Because some nights I don’t wash my face.


Apart from not brushing my hair and trotting around in tatty sneakers looking like a vagabond, when it comes to grooming, I am also probably one of the laziest girls you’ll ever know. Because some nights I don’t wash my face. 

No biggie, right? Some nights I just crash into bed but at least I take off my shoes. Do I give a damn about zits sprouting up as I snooze, dirty face on an even dirtier pillow? Guess not. *shrug* Because my face ain’t dirty.


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THIS is why I don’t buy Salonpas any more.


I RUN. On average, 82 kilometres per week. Whilst my training schedule is not exactly INSANE, I make a conscious effort to pace myself accordingly and do what’s manageable for me.

Some days I feel like I have unlimited energy even after completing my Friday half marathon. Some days I feel like I’m about to keel over before I even begin to hit the roads – sometimes, it’s cos I worked really late and only had a couple hours of sleep; sometimes it’s muscle soreness.

Muscle soreness happens randomly for me. Apart from occasionally using Salonpas, I’ve never taken steps to seek out products or supplements to address this…. occurrence. Besides, the soreness doesn’t bother me very much cos it barely lasts a few hours. The next morning, I’m brand new again.

Now, this usage of Salonpas. I’ve always associated pain relief patches with old age – it seems old folks always have a stash handy. Besides Salonpas, I’ve also tried other brands in the form of large foil packages bearing prints of FEROCIOUS EAGLES AND TIGERS, bahahahaha!!!! Is that supposed to be a representation of product efficacy. BUT I feel old whenever I stick these things on. Thankfully, I neither need to rely on these patches for pain relief nor do I use them often. And hopefully I’ll NEVER have use for those stickies EVER again BECAUSE I found something else that works BETTER and FASTER without making me feel like I’m a million years old.

THIS is why I don’t buy Salonpas any more.
THIS is why I don't buy Salonpas any more.

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Nobody’s perfect.


NOBODY’S PERFECT. But I like to think that perfection is simply a matter of PERCEPTION.

My shorter-than-average height, smaller-than-average eyes, unevenly-tanned caramel pudding legs, freckles on my cheeks…. clearly, I’m not “flawless”. Nobody is. But I don’t see them as “flaws”, either. Because the whole point of living is not to BE PERFECT, but to EMBRACE whatever your perceived imperfections may be, and BE COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN. These traits make me, ME. The “Perfect Jade”? Exactly what I am right now.  

My freckles? They add character. I enhance the shape of my eyes with kitty flicks (I get the Lucy Liu thing all the time….), I wear denim cutoffs that reveal my two-toned legs, I trot around in sneakers despite my height (or rather, lack of) cos I feel most comfortable in them. I don’t care what anyone else thinks as long as I’m HAPPY. THIS to me is “perfection”. THIS to me is being “flawless”.

Of course, that’s just my definition. Nothing stops each of us from seeking out and living our own kind of perfection. Take the bellas at the HQ – this month, they boldly exclaim, “HECK, LET’S DARE TO BE FLAWLESS!” and present it so, through their latest concoction, BellaBox April 2015: Dare to be Flawless.           

What's Inside BellaBox April 2015: Dare to be Flawless

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Keep your mouth shut.


I said keep your mouth shut. ESPECIALLY when you’re pissed off.  

I’m speaking from experience mmhmm. Apparently, things don’t turn out very pretty when you speak in a fit of anger. THAT, I learnt the hard way.

I’ve always been quick-tempered. Nope, not my most valuable trait. However, with LOTS of practice, I’ve gotten the hang of curbing that monster. Not easy, but let me tell you that self-restraint is an extremely useful and important…. tool, for us short-fused people.

Take last month for example. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’d felt tempted to react IMMEDIATELY, to give someone a piece of my mind, to defend myself, to argue, to tell the world about how upset I was. During those moments, instead of giving in to my temper monster, I managed to keep my mouth shut. Instead, I distanced myself from the situation and looked at it from an objective angle. I analysed my options and approached the problem in a neutral, peaceful fashion. BOY I’M GLAD I had control cos things took a turn for the better.

It’s OK to be pissed off. We’re only human. We ALL get angry. You only need to master the skill of keeping a cool exterior when you’re seething inside. It CAN be done.   

Lest you forget:

(1) You CAN’T UNSAY what you said;

(2) You have to face up to the consequences of your words. In the process, you may lose sleep, appetite, or fail to function properly cos you’re simply TOO DANG TROUBLED by your stupid reaction, which you clearly now REGRET;

(3) Even if you were provoked or weren’t in the wrong, by allowing yourself to react impulsively, you’re handing the REMOTE of your emotions over to someone else;

(4) Going forward, things are going to be VERY AWKWARD; and

(5) There’s always a better, more PRACTICAL way of dealing with the situation, no matter how pissed off you are now. 

In other news, I’m still keeping to my training schedule and taking each day as it comes. Work’s work, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that nothing gets too crazy for me to handle. You know what I crave the most at the end of every day? Peace. I crave peace. I crave personal time. I crave moments when I can detach and just…. be. A clear conscience is one of the best treasures one can possess.  

I hope things are going great for you. Wherever you are, whatever you do, remember to NEVER let anyone with a bad attitude give it to you.   

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If you’re a sucker for LIMITED EDITION JAPANESE STUFF, this one’s for you.


I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t obsess over limited editions cos I HATE to fall in love with something only to have it taken away from me. You know, when they stop making it. Happens. ALL. THE. DANG. TIME. Then what? Back to miserable square one. Oh, my poor little heart. Well…. IF you’re a sucker for – uh, “collector” of – LIMITED EDITION JAPANESE STUFF, today’s post is written especially for you. NOPE, IT’S NOT HELLO KITTY, BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! But yes, you get an attractive 20% off cos you heard it from me. Deets below. 

Last month, I received a little sachet of TEALY’S SPRING GREEN TEA in my BellaBox and I HAZ DRUNKED IT. Remember Tealy? I told you about them the same time I told you teatox is bullshit. GAWD I hope all that teatoxing has stopped. Please tell me you DID NOT partake in it. 

Anyways. I’ve said this before – I love Tealy’s teas. Last week, I received MOARRRR of their Spring Green Tea for my stash. I’m happy to support and help spread the word about this exquisite blend harvested only once a year at the start of SPRING – which makes it a SEASONAL ITEM. Won’t be available for long. Won’t be long before it’s all snapped up. AND YOU CAN GET IT FOR CHEAP.    


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So THIS BOOK published an image from my blog.

I hope you all had a LOVELY long weekend! I’ve had some things on my mind but you know what, I try not to let the minutiae of life bother me. Instead, I focus on stuff I love, like this AMAZING pair of Craftholic’s Camp Korat and Korat Junior Ming got for me on Saturday! Obvi I’m the big Korat and he’s the small Korat. 

You know, back when I still bothered to paint my nails, I wrote a review on China Glaze’s For Audrey. Actually, that review was published 5 years ago on Boxing Day. So imagine my surprise when Koolibri Publishers emailed me sometime late last year to ask if they could use an image from my blog post in an Estonian book they were planning to publish – Sinine by Tiit Kuningas. Specifically, they wanted that picture of the nail lacquer bottle I took, explaining that Sinine was all about the “colour blue through the ages consisting facts from history, politics, culture etc”…. 

I ALMOST chucked that email in the spam folder cos I simply didn’t think they could be serious. Like, whut? There are so many images of For Audrey out there, surely they could grab one off the Internet easily. ;’D BUT I replied to give them the go-ahead any way, cos I appreciated their courtesy of writing to request for permission BEFORE using the image, and seeking to credit me for it. Besides, I’m always happy to help someone out.   

Months went by, and I CLEAN FORGOT about granting rights to Koolibri. Apparently these folks were serious. Because BAM! Last week, a copy of Sinine landed on my desk, from the post. With my image in it, complete with credits at the back like they promised. WHOA. Brought a smile to my face amidst the chaos at work it did. :)

Here’s it – SININE (in Estonian) which translates into “THE BLUE”, a nice, hard copy right there proving that it’s FO REAL YO.

Sinine by Tiit Kuningas, Koolibri Publishers

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50 Things My First Job Taught Me

Of late, I’ve been thinking A LOT. About…. what I want to do with the rest of my life. About careers and if I’m going to remain in legal forever. What IS it I’m really meant to do? What do I WANT? I don’t quite know. On Thursday, I was met with a proposition that opens a door to something I never thought would happen to me – I’ll probably address that in my next post.

For now, I shall leave you with a piece I wrote for The Cambelles this month. I call it “50 Things My First Job Taught Me” – I’ll describe it as an amusing take on the stuff I’d learnt from my first job (and perhaps second, too).

You know, the time when you first find out the stuff you are NOT supposed to do, how you ARE to behave, and the things you ought not to say to your colleagues over lunch. Like how you think Lucy is overpaid (oops, someone left her payslip on the photocopier) and how Peter skives on the job….

The working world teaches you so much about the importance of EQ over IQ, and that you REALLY need to watch your words (and back!). So go on, have a read and tell me – what were the most important lessons your first job taught you? :)        

"50 Things My First Job Taught Me"

 xx J

THIS is how you score a Christian Grey.


Am I the only one NOT into the Fifty Shades saga? Not my kind of book, not my kind of movie, and the only thing I know is the female lead was also in Need for Speed. The bellas at the HQ decided to hitch a ride on the Fifty Shades wagon and call this month’s edition FIFTY SHADES OF PINK – not that the entire contents of the box are pink, but to suggest that they may lend you some SEXY…. and perhaps, for the hopefuls out there, help score yourself a Christian Grey. Or Tan, in the local context.

What's Inside BellaBox March 2015: Fifty Shades of Pink

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Would I stay at Hotel Jen again? Hmm…

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the Blog becoming self-hosted. WOW. THREE DOPE YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE! :) And ain’t it awesome, I FINALLY bought a new keyboard for 13 freakin’ bucks so there, a present for amazing blogger girl, who’s back on the blogging track with a fully functional keyboard, filling you in on her latest adventure. It HAS been a while since my last staycation, and just in case you hadn’t already read, I have achieved the status of Super Savvy Staycationer. *smug* Over Lunar New Year, I stayed with Jen. Jen, as in, Hotel Jen. At Orchard Gateway.

See, apart from Jen, I had a few options in mind:

(1) I could of course return to Resorts World Sentosa, but

(2) also thought of putting up at this GORGEOUS Peranakan-themed hotel located in the East, whilst considering

(3) a quaint lodge along a hipster-ish lane at the outskirts of the city.

I eventually selected Hotel Jen for its attractive location – right smack in the middle of Orchard – what, it’s PERFECT! I love that it’s situated atop a mall. So when I casually mention that I’m “going downstairs”, I’m actually going to Orchard Road.

Will you check THIS out. My failed attempt at a panoramic shot from the pool deck does nothing to justify the ERRMAHGERD AMAZING VIEW from the top.  

Panoramic shot FAIL - from the pool deck at Hotel Jen, Orchard Gateway

I got us a Superior Cityview room and requested for a room on a “higher floor”. We were given one located on the 20th level overlooking the busy, busy Orchard Road below. It’s decent-sized – for the price and location, I really can’t complain.

I just wasn’t impressed with one thing. The first time I asked to borrow a bathroom scale, I was informed that weighing scales were only available at the gym. OK, fair enough. So I popped over to the gym only to discover that there was no scale there. Asked them again, and I was told the hotel does not provide weighing scales at all. I’m not so pissed about them not offering bathroom scales (but any decent hotel should, in my opinion), but that I’ve been given the impression that they aren’t even sure of their logistics. (Also, Jen, the hinge on the refrigerator cabinet in room 2013 has come apart, in case you hadn’t noticed and fixed it already.) #rantover   

Our Superior Cityview room at Hotel Jen, Orchard Gateway

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My core is unabashedly me.

Right now I’m blogging from my PATHETIC NETBOOK because GAH!!! my computer keyboard has gone bonkers and I gotta buy a new one. Soooo…. FEBRUARY for me went by pretty quickly. I managed to enjoy some peace and respite from the endless madness at work cos everyone else was basking in the festivities and getting ready to celebrate Lunar New Year. March, though, is an entirely different story.

With a little bit of clever arrangement and time management, I got away sometime towards the end of February for a short staycation in the city, which I shall blog about soon.

Throughout the month, I had recurring thoughts on a common theme – BEING ME. You see, I’ve got a problem. I feel like we’re living in a world where everyone is trying to make us into what THEY want us to become. I don’t like that. Not at all.

I want to be what I want to be.
I don’t like to brush my hair. I leave my hair in a mess.
I don’t like to wear stuffy office clothes. I wear my crop tops.
I don’t like to cram my toes into patent heels. I put on my favourite tatty sneakers.
I don’t like to stifle a giggle. I laugh whenever I want to.
I don’t like to avoid saying something just cos no one else dares say it. I say it.
I don’t like to care about what others are doing. I like to focus on my own path.

In the course of doing what I like, when I like, pursuing what I want and recognising the fact that I’ll always be too much or too little of something for someone (like I give two shits), I also took some time to remind myself of the blessings and fortune that the Universe has bestowed upon me.

Ultimately, my core is UNABASHEDLY ME. If there’s anything I want you to take away from this post, it’s to NEVER let others tell you what to do, how to act, what goals to pursue or how you should lead your life. The choice is always yours to make. MAKE LIFE GOOD!    

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