Sponsored Review: Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain

Hello everyone! :)

It has been several months since I last reviewed a Benefit Cosmetics product! This lovely little carton has been sitting atop my beauty box waiting to be reviewed since I picked it out several months ago – it’s a token of appreciation for modelling for Benefit in April when Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson came to Singapore. :)

So – how many of you are already using Benetint? :) For the benefit (pun unintended!) of those who are not familiar with Benetint, it is the first product created by Jean and Jane Ford, the founders of Benefit Cosmetics.

Back in 1976, Jean and Jane opened The Face Place (which was later renamed Benefit Cosmetics). In 1977, at the request of an exotic dancer who needed a nipple tint, Jean and Jane created Rose Tint – what we know today as Benetint.

With its glass bottle and plastic twist cap, Benetint resembles an oversized bottle of nail lacquer. Benefit Cosmetics calls Benetint “the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle” – a bestseller, this rose-tinted lip and cheek stain has a cult following… and we’ll find out why!

There’s an applicator brush attached to the plastic cap, just like your usual nail lacquer packaging. How cute!

The stain has a light, watery texture. In the bottle, it kind of looks like blood. I don’t know if you’re a Twilight fan; I came across several reviews on Twilight Venom wherein comparisons were made with Benetint. Anyone tried both?

Here’s a swatch of Benetint. The liquid itself may appear blood red but when blended out, it’s actually a light red which produces a subtle flush on the skin. The colour is very buildable, so if you prefer a more dramatic look, just layer on. I believe Benetint would work well with most skin tones.

I should also mention that Benetint is rose-scented – LOVE! It is a tad bitter though, so try not to lick it.

To use as a cheek stain, simply smile big and apply three strokes on the apples of your cheeks and blend quickly with your fingertips. With Benetint, you have to work fast; it dries quickly and you don’t want the strokes to set in.

To use as a lip stain, simply dab the colour on your lips with your fingertips. Those with dry lips beware – the stain may set into the lines of your lips, emphasising dryness, so make sure they are well-moisturised.

Here’s how Benetint looks on me. I like that it produces a natural, luminous flush on the cheeks, and injects some life into the lips.

These days, I hardly wear any colour on my cheeks as I prefer the alabaster look. However, on occasions when I need to appear at events, e.g. my sister’s wedding, I like to have some colour on my lips without having to worry about retouching… and that’s when Benetint comes in!

As it is a stain, it lasts and lasts on my cheeks. On my lips though, it only lasts as long as I don’t consume a full meal. The colour starts to wear off from the inner part of the lips once I start any serious eating, but I guess that’s okay because the tint would eventually come off when I wipe my mouth anyway. Just have to retouch after the meal!

I’m liking Benetint so far, and I can see why it’s flying off the shelves. It makes you look like you’re glowing from within! On the lips, it makes people wonder what you’re wearing – it can’t be lipstick, definitely not lip gloss… it looks natural but who actually has such red lips? ;)

Sometime last July, I came across a blog post by Maggie on Benefit’s official blog wherein she mentioned the Benetint Finger Badge of Honour. The badge is in fact the stain left behind on our fingertips after applying Benetint (or its counterparts, Posietint and Cha Cha Tint). Here’s mine! I use my third and fourth fingers. :)

Benetint is so easy to use, I can imagine it being one of the first makeup items a girl would own. If you’re a Beneholic, you need this in your stash! Go get it and let me know what you think! :)

Benetint retails at SGD62.


8 thoughts on “Sponsored Review: Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain

  1. Hi Jade! I love love LOVE Benefit tints so much! In fact I own all 3 of them! lol~
    I’m definitely a beneholic! And my next target is watt’s up!

    Andrea – the beneholic from Malaysia who wants to work for Benefit but couldn’t get a chance so far. :-/

    • Hello Andrea! :) That’s a nice collection!

      Watt’s Up! looks very good. Did you see photos of Maggie wearing it? Awesome max.

      Have you applied to Benefit before?

      • Ya I saw the photos they posted on facebook which their staff in SF put on watt’s up! I tried it over a Benefit counter in KL once, love the result! I prefer watt’s up over high beam and girl meets pearl. What about you? I’m sure you own quite a lot of Bene-stash eh? hehe~

        I know Benefit in Malaysia and Singapore is under one company named ‘Starlight Cosmetics’, right? I tried approaching their staff (those who work in Malaysia HQ) when I attended the ‘meet and greet with Maggie and Annie’ event earlier this year. I even gave them my resume. But they told me they usually recruit through word of mouth only. And I’ve sent emailssss to Singapore as well… and… no feedback…

        • They’re all different but I like all of them! :) I find Watt’s Up interesting because of its packaging.

          You’re right, Benefit is under Starlight Cosmetics in Singapore. :) Don’t give up! I’m sure your passion for the brand will eventually land you a career with Benefit.

  2. hey jade, i like benetint cos as you said it, it gives a natural redness to the cheeks and mouth.. but i just find it a tad too expensive in singapore.. $60+ is way too ex for this product.. i think i bought it for $40+ when i ordered online together with some friends..

    • Hello Carol! :) I agree – there have been several comments on the pricing of Benefit items in Singapore. It was also one of the many topics which we casually discussed during our session with Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson earlier this year. Because of the significant difference in pricing, more fans are turning to online shopping, especially with the occasional further discount codes, or free shipping with a certain amount. But I think it’s still good because after all, we’re getting Benefit! :) It’s really nice to see more and more Beneholics.

  3. Hi I live in Australia and I would really like to buy some benefit cosmetics how do I buy them through you. I was in Malaysia last year and I bought some of the benefit products and I really like them I would love to buy more I just don’t know how.

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