5 Mad Delish Recipes for No-Cook Overnight Oats Under 400 Calories!

TODAY YOUR EYES ARE IN FOR A FEAST. A couple of years ago when I embarked on my weight loss journey, I started to explore easy, nutritious, time-saving, no-cook recipes… and I actually found an answer. Overnight oats! ZERO cooking involved and it only takes you 5 minutes to prepare. In fact, the first recipe I wrote has taken me through countless yummy meals. Now, I share with you 5 mad delish recipes for no-cook overnight oats – all UNDER 400 CALORIES!

My first recipe was published in 2012, but remains one of the most popular posts on the Blog. It even got featured on Skinny Mom as a “sensational breakfast” recipe! I’m flattered, really. :)

Although I’ve been enjoying overnight oats for over 2 years, I recently decided to highlight their goodness again by sharing photos of my concoctions via Instagram and Facebook. I’ve been receiving an increasing number of queries from those of you who are trying to lose weight and don’t know what to eat. I’m super thrilled that, after seeing my jars of overnight oats, more of you asked for the recipe. Some of you even sent photos of your amazing creations! Bravo.

Overnight oats are simply underrated and certainly deserve more exposure! Oatmeal may be generally perceived as breakfast food, but trust me – these are so good, I can have them any time.

With calorie and portion control in mind, I’ve formulated these recipes to be under 400 calories – to help you, I even stated the calorie breakdown! Feel free to adapt them according to your dietary preferences. Intolerant of cow’s milk? Use soy or almond milk. Don’t fancy a particular fruit? Change it. Got a larger calorie allowance? Upsize reasonably. Just work within your calorie limits; track and log everything in your diary accordingly. :)

2 things:

(1) In my recipes, I only use wholegrain rolled oats. I dislike instant oats for their fine texture (versus thick, chewy rolled oats) and sugar and sodium additives. I don’t recommend super calorific muesli either. When purchasing rolled oats, check the ingredients list – the only ingredient should simply be rolled oats. Having said that, I’d like to try steel cut oats one day; and

(2) Read my step-by-step guide on how to make your overnight oats. For all of the below recipes, I layered the contents in the order you see, sealed the jars, and stored them overnight in the fridge.

Now let me entice you with the first jar – BLACK FOREST OVERNIGHT OATS – doesn’t the name sound super yummy already! You don’t have to restrict your recipes to plain milk. You can use flavoured milk in moderation, too. Chocolate and cherry go so well together, they should be married! Defo one of my favourite jars so far. 

Black Forest Overnight Oats (Nail this at: 375 calories)

50g rolled oats (185 calories);
75ml low-fat chocolate milk (56 calories);
100g Greek yoghurt (59 calories); and
15 cherries (75 calories).

Black Forest Overnight Oats

I love, love, LOVE the colours in this jar and how the oats are naturally coloured pink by the dragon fruit! It’s Mother Nature’s food dye, I say. :) I shall call these… FAIRY OVERNIGHT OATS!  

Fairy Overnight Oats (Nail this at: 395 calories)

50g rolled oats (185 calories);
75ml plain low-fat milk (38 calories);
150g dragon fruit (80 calories);
80g kiwi (49 calories); and 
100g papaya (43 calories).

Fairy Overnight OatsLet’s welcome our next contender… the “TRIPLE P”! Bahahahaha! Does it not sound like a mean wrestler name, Triple P? In this jar, I layered some of my favourite fruits – peach, persimmon and plum. Very refreshing, sweet, and delightful. I love persimmons and can’t go for more than a couple of days without them. Hooked, really. Whenever I find peaches, I buy them immediately cos we don’t often get pretty, ripe peaches. 

"Triple P" Overnight Oats (Nail this at: 394 calories)

50g rolled oats (185 calories);
75ml plain low-fat milk (38 calories);
1 small white peach (68 calories);
1 small persimmon (73 calories); and
1 small plum (30 calories).

"Triple P" Overnight OatsI don’t quite know how to describe this container of overflowing goodness, save to say that I’ve abused this jar… LOL! I dub these OVERSTUFFED OVERNIGHT OATS simply because the contents are about to spill over! Does that then make this the “Triple O”? :P For under 400 calories, you’re certainly getting a lot of value. :)

Overstuffed Overnight Oats (Nail this at: 396 calories)

Start with 5 cherries at the bottom (25 calories);
50g rolled oats (185 calories);
layered with 150g watermelon (45 calories);
75ml plain low-fat milk (38 calories);
150g papaya (65 calories);
add 3 more cherries (15 calories); and
top it up with 30 blueberries (23 calories).

Overstuffed Overnight OatsWith cherry season hitting us, I’m making the most of it. I adore cherries and whilst they are troublesome to pit, I can’t stop adding them to my oats! I’m going to miss them so much when they leave. I hope you’ll treasure them cherries too, because the final recipe calls for some… CH-CH-CH-CHERRY BOMB! If this photo doesn’t tempt you to head out and grab these sweet lil things, I don’t know what else will. 

Cherry Bomb Overnight Oats (Nail this at: 376 calories)

50g rolled oats (185 calories);
75ml plain low-fat milk (38 calories);
1 small persimmon (73 calories);
1 small plum (30 calories); and
10 cherries (50 calories).

Cherry Bomb Overnight Oats

When you try out my concoctions, please send me photos! I would love to see what you’re making and what other combinations you’ve come up with. :) Of course, I have loads more ideas which I shall save for another day. I make savoury jars, too (avocados, eggs…) and am thinking of experimenting with banana milk. So many possibilities with rolled oats!

Hear from you soon. Have a fabulous week ahead, my lovelies. xx J 

12 thoughts on “5 Mad Delish Recipes for No-Cook Overnight Oats Under 400 Calories!

  1. Awesome! Can you post some of your savoury jars and smoothie recipes too? And where did you buy your jar from? Love your overnight oats so much!

    • Aww thanks Hannah, I’m happy you like them! Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into that. :) I got my jars from supermarkets and kitchenware sections at departmental stores.

  2. Hello :)

    I happened to chance upon your blog and would love if you could share your savoury overnight oat recipes!! I’ve been experimenting with oats and have been loving it so far, but am unsure when it comes to the savoury ones.. haha. Anyway you are such an inspiration to anyone looking to get fit and healthy (like me lol) out there. Have a good day!

  3. hello jade! can i check with you only calories matters? does the carbo all these affect also? able to recommend what lunch menu and dinner menu and snack menu ??

    • Hello Christabel, if you’re talking about weight loss, then yes only calories matter. Your macros (i.e. carbs/protein/fats) wouldn’t play a part in weight loss, so my answer to your question is no, carb doesn’t matter. But if you’re looking at nutrition, then yes, macros come into play. I do not have recommendations for meal menus cos it entirely depends on what you want/like.

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