The 42Race 21-Day Challenge: How I ran 400KM and earned my first pair of GOLDEN WINGS!

HI GUYZ! Today I share with you something that means a lot to me – MY FIRST PAIR OF GOLDEN WINGS!!!!

TA-DAA!! Aren’t they absolutely GORGEOUS??!?

HEY GUYZ!!!! I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!! I GOT MY GOLDEN WINGS!!!! 👼🏻👼🏻🙀🙀🙀🙀ERRMAHGERD they're so so so SUPER GORGEOUS and way LARGER than I imagined! 😻😻😻😻 This photo DOES NOT do them any justice bc they're so much shinier and more gold and beautiful IRL. 🙌🏻✨💛💛 AHHHH I LOVES IT. I pinned them on my training bag pronto. ✌🏻️ I also got my prize for being amongst the Top 3 Most Inspirational runners – this @compressport visor! 😸 I gift this prize to @skye_ming. 😆🎁 My wish is for him to wear it and be reminded of the importance of consistent training, of us running and soaring together! 💪🏻💪🏻 Along with my prize and wings, the organisers wrote me a congratulatory card for ranking #1 🏆- such a sweet gesture! 💌 THANK YOU so much @42raceasia for everything. I'm honoured, elated, and humbled to have completed this challenge. 😸 I've always believed in setting goals and having an aim in life – my original target for this challenge was 100K, but I hit 406.08KM at the end of it – FOUR FREAKIN' TIMES OVER! 😜

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I earned them from completing the 21-Day Challenge organised by 42Race. And guess what? I ranked #1 out of 849 challengers! :O

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“I’ll like myself if I were 10kg lighter!”

A couple of days back, I received yet another weight loss blog award, this time from Belly Fat Formula for making it to their TOP 100 MOST INSPIRATIONAL WEIGHT LOSS BLOGS OF 2016! And this is what they wrote about me:

“Singapore based blogger Jade has successfully maintained a loss of 20 kilograms. Her blog documents her remarkable weight loss over the course of one year and how she maintained it. The blog started out as a beauty site, but has evolved to include health, exercise and running, alongside fashion and lifestyle topics.”

Nice one guys! Thank you. :)

There’s something else I’d like to address in today’s post – that is… if I could tell you ONE SUPER IMPORTANT THING my weight loss journey taught me, it’s this:


If you’ve ever thought, “I’ll like myself if I were 10kg lighter!”, “I’d be so pretty if I lost 5kg!”, or “Maybe everyone will accept me once I’m thin!”….

You REALLY GOTTA change your perspective.

Yes, if you’re overweight, try to get into the healthy, recommended weight range for you. Along with that, you’ll probably also experience numerous other benefits like I did. I said goodbye to chicken skin, lethargy, and other problems I had to deal with when I was overweight. 

BUT physical effects aside, you gotta target your MENTAL too. After all, your thoughts affect your feelings, which affect your actions, which affect your results. I wish I realised that earlier. Really.

What happened with me was, I didn’t like the way I looked, so I decided to make a lifestyle change. I mean, duh. I did my research, I took steps to embark on a better lifestyle, I cultivated new, permanent good habits, blah blah blah… Right? But what I didn’t realise back when I started, was I should have paid attention to the way I THOUGHT of myself. I believed what the others told me, growing up, that I wasn’t good enough.

Honestly, I grew up thinking that way cos it was what I was brought up to think! It took me SO, FREAKING, LONG to realise that what they said, their opinions? That I was FAT, UGLY, USELESS? Those are all meaningless and do not in any way determine MY VALUE as a person. I admit, those comments got me aware that I needed to do something about my weight, and now I HAVE done something about that already. But there’s another part that I sorted out recently – the mental part – once I addressed that, I became SO SUPER HAPPY.

What I’m trying to tell you now is: You ARE good enough. Like yourself, no matter which part of your journey you’re currently at. Like yourself NOW.

Once you start liking yourself, you’ll realise:

  • you’re NOT doing this for anyone else – it’s FOR YOU;
  • you’ve gained SELF RESPECT;
  • you’re taking RESPONSIBILITY for your body;
  • you WANT to TAKE CARE of you;
  • you want to become BETTER than you were yesterday; and ultimately,
  • you’re HAPPY!

"The 100 Most Inspirational Weight Loss Blogs of 2016"

Think about it. If you’re on a weight loss journey too, I want you to know that you’re as valuable now as you will be when you’ve hit your target weight. Believe me. xx J

I died in August.

AHHH… AUGUST. My birth month. Like all the other months before, it went by so quickly. I’m not complaining though – cos after August left, September brought a whole new revelation with it. And a new me – a rebirth! I shall write to you about that when I review September. For now, I’ll say that I died in August. Oh, the irony! 

There were several highlights during August:

So yep, 3 races in a month, bumped into some friends, got a couple of birthday surprises, all the while living unaware that I was going to die and be reborn in September. August – these topics kept recurring in my life: self-acceptanceself-love, and personal development, all lumped together in CONFUSION. 

I didn’t know what my destination was as I groped around trying to find my way in the fog.
I didn’t know what the outcome would be, if I continued to lose my way.
I didn’t know how to search for what I truly wanted.
I didn’t know what to do at all.

But in September it was all revealed to me.


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I became a BRAND NEW PERSON after I changed this ONE THOUGHT.

I became a BRAND NEW PERSON after I changed this ONE THOUGHT.

^^^^Absolutely true.

That’s what happened to me over the past 2 weeks. I shit you not. If you’re following me on Instagram, you would’ve read about how I’ve made some small tweaks to my mindset, my approach towards myself, and how these changes have impacted me in AMAZING WAYS.

Seriously… I am SO MUCH HAPPIER now versus 2, 3 weeks ago. My performance has improved by LEAPS and BOUNDS.

Before this, I was stuck in a freakin’ rut. Never thought I’d EVER get out of it. It’s like being trapped in darkness for a long time, and someone finally called in the electrician. All my life, I’d severely underestimated the power of my thoughts and feelings. And in case you didn’t already know, these thoughts and feelings? They impact your RESULTS. So much. 


I’m SUPER pleased I did this. Completely brand new person! I even wrote about it on The Cambelles


"I became a BRAND NEW PERSON after I changed this ONE THOUGHT."

xx J

“Singapore weight loss blogger kena STOMPed!”

“Singapore weight loss blogger kena STOMPed!” <– That’s how I would sum up this post.

Over the weekend I was out and about when I received a message from a friend. He sent me a screenshot of a STOMP article and asked if the girl featured in it was me. I was like…. WHUT??!? I KENA STOMPED?!?!

They’ve featured my “before and after” weight loss photos under the headline: “Jaw-dropping transformations that prove anything is possible” and also, if you visit their Facebook page, you’ll see that they’ve shared that article multiple times over the past few days.

Those of you who aren’t already familiar with STOMP? It stands for Straits Times Online Mobile Print. They describe themselves as a “citizen-journalism website with user-generated material fuelling its success”. Basically, a site powered by user-fed content, right. Sensational news, gossip, local happenings…. get your fix at STOMP. In fact, I’ve said on multiple occasions, “Eh, don’t do that lah, later kena STOMPed!” SEE LAH. NOW WHO KENA STOMPED.

Some people even asked me if the one on the left is MY MOTHER.

"Jaw-dropping transformations that prove anything is possible" - via STOMP

How? You kena STOMPed before? Share leh share leh! xx J

I’m just pretending to be a functioning adult.

ADULTING. URGH. Seriously? I’m just pretending to be a functioning adult. 

Aren’t we ALL PRETENDING??!? Or am I the only one? :/

You know, it’s really funny how kids wish they’d grow up faster, and when they’re old they wish they could go back to being kids again. Can’t be pleased!

This month, having celebrated my birthday, I felt it relevant to write a piece on this topic.

“I’m just pretending to be a functioning adult.”


"I'm just pretending to be a functioning adult."


How do you find your HAPPY?

WOW. SO MUCH HAPPENED IN JULY. Bit too much, I don’t know where to begin. I’ll take it chronologically then.

The gist? July was about CELEBRATIONS. And looking at myself again.

  • 8 July: Ming’s birthday. I took us on a surprise staycation at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway
  • 13 July: Someone actually gave me a Fitbit Surge! Like, she just told me to take it and use it. In fact, before she did that, someone else offered to give me hers, too. I had considered the Surge for a while. My Charge HR was going a little “off” in tracking and I thought the Surge would be a good replacement. The Universe has a funny way of giving back – and I think this Surge is its way of telling me that it didn’t forget me. It’s quite amazing! :)
  • 16 July: The 4th anniversary of my quitting Diet Coke and making a lifestyle change. I began using MyFitnessPal this day, 4 years ago. I also took us on a surprise art jamming sesh to celebrate our 14th anniversary together. :)
  • 18 July: I made new friends.
  • 20 July: Our actual 14th anniversary!
  • 24 July: I raced my first public 10K, at the Shape Run (with my Surge on my wrist, heh). Although I’d been training longer distances, that was my very first 10K race. Proud, hurr. ;D My medal? I dedicate it to Ming. :) 

The entire month, I was – would “plagued” be the right word? – plagued. With thoughts of how others look at me vs. how I look at myself. IDK…. It seems like these thoughts were really, really strong throughout July, and even carried over to August. It was triggered by an unkind remark, actually. I’m still trying to SEE ME clearly. I guess I’ll say I’m troubled. Right now, I only seek peace. I’m trying to sort out my thoughts. After all, we’ve got only one life to live. It’s important that whilst we fight for our goals, we’re happy too. Isn’t happiness the most important thing? I’ll find my HAPPY. I’ll find it. :)


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5 Ways to Accept Your Body Today

“Dear Body, I accept you.” <– I bet this is what your body has been waiting to hear. How many of us can HONESTLY say that we accept our bodies? We live in a world where we are constantly being judged by our appearance. Too fat. Too short. Not pretty enough. Not skinny enough. Not tall enough. As I turn yet another year older, and since I’ve lately been facing this….. challenging idea of self-acceptance more than ever, I thought it apt to write this post on 5 ways to accept your body today.

1. Know that you can accept your body AND still want to change it.

By “accepting” your body, it doesn’t mean that you MUST be satisfied with the way it is right now. You must know that you CAN accept it and STILL want to change it, to become a better version of you. Accepting your body doesn’t mean you tell yourself, “OK, I’m perfect now. I shall resume stuffing my body with junk and not exercise since I’m in full acceptance!” NO. No, no, NO, it doesn’t mean that!

That’s me racing at Shape Run 2016 last month! :)

Bitchy race face 😹🏁 [Image credit: Run Shoot Repeat 📸]

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When I accept my body, it means I accept that this is the way I am right now, but I keep my goals in mind. I keep working for and reaching towards my goals, physical mental emotional – all aspects. I think many of us can’t deal with the idea of “acceptance” cos we think once we “accept” our bodies, this is IT. NO MORE CHANGES. That’s not true! I admit I’ve been putting off this idea of “accepting” my body cos I had the mistaken impression that once I accepted me, then it means I’d have to give up my goals of becoming stronger fitter whatever, and just stay put. Now that I’ve sorted out this “concept”, I know that I’m allowed to be a masterpiece AND a work in progress at the same time. Now do you understand?

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Have YOU been bullied because of your weight?

Every now and then I see friends on my Facebook feed proclaiming their intention to lose weight, or that they’re already on a weight loss journey, or that they’ve lost weight, or that they’ve failed and are restarting, blah blah blah. IT’Z ALL ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT. With my being recently interviewed by The Straits Times on body-shaming, this weighty topic has defo been on my mind A LOT more than ever. Have YOU been bullied because of your weight?

I gotta tell you, I’m kind of disturbed that we’re living in such a judgmental society, we can look at someone and instantly shame them for being “fat”, “big-sized”, “fleshy”, “plump” without giving two shits as to how they’d feel. I suffered a lot cos of all these comments and I don’t think anyone should be bullied like that. I don’t know when this whole thing started – when did “thin” become accepted as being attractive, and “fat” unattractive? When did “size” become the determining factor of how someone should be treated? It’s a really large and deep topic. If I were to start writing about it, it’s gonna be a dang long ass post.

Anyway. BAM! I won another weight loss blog awardThis time it’s a list of “The 25 Best Blogs to Follow on Your Weight Loss Journey”. If you’ve found my weight loss story helpful, that’s awesome. I wish you all the best in your journey. 

The 25 Best Blogs to Follow on Your Weight Loss Journey

An excerpt of my profile on the list :)

My profile from "The 25 Best Blogs to Follow on Your Weight Loss Journey"

I’m gonna ask you again. Have YOU been bullied before, because of your weight? If so, I’d like to hear about your experience. It’d be best if you could tell me even, that you actually fought back and showed ’em! xx J