Sponsored Review: What’s Inside BellaBox January 2014 – Chinese New Year Beauty Packet

Sponsored Review

Happy Sunday, everyone! Is it just me, or is time passing us by at an alarming speed?! As we approach the end of the first month of 2014, we welcome yet another new beginning – Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year, if you prefer)! It’s happening in 5 days, people! Ermahgerd. I am so ill-prepared for the festival. It’s OK, I’m just going to treat it like a regular long weekend. If you’ve already started snacking on New Year goodies, you might want to take a look at this chart of calories I’ve created so you can, umm, watch that waistline! ;P BellaBox opens the year with their Chinese New Year Beauty Packet - let’s see what I got in mine! :)

Clad in light brown tissue paper reminiscent of the so-very-Chinese classic brown wrapper and fastened with a slim festive red ribbon, our Beauty Packet looks to be in the perfect outfit to celebrate the season. January’s card is wearing a cheongsam, too. Haa… ;D        

Sponsored Review: What's Inside BellaBox January 2014 - Chinese New Year Beauty Packet

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Sponsored Review: What’s Inside BellaBox May 2012 – Pamper Yourself, Pamper Your Mum!

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It’s funny how I never seem to lack things to do outside of work! There’s both good and bad to this situation. Good in that I am always occupied with creating value (be it blogging, organising my stuff or getting things done), and bad in that I take things rather seriously, in general. On that note, Skye likes to say that my tagline should be “Jade Isabelle Liang – taking things seriously since 1985.” - hahaha! On the blog front, there is more good than bad - after all, what started out as a hobby has since evolved into something more like a door to the outside world. :)

On Tuesday, I was at the Singapore Press Holdings Media Centre for a cooking photoshoot - it was for a magazine feature on recipes… and guess how they came across my recipe? Through this blog! The shoot went well and turned out better than I had expected. Pretty much a blast. Now I’m just waiting to see the publication. It’s going to be in the July 2012 issue of Simply Her - I’m so going to alert everyone when it’s out! :) I am looking forward to showing you some behind-the-scenes photos along with a scan of the relevant page. Absolutely cannot wait for mid-June. That’s the estimated publication period. 

By the way, the Blogwarming Giveaway closes TONIGHT. If you have not participated… well, what are you waiting for? :) Enter for your chance to receive a Benefit Cosmetics hamper!   

So, I started my week by receiving the May edition of BellaBox. With Mother’s Day being celebrated in May, this month’s box is named Pamper Yourself, Pamper Your Mum! 

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Sponsored Review: Ginvera Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream (with Oil Control) and Nude Cover BB Cream SPF 30/PA++

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Hi all! I’m back from Thriller Live! - it was MAD AWESOME! Can someone remind me to wear pants the next time I go to a concert/musical because they had Thriller Live! tees on sale at the souvenir shop! And The Lion King plushies! I’m going to catch The Lion King soon. Can’t wait! :)

Today, I’m reviewing not one, but two new products from Ginvera, thanks to The Sample Store.

Presenting, Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream SPF 30/PA++ and Aqua Whitening Cream (with Oil Control)! With the BB Cream craze still going strong, I’m sure lots of you are looking forward to trying the Nude Cover BB Cream for yourselves. Read till the end of the blog post to find out how you can redeem samples of both products!

Sponsored Review: Silkygirl Magic BB Cream in 01 Natural

Sponsored Review

What is your preferred product for coverage? Is it liquid, cream or powder foundation? Or a simple tinted moisturiser? What about BB (short for Blemish Balm) Cream?

The BB Cream craze saw lots of makeup fans scrambling to sweep them off the shelves. Gradually, more brands started to produce their own BB Creams and with that came a variety of selection available on the market. Avid fans of the BB Cream would have probably amassed a collection by now! ;)

Remember the Silkygirl goodie bag? I picked this out from the bag – Magic BB Cream in 01 Natural! This is the first of the ten items in the bag which I’ll be reviewing. How exciting! :)

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