Product Review: Silkygirl Precision Liquid Eyeliner in 01 Black

Happy Hump Day – the weekend’s just in sight! :)

Well, I can’t believe I’m only reviewing this now – I must have gone through close to twenty tubes of Silkygirl’s Precision Liquid Eyeliner by now! I bought my first tube last February, and ever since then I’ve been repurchasing it. Depending on how I rotate my eyeliners, one tube lasts me a month or so (sometimes slightly more).

The liner is housed in a simple grey plastic tube. There are many other liquid eyeliners packaged this way, too, Benefit’s Magic Ink being one of them. The liquid liner is contained in the small vial at the base; the liner brush is attached to the wand, which connects to the vial via a screw closure.

Silkygirl states that the Precision Liquid Eyeliner is formulated with Nano Seaweed and Vitamin E to retain the skin’s moisture level, and Cucumber Extract to help the skin stay fresh and supple.

I love the felt-tip brush – here’s a close-up. It is firm and has a thin point, which makes application super easy – the liner only goes where you want it to! When I first started practising the cat eye, I used this because it facilitates control. However, like all felt-tips, the brush turns furry after a while. By the time it turns furry beyond redemption, the liner would usually run out, so it’s no big deal.

Here’s how I wear the Precision Liquid Eyeliner in my usual cat eye style. See how dark and intense it is? It defines the eyes so well. The day I bought my first tube, I swatched several black liquid eyeliners and this turned out to be the blackest of them all.

This photo was taken at the end of my work day. I love how it doesn’t smudge (of course, I prime my eyes with Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray), and flaking is minimal. Even though the packaging states that the eyeliner is waterproof, I found that it actually melts away with water. I like it that way because removal is a breeze. I haven’t had any problems with it even during rainy days, but I still carry a spare tube in my bag just in case. So far, so good! I put it on in the morning at about 7-ish and it stays put until I remove it at night.

As you can see, I line my eyes quite heavily – a tube lasts me four to six weeks if I use it everyday. If you line lightly, I think this will easily last you a couple of months or more.

This is definitely one of the best liquid eyeliners I have tried, and I put it on my list of favourite liquid eyeliners, along with Benefit’s Magic Ink.

For such quality, the price is ridiculously lowa tube retails at just SGD11.90 (used to be SGD10.90, but I noticed that Silkygirl recently increased the prices of its products).

I suspect I’m not the only one in love with this eyeliner – it goes out of stock sometimes. Silkygirl, if you’re reading this, please don’t ever discontinue production because this is such an awesome product!

Totally  this. Skye even calls it my “secret weapon”, LOL! :)

What’s your favourite liquid eyeliner?


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Silkygirl Precision Liquid Eyeliner in 01 Black

  1. Hi Jade

    This thing is really good for you!
    Actually I used to own eyeliner with some kind of tip brush like this(Maybelline Eye Studio Line Allure)and I didn’t like it because its line didn’t look uneven as I expected. However Silkygirl’s looks much better and it made your eyeline very neat and perfect:)I love it!

    By the way My favorite eyeliner is “in2it water proof liquid eyeliner” which I ‘ve got many colors and I used it write my greeting to you he he. and I just got a new one from this brand. It is eyeliner pen with tiny hair brush and it ‘s really effective!
    and another is in2it

    • Thanks Ratta! Took me lots of practice to find the right way to line my eyes… so I’m really glad you like this. :) Initially my hands were trembly and I couldn’t draw straight or properly. Thankfully, this brush is friendly enough for practising.

      I remember in2it – I think it is somewhat related to Silkygirl. I’m not sure if they’re from the same company, but I have seen their products sometime back. These drugstore brands are amazingly good for the price eh? :)

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