter right next to the club lounge. Apart from that, club benefits also give you all-day access to food and drinks at the lounge. I brought Ming right up to the 19th floor, and they were, err, surprised to see us. Turned out their Fiona was expecting us at the lobby; she was to perform an in-room check-in for us. But I didn’t know, cos nobody told me. Quite funny, really; I apologised to the team (and especially to Fiona!) for making them wait downstairs for us! I appreciate the sweet gesture, but guys, next time must at least let me know, OK? ;P

(2) Mixed-up birthday identities

When I showed them our identification documents, they appeared surprised. Again. They told me they were informed that it was my birthday and not Ming’s. HAHA. Hmm. Now, how did that happen; I’d been communicating with the hotel on this arrangement and the entire time, I told them it was his birthday and it was a surprise from me.

(3) Initiative to rectify mistaken identities

Our room’s on the 17th floor, with my favourite amazing view overlooking the buzzing Orchard Road traffic below. I mentioned birthday amenities, right. Since Jen thought it was my birthday, the balloon in the room naturally read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JADE”…. Well, mistake aside, I appreciate the kind gesture from Jen. About 10 minutes later, someone came knocking on our door and asked if he could replace the balloon, this time with Ming’s name on it. Although Ming’s name was wrongly/incompletely written on the new balloon, I was grateful they took the initiative to switch it – I mean, they could have left the JADE balloon as it is, right. :’D Thanks Jen for the biscuits, mini chocs and the fruit cup, btw, very kind of you. :) 

(4) Bathroom scale – same issue as the last time 

On my previous stay, I had a mini episode with them regarding the bathroom scale. This time, I requested for one in advance – they even asked me if a non-digital one was OK, and I said it was fine. However, the scale wasn’t there. I had to call housekeeping a few times and personally speak with a couple of their staff throughout the course of the day before they finally delivered one up to me. I felt like a nag; I  kept checking the bathroom every time I returned to the room just in case they did in my absence, and constantly reminded housekeeping to please let me have one, LOL.

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So Fjӓllrӓven asked me if they could use my Instagram photos in their Spring Summer 2016 catalogue.

THE OTHER DAY, Fjӓllrӓven wrote to me to ask if they could use a couple of MY INSTAGRAM PHOTOS in their Spring Summer 2016 product catalogue (!!!!) for distribution in their stores (!!!!!!!!).  I was like, “WHAAAA….??!?” If you’ve followed me for a while, you’d probably know that I’m a SUPER fan of the Fjӓllrӓven Kånken! It’s like, all over my Instagram…. HAHA. (^_^)V

Well of course I said YES! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???? I’m super STOKED that they picked my photos out of the HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS of other photos on Instagram.

Actually, I didn’t expect them to really use my photos; I thought it was a case of “just asking”. They’ll prolly forget me. I mean, they’re THE FJÄLLRÄVEN! Who am I? Nobody! It’s like having your ultimate idol asking you out on a date. DREAM COME TRUE AHHH!!!!

It was so surreal, I think I subconsciously tried not to pin too much hopes on it, and so I filed that little episode away in the deep recesses of my mind. Until the Spring/Summer 2016 catalogue was published. You can check out the online version here.


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Where to find the motivation to run leh?

I’VE BEEN receiving messages from you all, most of the time asking me the same question: Where to find the motivation to run leh?

You all ah, very cute sia.
I’m NOT a running guru. I’m NOT a running god. I’m a casual runner like YOU.
So, my answer is….
“Just run lor.”

But because there are many reasons behind my sibeh short answer, I wrote this post to explain a bit lah. Maybe it will help you out, I dunno. Runners must support runners mah, right anot?

So you see, on Labour Day, Ming and I ran Race #1 of The Performance Series at Punggol Waterway Park. For those who are not familiar with the series, it’s made up of 5 runs – you earn a medal for each run, and at the end of the 5 races, all your medals put together can form a SINGAPORE MAP. NICE RIGHT. You got sign up? No? Regret hor? 

Anyways. On 26 June, we ran Race #2 at Jurong Lake. Wah I tell you, I’ve NEVER been to Jurong Lake before. You know the Chinese Garden that side? Yah. I suaku can? They’re going for makeover so they’ll be closed for a while. It was quite meaningful to run there one last time (or rather, first time, for us) before the closure.


#1: Run for the medals

This one below, our medals from the Jurong Lake race. I know it may sound shallow but most of the time, I join a race if I like the medal. I’m the “no medal no race” type of runner. That’s because I like to commemorate every race with race bling. When I hang my medals up, I like to hear the “KING-KING-KIANG-KIANG-KLING-KLANG-KLING-KLANG” sound. Shiok.  

HI GAIIIISSSS!!!! 👋🏻 This morning, @skye_ming and I raced for the 4th time together! 🏁✨ It's The Performance Series Race No. 2 ✌🏻️ at Jurong Lake Park – we've both NEVER been there before this! 😹 Well we're Easties and hardly journey to the West for personal purposes, so it was quite nice to visit the other end of the island before the place closes for a makeover! 💄👗 The race route was all roads so it was pretty alright; the distance was mapped out nicely. The only downside was the muddy grounds leading to the baggage deposit and starting line – my kicks are SOAKED in mud! 😹😹 LMAOOOO OH WELL BATTLE SCARS THEN. I just need to remember to wash my socks! 🙈 And here's our RACE BLING! With the pagoda in the background. I see dark clouds looming. ⛈ But it was all SCORCHING SUN AND HEAT whilst we ran! 🔥🌞 Luckily it didn't rain on us; I would have fallen flat on my face HAHA. 😅😆 Great race, great start to a great Sunday! AMAZING way to close the weekend. Thank you so much for racing together again, Ming! ILYSM 💜💜🙆🏻

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