Happy Plaidurday! ♥


Today’s not just any Friday… It’s Plaidurday! In case you’re wondering, Plaidurday is the inaugural worldwide celebration of plaid that happens once every year, on the first Friday of October. On this day, everyone will wear plaid – plaid shirts, plaid headbands, plaid nails, plaid bags… plaid anything!

If you’re about to step out of your house and still can’t decide what to wear, you should just pick something plaid. Easy, right? :)

Justin “Bugsy” Sailor, the creator of Plaidurday, recently extended a kind invitation to yours truly to write a guest post for Plaidurday.com. Check out my guest post entitled “Plaid Is the New Black”!

Happy Plaiding!

4 thoughts on “Happy Plaidurday! ♥

  1. Hi Jade!
    You ‘ve got a lot of plaid shirt ;) They ‘re all so great!
    I think plaid shirt is a classic fashion which ‘ve never been out of date…it ‘s absolutely a useful item ;)

    And for me, I have just three plaid shirts in my closet…but rarely wear them because I used to think that they may not suit me but after seeing your plaid shirts,I feel like I ‘d like to wear them again ;)

    Sorry for my disapearance from your blog but I have to say that last week, I got many difficult situations. That I think you might saw the news about flooding in Thailand. It really made me feel desperate. But now even if the situation is getting more severe. (My house is surround with water).As long as I remain having the internet, I can connect to you and your blog! and that definitely make me feel better;)

    • Hi Ratta! :) I was just thinking of you! You should totally wear your plaid shirts… it’s so great for Asian weather. But recently it has been raining so much, on Monday I was drenched even though I had my umbrella. The rain’s too heavy! :( I’m so sorry to hear about what is happening in Thailand… and I hope things will get better for you. Stay safe! And I’m touched that you’re still thinking of me despite your circumstances. :)

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