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1. About the Author
2. Introduction
3. How to Use These Files
4. FAQ
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1. About the Author
Author: Jade
User Account Type: Administrator
Location: Singapore
Bio: Sharing my files relating to weight loss, health, lifestyle, and general wellness.

2. Introduction

Hello there! My name is Jade, and well, I don’t know how you found my folders; I’m putting my money on Google. Did you search for “weight loss blogger Singapore” or something? It seems like the world is preoccupied with weight loss. Since you’ve looked me up, there are some things I’d like to tell you about myself and my files. I ask that you take my files as nothing more than the act of a friend sharing her documents with another. After all, these are but a documentation of my personal experience – a record of my life’s happenings.

To help you put a face to a name – on a typical day in 2017 I appear to everyone in this form.

I started blogging in 2010 mainly about beauty products and other lifestyle stuff. I typed earlier that Google may have led you to discover my files, likely based on weight loss search terms. That’s because, in 2012 – wow, that’s a good 5 years ago – I discovered the life-changing principles of weight loss, and embarked on my weight loss journey.

This was me on my birthday, 20 August 2012. When this photo was taken, I wasn’t at my highest weight – at that time, I had already lost 4kg.

Me on my birthday, 20 August 2012.

3. How to Use These Files

*****Body Folder*****

Even though I started out as a beauty and lifestyle blogger, my weight loss journey inspired me very much to share with the world my knowledge on how to lose weight.

In this regard, you’ll find on my main page – “Jade’s Working Files”,

  • the Body Folder, where I’ve saved my weight loss-related documents.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    *****Running Folder*****

    Still further along my journey, I picked up the habit of running – it was an utter miracle as I had been indolent all my life! My new habit then inspired me to share with everyone how I picked up running – through a free app I downloaded on my iPhone. Thus the birth of

  • the Running Folder, containing all my running adventures, including an important guide on how to start running, if you’re anything like I was!

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    *****Mind Folder*****

    In this world, too often we get bogged down by life’s obstacles. We let negativity becloud our judgment; sometimes, we end up behaving in undesirable, destructive ways to the detriment of our well-being, with deleterious effects on our relationships with others, and the way we lead our lives. My favourite folder has to be

  • the Mind Folder, where I document my thoughts on life – how cruel and wonderful it can be!

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    *****Love & Leisure Folder*****

    All work and no play makes Jade a dull girl. Certainly there has to be more to me than weight loss, running, and random musings! I’ll leave you to explore

  • the Love & Leisure Folder for other fun stuff like what I bought, my relationship shenanigans, travelogues, and vacation adventures.

    4. FAQ

    Now comes the part that deals with all your burning questions – most likely about weight loss!

    Q. Why did you embark on this weight loss journey?

    A. As a child, I was sorted into the Trim and Fit Club (commonly known here as “TAF Club”) in both primary and secondary school, a programme for overweight kids. I got made fun of. A lot. I didn’t get out of TAF Club until I was about 15. Even after that, I was plump and remained so throughout my adult years.

    OK. So, despite the fact that I wasn’t completely satisfied with the way I looked all my life, it didn’t occur to me that I had the power to change it. Sure, I went on diets and exercised, but still did not see any changes. So I gave up and reverted to my bad eating habits. I lived thinking that I would forever be that sluggish girl with lots of flesh on her bones. From time to time, some around me would remark that I was “fleshy”, and whilst they weren’t as nasty as those who made fun of me when I was a kid, it still sort of hurt. But I knew it was the truth. I didn’t like the way I looked, yet I chose to focus my attention on other aspects of my life instead of try to resolve this physical issue of mine.

    I felt tired most of the time and kept hitting the snooze button every morning. I dragged my feet. I wasn’t motivated to get out of bed and allowed myself to sleep in until 3PM (3PM!!!) on weekends. I didn’t like to move. I was basically low on energy and my stomach was full of gas from drinking too much Diet Coke, and I felt bloated all the time. I ate lots of sodium-laden and sugary foods. I paid no attention to what I was putting into my body and didn’t care if I ate enough nutrients. The way I see it now, I really had no reason to complain about my physique then, given how my poor habits had contributed to my appearance.


    Q. How did you get started?

    A. I woke up one morning (specifically, on 16 July 2012), and decided to again try to change my life. Suddenly, I wanted so badly to be healthy; my motive has extended beyond just wanting to be rid of my excess pounds. I was sick of being sluggish.


    Q. What was the first thing you quit eating/drinking?

    A. That day, I decided to start by quitting Diet Coke. It’s really amazing that I haven’t drank Diet Coke since then, and I had absolutely no problems switching to plain water. I was so determined to quit and sure enough, I saw a quick dip in the number on the bathroom scale in the weeks following my quitting. Despite being a zero-calorie drink, Diet Coke is bad for you in more ways than you’d ever imagine!


    Q. Cut to the chase. What’s your REAL SECRET to weight loss?

    A. My secret is that I started using MyFitnessPal on my iPhone for calorie-counting. In order to lose weight, you have to consume less than you expend. I repeat this to all who want to lose weight: always remember, Calories In vs Calories Out. You simply have to determine your Basal Metabolic Rate and Total Daily Energy Expenditure before you can draw up your weight loss plan. There is no other way around it.

    It is only by keeping track of my food intake through MyFitnessPal that I am able to gauge just how much I was eating on a daily basis; it was when I started counting that I realised just how much extra food I had been eating in the past – extra calories that I didn’t need, extra salt, sugar and fat that did no good to my body. That extra bar of chocolate after dinner, curry puff when I felt bored, bubble tea when I was thirsty, lots of gravy on my rice… all those added up. It also helps to learn the tricks of eating smart! My lifestyle change made such a huge impact that my weight fell off the moment I started to track my food intake and keeping within my daily caloric goal. I lost 10kg in the first 4 months.


    Q. Tell me your meal plan! I want to know EXACTLY what you’re eating!

    A. I didn’t eliminate any food groups or ban much from my diet besides Diet Coke (and all other pop) and artificially flavoured drinks. I explored the snack aisles for more snack options while keeping within my daily caloric goal, added more fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet, and made my own breakfast instead of grabbing an oily pastry on the way to work. Funnily, prior to this change, I probably ate fresh fruit less than 5 times a year. I also started to like salads and freshly-made sandwiches, but also made sure to pick the right kinds of ingredients, especially when eating out. I fell in love with raw, natural foods and now make them part of my daily diet.

    And I’m an OATMEAL WARRIOR. Oatmeal rocks.

    Since my lifestyle change, I find myself craving fresh fruit and vegetables more than anything else. Previously, all I craved were processed, denatured foods. My palate has shifted considerably; things which were once bland to me have now become so flavourful, and I no longer use extra salt or sugar. From there, I realised that I’d started to embrace clean eating, which is basically consuming foods as close to their natural state as possible. Did you know that some natural foods can help alleviate water retention too?


    Q. But I’m lost – I don’t know how this will work out?

    A. As I went along and achieved weight loss bit by bit, I realised the reason why I had failed in the past was because I never had a plan. I had zero clue about how I’m going to track my progress and had unrealistic expectations. This time round, things were different. I now have an idea of my weight loss goals and keep my expectations reasonable. I have a fabulous app to help me, a determination that would stop at nothing, and the enthusiasm to move more in a bid to get in better shape.

    Also, running changed my life! I run at least 5K every day. If you want to start running, I wrote a guide on the Couch-to-5K running app, which is very useful for beginners.

    I enjoy living life more than I did in the past. I feel motivated most of the time because I was seeing consistent results. The biggest mistake you can ever make while trying to lose weight, is to see this as a “diet”. This is not diet. Diets don’t work and neither do slimming pills. It is a permanent lifestyle change. There is more to losing weight – trying to keep it off! So many have regained the weight they’d lost simply because they reverted to their old eating habits. Did you know, I used to binge eat?


    Q. How did losing weight change your life?

    A. Along with this lifestyle change, I rise around 5AM every day, naturally. I typically get started on my morning workout before 6AM on working days. It’s as if my body wants to rise early, automatically, and I have so much more energy now compared to my pre-lifestyle change days. In the past, I got out of bed only around 3PM on a typical Saturday or Sunday, and I’d go to sleep at about 5AM! I now retire at 10-ish at night or, if I have articles to complete and deadlines to meet, 11:30PM at the latest, on average. I wrote more here – 28 ways my weight loss journey changed my life.


    Q. Any other information to offer?

    I enjoy reading up on health topics, and found out that our organs play a huge part in fat metabolism. Your body needs nutrients and you should feed it accordingly so that your system works well enough to sustain your lifestyle. With all the processed junk we are eating, we are in general consuming too many chemicals and not enough nutrients.

    I believe in eating clean and eating foods as close to their natural states as possible. However, given this day and age, it is difficult to completely eliminate all processed foods from our diet. So yes, I sometimes eat stuff that come in boxes as well; I just make sure I pick the least of all evils and read all nutritional information printed on the boxes instead of relying on (sometimes) baseless claims of “multigrain”, “light”, or “diet version” plastered on the cartons. Ideally, you should target to eat all foods in moderation and not deprive yourself of your favourite foods because you’ll only end up binging if your diet becomes too restrictive.


    Q. I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing everything right. Why am I not losing weight?

    A. On this journey, you will sometimes feel defeated if you don’t see the number on the scale moving downwards. Perhaps you are doing all the right things and still don’t understand why you aren’t losing weight; here are possible reasons why. Knowing that a weight loss journey is probably one of the most challenging ones you’ll ever embark on, I wrote a letter to you – read it! Besides using the number on the bathroom scale as a gauge of your progress, you should also take measurements of your body right at the start; some weeks you may not lose any weight but you could be losing inches. You’d be surprised!

    Don’t ever give up. When you think of giving up, also think of why you started in the first place. Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right. So believe in yourself and just keep going!


    Q. Final words?

    A. As always, I’d like to gently remind all that I am not a healthcare professional, therefore it is always best to consult your doctor for health-related issues and before you embark on a change in diet. After all, our bodies are all different and some of us may have medical conditions or food intolerances to consider.

    I hope you found this page useful, and please do keep me posted on your progress; I am very happy to listen to (or rather, read about) your successes or problems. Let’s do this together! Feel free to drop me a comment here, or if you prefer more privacy, you could send me an email or a message on Facebook. :)

  • 106 thoughts on “README.TXT

    1. Hi Jade, you’re really an inspiration! You provide good advice and I found the weight loss page really useful. I read through many of you articles & felt they were both well written and relevant. I’m starting on my journey to a healthier lifestyle (after many false starts, argh). One problem I find that hinders me is that I often don’t feel ‘satisfied’ after a healthy meal (eg: fish soup), which triggers me to eat unhealthy stuff later in the day. Is it some psychological issue? Do you have any advice on this?

      • Thank you for your kind words, Eve! :) Do you binge eat? If so, you may find this post useful. I find it particularly helpful to load up on fibre (such as vegetables and fruit), and green tea fills me up too. Sometimes, you aren’t really hungry; it could be thirst, so perhaps you could try drinking a glass of water and waiting half an hour or so to see if you’re really still hungry.

    2. Hi Jade! Thank you so much for this post! Like Eve, I also embarked on my healthy lifestyle journey recently, and I found your advice really sensible and practical. I agree with what you said about just reverting back to old eating habits because that’s what happened to me countless times! MyFitnessPal is also doing me wonders, agree that it makes you more aware! I’m just curious, you mentioned that you used to work well late at night, but now you’ve been able to switch to morning. I’m also a night bird and it’s a habit i’m trying to change with this lifestyle change of mine. Do you concentrate just as well in the morning now? Thank you! =)

      • Hi brushesandbelle! :) You are most welcome; I’m happy to be of some help! I’m so glad to learn that MFP is doing you good; I’m sure you can do it this time round! Yeah I used to be a real owl! Now I’m perfectly alert in the morning. I guess it took my body some time to change, and I think this change is for the better. Morning lethargy be gone! ;D

    3. Hi Jade, thank you for writing this post! I can relate to the whole feeling-sluggish-all-day thing and I usually can’t really start my day until I’ve had a cup of sugar-laden milk tea. Sometimes I have another 2 cups within the day just to perk myself up, which is horrible. I’ve recently quit that morning cup (with much resulting fatigue), and only about 2 weeks into it now, but I already can feel my resolve crumbling esp during tiring work days. Then again… Your post was a timely re-motivation. So thank you, and you deserve to look as good as you do now. Cheers! :)

      • Hi Bell, thank you for your kind words! I used to drink thick Milo every morning and that was a really bad habit cos I would put lots of sugar and creamer into it. I’ve switched to drinking plain green tea and black coffee in the morning, I found that it helps perk me up. :)

        • hi jade, i agree with the above comment.
          i am how u look at 1st pic now. i am only 36kg and underweight. so how could u be at the right weight if u look like that?
          i just wanna ask u to take care and wish u a good continuous healthy weight loss/maintenance journey.

          • Hi gend, thanks for your concern. I am nowhere near your lightness of 36kg. How tall are you? And if indeed you are underweight for your height and feeling so unhappy about it, I hope you are taking steps to gain weight.

    4. Hey!

      I’ve just begun my journey towards weight-loss on Jan 26th and was kinda browsing for the nutritional values on subway (shocking!!) when I came across your blog.

      Really awesome articles ya got here and I’m really learning quite a bit..~

      Just suggesting another point to consider…PEER PRESSURE!!

      When a guy of my size decides to start counting calories and eating clean, you are going to face lotsa pressure.

      “One more won’t hurt”
      “You’re not that fat”
      “Don’t waste food”

      So…learning to take it in stride would be good and stand fast on ya diet plans!

      Well, kudos to you and hoping to see more articles on weight loss~~

      • Hi Albert, thanks for dropping by and for all your kind words. Pressure exists only to shape your character and test your willpower. That’s how you build self-discipline. Congratulations on making this change and I wish you all the best.

    5. I’m the same when it comes to cravings, I rarly crave unhealthy food and usually crave fruit vegetables or muesli bars I do eat chocolate sometimes but usually one square of dark or raw chocolate is enought for me, never milk or white. Is amazing how foods that use to be so delicious like takeaway or lollies now are to sweet or make you feel sick and glugish straight after, compared to your previous unhealthy diet. And really once you eat that bit more healthy and limit your unhealthy snacks it doesn’t even feel like a diet.

      • So much truth in that, Georgia Kate! You’re absolutely right – it isn’t, and shouldn’t be, a diet. Small changes make such great impact! :)

    6. Hello Jade,
      you are such a strong girl! your weight loss success is such a inspirational!!! Thank you for sharing!!
      I embarked on the weight loss journey 4 months ago. I was 58kg, 160cm and now 47kg; loss 11kg thanks to MFP calorie count app. I started doing HIT cardio interval and abs workouts a month ago.However, i hit a plateau for a month now and stop losing weight at 47kg. I am quite frustrated now, despite having try on strict 1200 cal diet and regular exercise of one month, I am not losing any weight and my lower belly fat and inner thighs remain the same.
      I realize when i looked at your progress in photos with timeline, weight loss speed slowed down after 4 months, but apparently ur body fat is almost no where to be seen.
      I would sincerely thank you if you can kindly guide me to get closer to my goal of losing body fat.
      I can imagine the efforts you put in for a year to achieve your goal and really congratulate for your success!!
      Thank you.

      • Dear Jasmine, thank you for your kind words. Would it be accurate for me to say that you are currently underweight? If so, I suggest you stop losing weight. I am not surprised that weight loss has slowed down for you, given that you have nothing more to lose. If you are still unhappy with the way you look, try strength training to change your body composition instead of trying to lose more weight. I wish you all the best. x

    7. I’ve been to your experience of being big then got normal.
      And here i am, fat again, but im glad ive discovered your overnignt choc oats in IG, and from there to this blog.
      I’ll try all over again, i need a new pair of running shoes.

      Jade, Thanks for inspiring people. x

    8. I actually like the photo dated Oct 2012, maybe is just the photo :) You dont looked that bad in Aug 2012 photo too. Anyway, congrats on your weight loss! Remember, exercise and healthy diet are more important than BMI or weight!

    9. Hi Jade, thank you for sharing your experiences. I am on the beginning of my journey. Actualy I loss 5 kg from 10/2014. 20 kg is before me. It is great that in Singapore is so many possibilites of good (healthy) food and some exercise everywhere. Wish me luck!o)

    10. Thank you so much for sharing your story! We want to share your words with our app users who could be looking for that motivation to lose weight the healthy way. It’ll undoubtedly be credited back to you and your website. Thank you for being an inspiration!

    11. You look absolutely stunning. It’s quite fascinating that I applied almost identical tips to my weight loss. Although, I absolutely can’t stand jogging, I chose the working out route instead.

    12. jade if i take a nap ab 1 hour or more, can it stop me lose my weight??? tks for answering me :) during ur weight loss process, do u take a nap??

    13. Firstly,I want to thank u for giving me more motivation to keep going on my weight lose journey :)
      And I wonder that if you just run to lose ur weight, and no other excercise?
      I’ve tried many excercises but they didnt work on me :(
      My legs and thighs are still big although I’ve tried so bad to fix it T_T

      • You’re welcome! Weight loss is all about calories in vs. calories out. I run mainly for cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, you can’t spot reduce, i.e. your body chooses which parts to lose fat from. My legs and thighs are big too.

    14. Your Post is really good and very much inspiring. I myself have put on some weight. very lazy…. but after going through your post will surely wake up and shed of those extra pounds.

    15. Hi Jade,
      I am very happy to have found your blog, it is so inspirational!! Just started C25K yesterday, it is great!

      Wanted to ask if you are going to gym or do any classes or only running?

      Best wishes,

    16. Hi Jade. I recently ran across your page on Instagram. I didn’t know that you had lost a lot of weight and gone through a transformation. I loved your IG for all of the running inspiration. I loved the read above and I like the energy and fun that comes across when you write in IG. Great stuff and I look forward to more posts! I was the guy that asked how often you need new running shoes lol

    17. By the way, do you track non-starchy vegetables (eg. cabbage, carrot, mushroom)? Fruits? How detailed you are in your tracking?:D

    18. Hi There,

      My name is Joe Ann, I really liked a few articles on your site.

      I was wondering if you would allow me to embed a couple of articles from your site on one of my domain? You would get credited for all sales and all revenues. I might just get a few leads from the overlaid pop-up box.

      I’m going to drive traffic to your content using FB ads, you’ll get entire page vision and the benefit of all the traffic.

      Just wanted to check out that this is ok with you :)

      Joe Ann

    19. Hi Jade

      Just happened to change upon your blog. It’s a true inspiration and I’ll give it a try and hopefully it’ll work for me as well.

      However, just checking, if I am lactose intolerance, how do I take oatmeals with?


    20. I found your website while googling for rolled oats! I am so glad i found your blog which is so inspiring and your words are so kind and helpful. Have done all that you recommended – mfp, c25k, rolled oats etc. wish me luck! have added you on FB (but my name is in a weird russian script)

    21. Jade!!! You’re so inspiring<3
      I found myself on this article, I've been trying a couple of months to lose any weight but still see no any results or they're too tiny to be noticable. Recently, I've given up, I'm so dissapointed, frustrated. It feels like i hate myself. I do truly. All i need is someone to push me, to give me strength, to help me to love myself and move forward. I think i didn't find your blog accidently. I'm the happiest you exist somewhere. How can i add you ?

    22. This is so relevant and I was in the TAF club in my pri and sec school days too. There’s so many times when I gave up on losing weight, but reading this article really inspired me. The apps that u recommended is really helpful too. “It’s all in your mind”. Thank you! :)

    23. Wow what a great accomplishment Jade. Your story is kind of typical I believe. It’s sad to see that schools aren’t really educating us about healty food. Just telling youth that vegetables and fruit really aren’t enough to promote a healthy lifestyle.

    24. Hi Jade,
      I have been a silent lurker but I just want to say GREAT BLOG!
      Inspirational and informative!
      I feel motivated to start my own weight loss journey too, have been chubby all my life too but nvr wanted it badly enough to take serious actions to change it…
      But, I just want to say that I am going to start on my own journey RIGHT NOW!
      Leaving a comment here as a form of accountability to myself haha ;)

      Thank you Jade and continue to inspire others!
      Love your style or writng btw :)

    25. Hi Jade,

      I commented rhe first time but seemed like it didnt go through. Anyways, good post very inspiring. This goes to show you that doing a simple lifestyle change is the key to weight loss.

    26. This is so inspiring. One month, I realised that I started adopting an unhealthy lifestyle since the past few months, and then I went on the bathroom scale, and found that I gained a lot of Kgs. I was scared, I started exercising, keeping track of what I was eating. But, then when I lost 2kg, I reverted back to my unhealthy lifestyle which I am not proud of. Now, that I’ve read your blog, I feel that I will definitely try to become like you. You’re so inspiring <3

    27. Hello Jade

      I really like your blog regarding weight loss,I really appreciate your dedication that you want to lose weight.I am also like you ,suffering from weight problem .But now I am totally fit and fine.

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