How to pack for a staycation: from SUPER SUAKU to SUPER SAVVY!

Over Lunar New Year, I went on a staycation at Hotel Jen. I shall be writing a review shortly BUT FIRST let me tell you just how AMAZINGLY EASY packing became ever since I stopped sweating the small stuff. Like…. how many pairs of shoes to bring along. What I’m going to wear on the afternoon of day 2 and the morning of day 3. Which cardigan would go with that dress I’ll be wearing to dinner on the second night. ← Bahahahaha! Seriously?! OH GAWD. 

I thought it’d be fun to do up a comparison table, just to show you how BLOODY RIDICULOUS I’d been in the past! Bear in mind that whatever I’ve listed in the table below EXCLUDES the stuff I was already wearing upon checking in at the hotel. COME IN FOR A GOOD LAUGH, YOU GUYS. :’D 

All I need is my Fjällräven Kånken! ♥

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Oh Eyeko, you disappoint me…. :(

EYELINER IS MY TERRITORY.  Heavy, heavy cat eyes. Whilst I like to stick to what works, my eyes do wander…. only because I’m as curious as the next girl.

I first came across EYEKO a couple of years ago, whilst randomly surfing makeup blogs – you know, back when I bothered to be properly groomed. I was intrigued by a few of their eyeliners, but as soon as I hit X, that was pretty much it.

A few weeks ago I met my lovely friends Carrot and Joy for a long overdue catchup session and they gifted me with, amongst other goodies, the EYEKO VISUAL EYES LIQUID EYELINER. :)

Alas, despite the many rave reviews I’d read, this product did not work for me as well as I would have liked. Yes, I am disappointed. However, I treasure this very much because it is a present from two of the most amazing girls I’ve got in my life. I love them both so much! They’re like sisters to me. :’)       

Oh Eyeko, you disappoint me.... :(

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Sometimes you just want to start afresh.


Funny how, a couple of days before I received my February BellaBox, I was just thinking it’d be nice if I could start afresh somewhere else. You know, like hit REBOOT or something. Quite evidently, the Bellas at the HQ agree that FRESH BEGINNINGS are a dang good idea! What can I say, great minds think alike. ;)

I know many of you will probably be out celebrating the Lunar New Year, so here’s a tiny reminder to EAT RESPONSIBLY. Or I shall see you visiting the weight loss section of the blog pretty soon eh!

What's Inside BellaBox February 2015: Fresh Beginnings

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50 Thoughts of a Chic Vagabond Wannabe

I often wonder what I would do if I didn’t have to work. As in, if I didn’t have to be a slave just to make money. How would I spend my time, and where would I go…. I think I’ll be a VAGABOND. It’s a major advantage I am ungroomed to begin with, hah! But I’ll be a really cool and chic one.

This month on The Cambelles, I wrote “50 Thoughts of a Chic Vagabond Wannabe”. I am so going to acquire the necessary survival skills, such as scavenging for food, defending myself against bears and wild boars, and building a hut from scratch. I may even become an expert at herbs and natural cures.

But don’t you worry – I’m sure I’ll still have Internet access, hence able to continue blogging cos I’ve seen photos on Instagram of people who live out of vans. :) 

Now excuse me whilst I go get my rucksack ready for the grand adventures that await.

(PSST! If you’ve already started snacking on those new year goodies, there’s still time to do SOME damage control.)  

"50 Thoughts of a Chic Vagabond Wannabe"

 xx J

I will run 2015 miles in 2015.

So how we doin’, folks, how we doin’! Second week of February already! I hope you’re all set for Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend and Lunar New Year happening next week, if you celebrate. Last month I said I lost enthusiasm for life. I also said I need to rekindle that FIRE in my belly. So far I’ve got a hint of a SPARK.

That MEH-ness from December was present throughout January, unfortunately. The entire month I was generally uninterested in most things. Having to work weekends most certainly didn’t help in the happiness department. I should have tried harder to keep my spirits up and kept my face towards the sun. Now I know.

I opened the year with a half marathon on New Year’s Day. 2015 being a year of PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH, I ran 23K that day, the farthest I’d run to date. My long runs are typically 22K+, like the one I did last Friday. The CRAZIEST thing I did in January was prolly to pledge to RUN 2015 MILES IN 2015. Which translates into 3,242.82K, which works out to about 8.88K per day. I KNOW I can do this!

I am currently working on RESTORING THAT SPARKLE and taking steps to improve my happiness level. Trying to appreciate things more and be grateful for all that I have (ooh, like that Forest Green Fjällräven Kånken Ming got me last month).

Also, I’ve reached that point in life where I no longer bother to explain why I do the things I do, and I don’t give two shits as to what anybody thinks of what I do. I’ve been there before – TRIED SO HARD to seek everyone’s approval and acceptance. Nope. Not any more. I’ve simply wasted too much time on the wrong things and people in the past. Now I understand it’s perfectly OK to drop what no longer serves me. Haters, doubters, attackers, useless words, meaningless conversations, negative remarks and opinions…. I’m chucking all those out the window. I do what I like. This is me – no masks, no pretense, nothing. After all, I’m not here to be popular. I’m here to SUCCEED.                

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THIS is how I spring clean my closet for Lunar New Year.

I LOVE ripped denim.

1) I haven’t worn this since…. last August.

2) Besides, there’s MOLD growing on it.

3) AND it smells funky.

4) Mmm. Should I risk washing it? Is mold transferable?

5) Oh wait, something’s been FEEDING on it. See, nibble holes.

6) I SWEAR it was a brighter shade of green when I bought it.

7) Or was it yellow?

8) Whatever. I don’t think it’s supposed to be a sleeping bag though?

9) Did I REALLY pay $79.90 for this? The tag says so.

10) I doubt frilly skirts will make a comeback anytime soon.

11) But I MAY wear it to a themed wedding.

12) Though the bride who makes her guests wear ridiculous frilly stuff ought to be shot.

13) And dragged by horses.

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50 Confessions of a Tomboy Beauty Blogger

IF I didn’t already make it clear the last time, I am MOST UNGROOMED. Surely you can tell from my many OOTD shots (random one here). But it takes a certain style and demeanour to pull off the vagrant look, mmmkay?

You may know that I’ve been a contributing writer to Solo Wandergirl since last January. You may also know that the only constant in life is CHANGE. Things have changed indeed, cos Solo Wandergirl is now a part of The Cambelles, a very dope lifestyle portal for a girl like you seeking to BREAK FREE from your comfort zone and MILK life for all it’s worth.

This marriage couldn’t have happened at a more opportune time, cos 2015 is a year of PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH for me, remember? Yep.

I just wrote my first piece of the year – IT’S A CONFESSION SO PLEASE READ IT. It’s called “50 Confessions of a Tomboy Beauty Blogger” – but I swear I didn’t plan this to coincide with the SG50 campaign, hah.

"50 Confessions of a Tomboy Beauty Blogger"

Your lovely support is most appreciated. MUCHAS GRACIAS. xx J

Organic Hair Care: Hype or Not?


I MUST be the worst-groomed beauty blogger you know.

Cos I take pride in looking like a, for the lack of a better word, VAGABOND. Ideally, I should live in my ripped denim cutoffs, rucksack on my back, tatty sneakers on my feet, wind in my hair, not a care in the world.

Ohh yes, my messy hair. I do own a grand total of TWO hair brushes – one a gift from Goody, the other from when I stayed in Tokyo. I use neither.

Now and then, I receive hair products for review. However, shampoos and conditioners don’t excite me very much. The way I see it, they only have one job each – to cleanse and soften, respectively. Bounce, shine, “vitality”, anti-frizz, blah blah blah…. I have grown to care less.

IF there’s anything that COULD possibly make me give two hoots, it’s gotta SMELL DANG GOOD. Or be friendly towards Mother Nature, whom I adore. Or even better, both.

Enter VINES AND ROOTS (they’re on Facebook too), a distributor of “natural and organic beauty products” of South African botanical heritage.

I interject – I’ve become EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL about the words “natural” and “organic”. Whilst I don’t study every ingredient on the list and am not an expert in this field, I’m of the impression that these words have been blatantly abused and plastered all over marketing materials and product packaging to represent superiority over other non-natural, non-organic products.

So. Organic hair care: hype or not? This brand I’m reviewing today, AFRICA ORGANICS, claim that their hair care range contains NONE of those artificial stuff, but instead relies on the potency of wild African plants (supposedly more powerful than carefully-cultivated plants, since the wild ones have been forced to become adaptable to harsh weather elements).

Vines and Roots sent me these – BAOBAB SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER for dry, treated hair. They go for SGD23 each (the shampoo at 210ml and the conditioner at 200ml) BUT from now until 28 February 2015, you get to enjoy a 10% storewide discount with promotion code “STARBLOGGER”. Also, FREE SHIPPING ISLANDWIDE for orders above SGD79. Good deal?

Organic Hair Care: Hype or Not?

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New year, new (beauty) slate, right?


BARELY 3 full weeks into 2015, and how many of us have long chucked our New Year’s resolutions out the window? Hah. Well, if your resolutions were anything beauty-related, then you’re in luck because our team at BellaBox has decided to lend some help to get you back on track.

This month’s edition is about hitting all the right (beauty) spots, refreshing your beauty slate so you can regain your title of Miss Spick-and-Span, how’s that sound?

The dotty infocard made me smile, yellow being one of my favourite colours. Speaking of yellow, I do have a certain ochre Fjällräven Kånken on my mind! Ming recently got me another one in Forest Green, would you look at that little STUNNER – I love it very much! :)

What's Inside BellaBox January 2015: The Beauty Spot

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The act of RUNNING is LIFE. Haruki Murakami says so.

RUNNING is an important part of my life. So are reading and writing. Imagine the amount of pleasure I derive from reading and writing ABOUT running, hah! I must have come across this book whilst searching for running-related reads. I promptly got on the library’s waiting list for an electronic copy (I’ve long stopped purchasing books due to lack of storage space) and devoured it with the same aggressiveness that drives me to run every morning. If movement of the legs is running for the body, then reading of this book is running for the mind. The act of RUNNING is LIFE. Haruki Murakami says so.

Haruki Murakami’s “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”

Haruki Murakami's "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running" (official book cover)

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