Sponsored Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula All Over Body Firming Lotion

Sponsored Review

Once in a while, my experience with a product completely changes the way I look at a brand. It usually happens when the brand sends me a request to review something I’ve seen on the shelves but never considered buying – either because I’ve got my staples, or it just sounds too good to be true. Palmer’s is one such brand, and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula All Over Body Firming Lotion is something I fell in love with recently – I call it “chocolate for my skin”! :)

You know what? I was told this retails at SGD13.90 for a bottle of 250ml; it really is bang for your buck. For those of you who aren’t already familiar with Palmer’s, the brand was founded in America more than 170 years ago (!) and has since made its presence known in over 80 countries. I like that the brand is against animal testing and all of its products are cruelty-free. By the way, if you’ve always had an interest in competitive swimming, you would probably know champion-swimmer-turned-TV-personality Giaan Rooney? Old news, but I recently found out that she’s the face of Palmer’s! 

Alrighty, let’s have a look at it. This newly-launched lotion is contained in a plastic squeeze bottle topped with a snap cap, which makes for convenient product dispensation (the pump remains my favourite, though). Formulated with Cocoa ButterCollagenElastin and Shea Butter along with GinsengVitamin and Coenzyme Q10, the lotion is designed to help firm, tighten and tone the skin, even after weight loss.              

Sponsored Review: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula All Over Body Firming Lotion

To begin with, even after losing 12.9kg (as at this morning!), I don’t have loose skin. That’s probably because I’ve been losing weight at a steady pace over a period of 7 months (versus sudden dramatic weight loss, which causes issues like stretch marks and loose skin). However, toning help is always welcome – I don’t actually know anyone who can’t do with some!

Out of the bottle, the lotion feels pretty rich and smells ridiculously amazing. So chocolatey and sinful. Like rich chocolate milk. Makes me want to eat it! I give it the Most Delicious Smelling Body Lotion award. You have to smell this. Whenever I use this, Ming tells me I smell like “something sweet…. like cake”!  

You’re supposed to use it all over your body twice a day, concentrating on thighs, legs, stomach and bust. Whilst it moisturises the skin very well, it does take a few minutes to sink in, so wait a while before you get dressed. I like to use this in the evenings because I have my usual morning body cream. Even so, I noticed a nice, general brightening effect immediately upon application (by virtue of the white colour of the lotion) and an improvement in skin texture and elasticity after a few weeks of usage. It makes the skin feel really soft! I believe it takes more work to see significant firming/tightening of the skin, so I’m definitely going to continue using this lotion.

In my opinion, the best moisturisers always contain the right butters (in this case, Cocoa and Shea Butters, which are excellent ingredients for moisturising the skin). With Palmer’s being available at Watsons, Guardian and leading departmental stores (click here for a list of Palmer’s retailers), it just makes shopping so much easier. In fact, I was just checking out their other products yesterday in town and I have my eye on their body scrub already! This is the sort of food your skin deserves.              

Swatch of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula All Over Body Firming Lotion

I hope you give this a whirl! I can see this making my staple stash. Existing Palmer’s fans, which are your favourite products? Also, would you show Palmer’s some love over at the local Facebook page? :)

Have a fantastic Sunday, all!


2 thoughts on “Sponsored Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula All Over Body Firming Lotion

  1. Hi Jade!
    Miss u so much!
    It ‘s such a long time I ‘ve been away from youพ blog since I moved to Sydney:)
    I ‘m so glad to see you review palmer’s product because I ‘m a big fan of Palmer’s especially cocoa butter formular. I really love its smell so much! and fall in love with its body scrub. It make me feel like I ‘m a piece of chocolate and wanna eat myself haha but for this product I ‘ve never tried it before. So interesting! maybe tomorrow I ‘ll have a look at the drugstore nearby:)

    • Hey Ratta, I miss you too! How have you been? I imagine you must be living it up in Sydney! :)
      I’m definitely going to check out Palmer’s other products. The Cocoa Butter scent is heavenly! You should try this.

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